The high post

This is a high post. A pleasantly high post. This is being typed at 12:01 AM in the night on the 30th of December, in a relatively higher state than usual. There is music in the background, The Dude is playing Tum se hi from Jab we met, because I like it, and it is sounding awesome.

So this is a high post, and we are high not only because of Bacardi. We are high because something unusual has happened today. Something that never does. Look, point is , I am pretty happy with the way things are in general at all points in life, and I consider myself pretty lucky for that. But practically, I have never been lucky lucky. As in win a lottery lucky, or score well in a badly done test lucky, or make extra money in a month lucky, or even, get 5 bucks more than the actual change from the kirana guy lucky. Never. Seriously.

But today, we got lucky. Big Time lucky. And like I said, the funny thing is, neither I , nor the dude have ever been the lucky lucky kinds. As in things work fine at the end of the day, but we have to work at making them that way, and trust me , work real hard. But not today. Today was different.

Picture this. We are walking down the aisles on the first floor of central, trying to locate some good hand bags for me, and I was like bent upon spending the dude’s coupons worth 2k, so good day for me types. But then. I get this call. from this weird 9849 number. And I am like, wtf man, credit card and personal guys, ugh, they are not letting me live. But I receive it anyways, sweet that I am. And the voice on the other end goes, ” madam DI? I am Nirup kumari bakshi ( name  changed for confidentiality purposes) from Kundaram Bonda (name changed again). You bought a car from us in in September, and we are very happy to inform you that ( now at this moment I heard it as we are very sorry to inform you that, and assumed they were calling to colect the extra 8% cess which might have been applaied to all cars purchased post September, but thankfully I was wrong) you have won the Honda contest. And I mumbled ” ya ya we particiapted” and thought, ya the dude did complete the slogan contest which had ‘nature rides with Bonda…’ with a VERY original ‘because Bonda cares’. And he goes, yes madam, so you have won our trip for two to Japan.

Enough said. I was still nodding earnestly expecting him to understand that I understood what he was saying, but wanting to throw the phone and tell The dude the Big thing that just happened. The impossible big thing. And there he was thinking we won a gift voucher at central or something. Sigh. I mean seriously dude, Think Big.

And then I got to tell him, and there we were, all dazed, hand bag forgotten, central looking all weird and maze-like and thinking about , huh? Ok, if you say so, but us? Seriously???

It thankfully got confirmed by another salesman, our regular guy in another 5 minutes, who very enthusiastically asked me ensure that I informed SIR about it. Hmmmph. Talk about sexists.

Anyways, we are celebrating it, whether we finally do go or not, it was an awesome thing in general to happen. Guess we are luckier together than we ever were individually. Good thing huh?

So I am done, pray for us that we do make it Tokyo, and I promise you a pic filled post, if not livejournal, elsewhere. See. I am fair. Hic.

P.S. Any punctualtion, grammatic or spelling errors in this post have to be over-looked. They are merely an outcome of high-degree celebration mode. Thank you very much.


6 thoughts on “The high post

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I hope you find Tokyo more interesting than I did. However disclaimer is I was travelling on biz, so that may be why.
    Tokyo for me was an endless round of going into and out of subways.
    See if you can take the Shinkansen to Kyoto. This is one place I would happily spend my own money to go and visit.
    Have fun anyway!

  2. Re: Congratulations
    Never :((( , or so it looks! They never got back with details and it is forever a ‘we dont know yet’ response, so like I said, given up!

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