The week that refuses to end

 I am inherently lazy, and those who know me know that is an understatement. And if anyone wants to torture me, all they have to do is mention a few words and phrases like, ‘early morning’, ‘gym’, ‘work-out’, ‘morning walks’, in short anything and everything related to physical exercise. I have tried and failed too many times to try again.

Then there was the other option, cutting down on the junk food. Again, I thrive on junk. Chocolates and chips keep me going. All attempts to consciously cut down on the consumption of these evil temptations have been met with rebellious bouts of ‘I really don’t need to reduce and hence I will consume more of this’. Which unfortunately last only till after the calories are added, post which it is back to the ‘I need a stronger will power’ state.

In short I am just the right combination for a perfectly unhealthy individual. And a week ago I took a drastic decision. To go on the GM diet. Now for those ignorant souls who don’t know what a GM diet is, or the lucky ones who would never need to know what a diet is, here is a short summary. It is this 7 day diet, with specific food items prescribed to be on each day, which claims to detoxify the body, repair the digestive system and lose upto 6 kgs of weight in one week. The good part, there is no limit to the quantity of the food item consumed, and hence no starvation. And hence, I took it up.

Day 1: Fruits only, lots of melon and atleast 10 glasses of water. Simple enough, I thought, I love fruits! Though the compulsory water consumption bit could be a pain thanks to my camelistic traits, probably from my last life. I can survive days without water, as long as I am not consuming something really spicy, in which case, the burning tongue demands some H20. But it turns out that this was not to be the only issue. One can, and does get bored of fruits eventually. And the otherwise sweet or sour flavor which one claims to love can get on the nerves. And so by end of day 1, all I could think of was the baked potato that was to be had the next morning for breakfast. Of course as per the diet plan.

Day 2: Veggies of all kinds and the same amount of water. The baked potato was amazing, but post that, life became tough. Eating bland boiled veggies with salt and pepper can be extremely bugging. So by evening, I had called everyone who mattered and knew about the diet, as how I was giving up, and how desperately I needed something sweet, anything sweet, and if possible something with chocolate in it. But luckily, I sustained, and consoled myself with more boiled veggies and soup.

Day 3: That’s today. Its any fruits and vegetables, and that is better, atleast the ability to choose between sweet and salty bit. But of all days, the work people choose today for a lunch, and a lunch that I was supposed to treat them to. So off we went to a restaurant, where while everyone feasted on the choicest of dishes, I munched on the cucumber salad, and cursed my fate, and the moment I decided to start the diet. 

Anyways, today is almost done, and I am alive, though I have absolutely nothing to look forward to for dinner, which will be soup and veggies again. I already decided that I would break the diet in 6 days instead of 7, so that I don’t kill myself during the weekend, and then decided against it. Seriously, I don’t know what I will do. Tomorrow is going to be still tougher; they have managed to prescribe two things I positively despise as the only consumable items. Bananas and milk it is, and bananas and milk it will be. Or so I think. Like I said, I succumbed to a cup of coffee today, and will probably break more rules tomorrow. Hopefully not though. Anyway, I will be done this weekend, and will never even think of anything like this again. Ever. That’s for sure. For this time however, I wish myself luck, lots of will power, and strong taste buds which survive the torture, to live through the remaining 4 days of agony!


8 thoughts on “The week that refuses to end

  1. Dad swears by the GM diet. I would argue against it but his being much fitter than me (given my sedentary lifestyle) would make it a very stupid argument.
    Hang in there, things will get better on day 8.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, you came this far – 3 days!! hats off to you! and now that you’ve managed to live through the days with the strictest diets, the remaining 4 days shouldn’t be that bad, eh? Please do a followup post on the 8th day – would love to know how it went.
    All the best! 🙂

  3. Hmmm, good to hear of its positive effects from someone who has done it! Its Day 4, and surprisingly, it’s been good, just as the plan had stated, that the cravings reduce by today. I just hope I am not speaking too soon 🙂

  4. Thanks! And I sure will give a day 8 update. Waiting for tomorrow actually, when I will be able to taste some rice again :D. Very tough to give up that!

  5. Anonymous

    Can’t wait…
    … to hear if you’ve REALLY lost 6 kgs by Day 8… If it works, I need 2 sessions of this GM thingy..Fingers crossed…
    Hang in there pal !!
    – J

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