The mandatory New Year post

 Between the last post and this one, I have learnt quite a few things. To begin with, I now know that I am lazy enough to postpone writing a new year post for as long as 21 days till after new years. It is also possible to have around 20 incomplete drafts in your folder, none of which will ever see the light of the day (rather the page on the blog). I also know that it is no use ‘giving myself time’ to decide upon the New Year’s resolutions so that they are more accurate and not impulsive, because the end result will be no resolutions at all, as is the case now. 

Apart from the life changing, earth shattering learnings I already mentioned, there are a few other important lessons that I learnt in the past few days. I will never be able to post a ‘we have moved here’ entry on this site, because I will never be able to move at all. This blog is destined to live its whole life on LJ, atleast till LJ decides to close down or something. I have tried everything (ok, everything being googling, and a lot I tell you) to find out how one migrates, bag and baggage, from LJ to WP. There are very simple methods, but somehow, they don’t allow the baggage to include the very precious comments received over the years. And that, dear people, is not acceptable. We did come across some helpful tips on how to tweak the settings and get this done anyways, but technologically challenged that we are, we could not make head or tail of them. So here we are, back at our 4 year old address.

We also accepted the age-old fact that there is no such thing as wind-fall gains through good luck in our dictionary. And being married to someone, who unfortunately has the same term missing from his dictionary as well, just re-emphasizes the whole truth of the matter. The Japan trip never happened, and after spending sometime de-japanising ourselves (and those we had spread this news to), we have now come to terms with it. In short, given up.

But here is the good thing (finally!). The theme of 2008 is, Be Positive. So what if the Chirala trip during Christmas didn’t happen, thanks to the chicken pox that occurred exactly a week before the vacation. And so what if it occurred in-spite of the fact that it rarely does in adults, and almost never does in adults who have suffered from it before. So what if we could not take the time off, and had to work from home because there was no one to take over the quarter close work, and had to sit there, dying to scratch our face, and wondering if we would be left with scars, all the time tallying the numbers on the numerous excel sheets. And so what if we learnt so many new things about life already, when it is just 21 days into the New Year. It is all gone, in the past, and the idea like I said, is to be positive.

So, while we are busy at putting our new theme into action, we sincerely hope this New Year brings in a lot of good stuff with it, and a lot more blog posts. And yeah, we also hope there is more cheering and less complaining in them. Hmmm. Let’s see.

P.S. Oh btw, if you do find some easy, does-not-require-html-or-any-other-weird-computer-knowledge way of moving from here to WP with the comments, please let me know! You would be doing a BIG favor.


One thought on “The mandatory New Year post

  1. Anonymous

    I also consider myself one of those who never wins anything…And was so happy to see that one of ‘my kind’ had actually struck gold… was looking fwd to Japan travelogues… and in one stroke, you have killed it all.. why? what happened? Sue Honda…. send the car back… ufffffffff..
    ps: I participate in almost any competition that involves no cost from my side and have won just 2ice…but the last time was just 3 months back..and I believe I won coz I swore before participating that if I didnt win this time around, there was no GOD in the world.. Blackmail worked…however would advice you to use this Brahmastra sparingly…
    – J
    ps: Happy new year…

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