Yet another dose of blah

Yoo-hoo! New look for the blog! Ok fine, sad excuse for a new look. But not my fault. I spent quite some looking for the right theme for it, and I found out that for using 90% of the available themes, I need to upgrade the blog to a paid or plus account. The plus account being, you allow advertisements to be posted all over your page. Now that I believe is extremely ironical. In order to make your page pretty by choosing one out of the hajaar awesome options, you need to allow ugly advertisements all over it. Tut-tut. Very sad really. Yet another indication that I might as well move to wordpress. Anyways, all we did was flipped over from one free theme to another, actually the same one, and of course changing the color, and the clothes that DJ girl on the top right hand corner is wearing. Smart eh? 

By the way, anyone see the new Sony Ericson music phones, the shake-it-to-change-the-song-one? And did anyone else feel that it actually makes no sense it all? For one, how is shaking the instrument easier than clicking the button. Not to mention the enormous risks of dropping the phone every time you shake it. And what if you are travelling in a vehicle on Indian roads? Doesn’t that mean every time you go over a pothole, or the driver happens to be a Schumacher fan and brakes suddenly every time he realizes that the rest of the world isn’t, your song changes. Wow. Awesome feature this. Wonder what they will come up with next.

Last weekend had us visiting a Dog show in the city. And I fell in love with the canines all over again. And I am glad that my preferences are still the same as they were 3 years ago. I desperately want a pug. The ones I saw at the show were all so adorable, with their flat noses and sad eyes. And they are not too furry or big, so maintaining them shouldn’t be an issue really. The Dude was inclined towards the Rottweiler, more because sources claimed that 8 out of 10 of these snap at you for no reason. And by some weird analogy he claims snappy & unpredictable = alert and so he likes the dog, which looks menacing in general, very wolf-like. Anyhow, the practical issues of who would take care of it during the day crop up, and I am left with no choice but to give up. No Rottweiler and no pug. I am destined to stay pet-less. Hmmph.

And ya, last weekend also had us visit some kind of a get-together for Honda’s recent customers at their showroom. We went expecting some free gifts and gyan and a party, and it turned out to be a family event of sorts. So we had children running around, and painting competitions and lotsa gyan on car maintenance. Halfway through they announced that the men would continue with the gyan, while the women should go play tambola. So very sexist I think, as if women don’t need to know how to maintain the tires better. So I didn’t go, even though I still can’t drive, and The Dude was all fine, till he realized that the shiny gifts in the corner were only for the winners of the competitions. He was all miffed that I didn’t try my luck at the game; little does he know that I never win at all these luck games. I still remember at K, when we had tambola, and a last person standing round wherein the person who is the last to get any number on his card called out wins. I was among the last 2 of the 240 people playing, and still managed to lose. Because I do not win at all this.Period.

And we also wrote a CD for Honda City, called the Honda CD, The Dude’s idea, very smart I think. This has a mix of all our favorite Angrezi and Desi music, and of course all of our songs. So that’s all we listen to these days and it’s nice to be able to hum to the same tracks.

I notice that I have given up writing about a particular topic these days, it’s all so random. And nice in a way, don’t have to think at all while typing. So I will stay this way. Though I still wish I could make the page look nicer, and post pictures on it. I would post the pug’s pictures. Trust me, awesomely cute it was. Anyhow, that’s enough for now. Ciao.


4 thoughts on “Yet another dose of blah

  1. Anonymous

    Useless feature on the Sony Ericsson phones, I agree but the song won’t change in case your vehicle hops over a pothole. That’s because you actually need to have a button pressed while shaking the phone to change the song. All the more useless because of this, isn’t it coz if you anyway need to press a button, why not just press the button rather than keep it pressed and shake the phone, too on top of that 🙂

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