It’s a sign!

I believe in signs. Somewhat like those in Sleepless in Seattle, but only much weirder. I relate the most unrelated of things and somehow try to predict how a meeting would go, how the day would be, whether or not what i wished for would happen based on something extremely silly and not remotely connected.

Like how the day would be. I take the office shuttle to work, and this takes one of two routes, depending on how many people are on. When the shuttle is full at my stop or the next, he takes a shorter route which probably saves around a km or so at the most. But this route has my favourite fly over on the way. yes, I have a favorite flyover,When there are so many around, you can pick. This one is has numerous trees on either side, and when you pass over it, there is always a cool breeze, however hot the day is. The other route is, well, nothing special. Now for some reason, the days my shuttle takes route one, I believe that the day would be good in general.

Then there are the mails. When I login in each morning, the first thing I check is the number of unread mails.It takes a while for them to download into my pst so all I can see is how many, and not what. If the number isa single digit, my work day would be good with no issues whatsoever. The moment it reaches 10, I am worried. And none of the Spam mails or forwards are discounted, it’s just the total, always.

Then there was the time I had my Nokia 3315. I was addicted to snake and would play it like all the time. And my score would always be related to what was going on in my mind then. Like, if I scored 1000 and above my presentation would be decent, or my exam would go well, and once, 1500 points meant I would be shortlisted by the particular company whose GD results I was waiting for. So it was always a pain, and the more I concentrated because of the connection, the more tough it was to score.

And then while returning back home from work, I give myself exactly an hour and 15 minutes from the moment I have logged out, to reach home. A minute more than that, and i have had a bad day officially. Which basically means that I would be sulking for atleast a half hour about how unfair everyone was to not let me ride my bike to work. If I reach within the time limit (even the last minute is ok), I am happy.

All these and many more, like if I get the window seat in the cab, I would reach faster, and if 5 or more people respond to the meeting request the said work would get completed, if I finish reading the next 5 pages in 5 minutes, the train would reach on time, if there is cabbage for breakfast, the day would be dull and if there is cucumber koshambir, it would be good etc. There have been so many times I have sworn that I would never believe in this nonsense just because it predicted something against me. But I am always back, everytime with new caveats and best of threes. Anyways, I guess it’s time to get back to work now, so that I can send out today’s report before there is any new mail in my inbox because I think that would surely increase the probability of the client approving it. Hmmm. Let’s see.

4 thoughts on “It’s a sign!

  1. Anonymous

    Was there a sign for the person…..
    Was there a sign for the person who wrote the first comment??? Disclose only if it is a good’un. Ok!!! disclose it anyways…

  2. Re: Was there a sign for the person…..
    Hehe, well it was something like, ‘if the first comment comes within 2 days of writing the post, I will blog more often from now on’, and because it didn’t :D, I have disappeared again!

  3. DilOnTheRocks

    Hahha..LOL..OMG..I am so happy to know that I am not the only person. You know I thought some thing was wrong with me..seriosuly…My list is ever growing. I bet you have new ones by now.:)

    1. Hehe! 😀 You checked the link? No-no, you’re not alone, we all have our quirks! Some of those are no longer applicable, but I have to think if I’ve involuntarily succumbed to any new ones 😀

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