“Oh no! This is not fair!! It simply is NOT acceptable.”

Well, that’s how it works.

“No it doesn’t! I can understand that I over did it a bit this time, but this is downright bad!”

Oh come on. Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this. Its 15 days for heaven’s sake.

“Oh yeah? What about the 2 months before that? Was I not so particular then? Don’t tell me that 2 weeks is such a big deal and you decided to get back at me in such a bad way!”

What else? Not only did you completely disappear for so long, you went about having an awesome time, stuffing yourself with all the junk every weekend!

“Seriously, you watch, I am so going to get back this time that I would probably not even need you after a while. You watch.”

We’ll see.

“We’ll see.”


And so, with a refreshed resolution to get back at the weighing machine (which showed a number higher than what it did when I first joined the gym, effectively rendering my two months of self-torture useless) I finally subjected myself to an hour long workout after a whole 15 day break. And promised myself that I am never bunking again. Well, atleast not for this long.


But still, this is so unfair!


18 thoughts on “:(

  1. they call it the “munchies” i.e. after a prolonged period of activity when you become dormant for a while, your body craves a lot of food. Two months of hard work made your body so hungry for food that you consumed a lot while exercising to maintain energy. But the appetite does not go if you stop working out. Hence the bloating up.
    Go for a light exercise routine i.e. 3 times a week, 45 minutes a session. It is enough plus it will help you adapt if you suddenly stop exercising.
    Enough gyan for now!!

  2. Anonymous

    Eat Right, Stay Fit, Die Anyway. – Anonymous
    Dieting is like show business, the weight always returns for an encore – Garfield
    Look at it this way, at least nobody can call you a loser anymore. – Vikram

  3. Hehehe, It was actually exactly one more kilo for me! And like you say, it never makes a difference, but no harm in trying I guess :D, I can always have one more chocolate thinking I work out anyways (which is btw the reason for all this I am sure :()

  4. See, now that’s gyan from the experienced gymmer, so should be helpful. I am back now, let’s see how much I sustain and keep off the ‘munchies’!

  5. Weighing machines are notoriously inaccurate devices — especially when it comes to measuring fitness. Weight, in itself, is a dubious indicator.
    Also, one long workout will definitely not make up for any previous inactivity and, if indulged in suddenly, can even injure you. Would advise against sudden bursts of activity…
    Lastly, there’s no point going to the gym if one doesn’t start enjoying the sessions. What I do is set targets and I measure whether I achieve them or not. Plus I measure improvement over the last day, week, (haven’t reached the ‘month’ stage yet). Small statistics give large joy, curse Cricket.

  6. Anonymous

    Dont worry; u will get better….
    The only person I could recommend to watch is “Adnan Sami”. So, all is in your mind dear. Think, you are going to be gorgeous-looking lady and see, I promise, you will be in 2-3 months. Just paste a POST-IT on everywhere you can think of and you will dear. Good Luck.

  7. Re: Dont worry; u will get better….
    Ouch! I am sure that was meant to be reassuring and optimistic, but it just some how compared me to Adnan Sami. Ouch! Also, no I would never follow his lines, I am not in that dreadful a state yet :D. It was a matter of a 1 kilo increase, I guess I made it sound like a ton! 😮
    Thanks anyways! 🙂

  8. 😀 Good advise.
    The suddent burst of activity is not supposed to be one time though, am expecting to continue it, have paid for a whole year! Also, I somehow do enjoy the gymming per say but nit waking up to go there 😦 Sad!
    Let’s see how long I last this time around!

  9. Re: Dont worry; u will get better….
    How sweet! That’s a nice image, sorry to disappoint you though. If you had left your name , would have let you know who I so sweetly think of you being like. (‘real-like’? whatssat?)

  10. Anonymous

    Re: Dont worry; u will get better….
    Sorry, forgot to leave my name last time. Can I know now what image I have of myself in my mind?
    Though I was joking; but I was very happy with your reply, Divya but yes, I would definitely like to know the answer to my question and sorry, i f I had hurt you in any way.

  11. Anonymous

    Boss…..time hai, sudharjao…….
    The very 1st entry that i read scares me……y dnt u put up a “enter at ur on risk” kinda title to this?
    “Seriously, you watch, I am so going to get back this time that I would probably not even need you after a while. You watch.”
    do u keep a gun in ur hand when u type?? hunter/chakoo toh hota hi hoga… I think, u boss/scold others even when u dream…..sudhar jao….time hai….
    and lastly “But still, this is so unfair!” waah……kya baat hai….y dnt u apply fair and lovely to that….ehh??? koi bechara kuch acha bolta hai and that becomes unfair…..tada…

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