How well can you hide your reaction if on your birthday, your team gifts you a set of coffee mugs, painstakingly selected by one of them, and who presents it to you with a proud expression of having picked something so right, and then when you open it, one reads ‘For my loving husband who means the world to me’ and the other ‘For my loving wife who means the world to me’. And then he says ‘I thought it would be awesome to get you something you could give your husband, and something he could give you’ with a smile. 

Apparently not too well, so much so that it is noticed by everyone around, including the one who got the gift in the first place. And so I am stuck with two mugs I can never bring myself to use. And a lot of guilt. Sigh.


12 thoughts on “Life

  1. Anonymous

    Re: LOL
    Sheeesh! I have never heard of a birthday gift like this one before!Are you sure it wasn’t a practical joke of some sort??!!

  2. Re: LOL
    Thanks! 🙂 And no, it was a very genuine choice. I almost guessed that it would be corny when I came to know who chose it, but didn’t expect something like this! And the guy was actually quite upset that I looked like I didn’t like it, so I ended up spending sometime convincing him otherwise too, so…

  3. Hi, Divya! Liked the post, because I love dogs too! In fact, I wrote about mine some time ago on my blog. And there’s a pic of my doggie there too. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll love him. 🙂

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