The weekend that was

 Bourne Ultimatum – Pizza Hut – Odyssey – Jab we met – F Bar – Brand Factory – Barbeque Nation – Wall-street – Aaina (?!!) – Long random drive

Insert sleep after F-Bar and at the end that sums up my weekend. Super busy, super exciting and super fun. I like it when we are able to stuff so many things in the two days we wait for the whole week, every week and then end up feeling all exhausted (good exhausted) and accomplished. 

So of the above Bourne Ultimatum is a must watch. I think it was even better than its prequels and was so fast-paced and well executed, that I had to watch un-blinkingly, even if I was sitting in the 3rd row from the screen. Surprisingly, the hall never filled completely even though it was a Saturday and that kind of bugged me. Anyways, like I said, a must watch.

Pizza-hut was to fill the 3 hour gap between this and the next movie, but we were surprisingly fast and so headed to Odyssey to while away time. I love the place, and the enormous range of books just makes me wonder how little I know, and how much there is readily available to read and know about. But again, no purchases were made as I was sticking to my complete-Ludlum’s-Ambler-Warning-before-you-buy-any-other-book oath. Sad I know, but that is the only way I will actually get back to reading and not just buy books because they seem to be good. 

Now Jab we met was a movie I had to literally pull The Dude to take me to. And I have still not asked him what he thought of it (though he was laughing during the movie, and just to clarify, it was during the jokes and funny bits, which rules out him laughing at the movie per say). So, I liked the movie. I thought the end was a bit of a drag, and they could have cut short the whole confusion bit in the last 15-20 minutes. Otherwise, it was cute and funny. And much better than the last Shahid-Kareena flick I endorsed. And yeah, I love the Tum se hi track in it. Absolutely.

It was our first visit to F-Bar and it was a pretty good place. It’s spacious, which means you don’t need to hold your glass up and walk through the crowd avoiding any collisions. It plays Fashion TV (for the F thing I guess) and Sony advertisements (which I didn’t understand). Good ambience, slightly on the more expensive side, but good overall. We ralso had Baba Sehgal and Pawan Kalyan there. Now Baba Sehgal is/was an indi-pop artist (who I apparently called a loser albeit a little too loudly when he was within hearing distance, but you can never trust the Dude, so I couldn’t care less. Even otherwise.) And well Pawan Kalyan is a gult actor who I don’t recognize, so he could have been any of the mustached guys around us. But the Dude said he was there.

Sunday started with a visit to Mebaz and Brand-factory, followed by Barbeque nation. Now if you love tandoori stuff and more so if you are a non-vegetarian this place is made for you. There are hazaar things to try out and it is an unlimited buffet where he gets the stuff to your table anyways. Amazing it is. There is quite a bit for vegetarians too, but then the barbequed potatoes weren’t anything out of the world. Again, a must visit place.

Wall street deserved a special mention, because it is one of the few movies The Dude so strongly recommends and is about something so close to his heart. Stocks markets, trading, what else could he ask for. So we watched the movie and it was worth the forsaken nap. Night I ended up watching an age old Juhi Chawla – Jackie Shroff – Amrita Singh starrer Aaina, because there was nothing better to do and also The dude was busily encoding-decoding our wedding video to fit it on this cd in the TV room, where this movie was already on.

We then decided to go park the car, and that obviously meant driving around a bit. Now this has been a regular thing since we got the City (I didn’t mention that, did I?). It is already a month and two scratches old. So a short drive in the army area and we were back home, all set to call it a day, more like call it a weekend.

Now that I am done with my diary entry, I am sure I would not be posting for atleast another week. We are going to be extremely busy. Oh, not working, we are off to home this Wednesday! Yippeee!! So more about that once we are back. Till then, Ciao!


9 thoughts on “The weekend that was

  1. Yep, they just did, and I Loved it too. I happen to be a veggie venturing into the non-veg zone (with sea food) these days, and the stuff was just too good! Was just reading your post before this btw, will comment there itself 🙂

  2. Query!
    Where is F Bar? Sounds new to me…will be home for the Deepavali weekend. So might as well try and rip off some old classmate :D. As for the movies, Bourne Ultimatum was damn good – made it first day second show…Wall Street is a michael douglas legend! Jab we met – no comments 😛 – ok…only can anyone watch this one?!!. I thought u would have been bitten by the gult film bug staying in hyd and watched rakhee, tulasi, chirutha (OMG…i cant help laughing at the name itself!!!), et al. :P.
    Happy Diwali and have fun!

  3. Re: Query!
    Awww, the reply comes a bit too late, but I hope you got to visiting F -bar. Nice place.
    Yeah, Bourne ultimatum rocks! So do all other universal movies! (Incase you are wondering, I now work for Universal Pictures support (part of GE))
    I loved Jab we met, so no comments, and nopes haven’t gotten down to watching any gult movies yet :), saw an old one though, Anand, pretty nice.
    Happy Diwali to you too!

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