Look what we got!

 After years and years of wishing and praying and begging and hoping that I have a pet, I finally do! Ok, I don’t really have him; I just get to keep him for two days. And it’s not that I get to keep him, he basically stays at home when I am working. But then he is going to be around for two whole days, and literally so, because this little guy is crazy active for the laziness its kind are usually credited with.

So let me introduce to you, Tortuga – the tortoise star! Ok that was not very original, and I am sure he has a name, but the brother in law conveniently forgot to ask the friend who the tortoise belongs to, as to what the name of the little thing was. So I being me, had to come up with something fast, and what better than a short form of what you are! No, I take that back, it is not much fun to call your dog do, or cat ca, or rabbit rab. But Tortu sounded fine to my exhausted self at 12 in the night, and then it automatically developed into Tortuga (we just re-watched Pirates, so kindly excuse). And the wonderful tag he gets is again kinda unoriginal; he is in fact an Indian Star Tortoise. And ya, he is a he out of our choice, the main reason being, what kind of a girl tortoise would be called Tortuga? Tortugee probably, but I have not heard that word, so a he he is.

So he stays with us for two days. He is small, will fit a regular palm.s He is very pretty, thanks to the shell, without which, I am sure he would look more like his amphibian cousin frog, or even his disgusting other cousin, the lizard. But he is with a shell, and a very pretty one at that, geometrically accurate and colour coordinated. 

He has a small orange tub of his own but he hates it. So much that he will turn and run away (or attempt to), if he is put in front of it. What he prefers is to be left on his own, and once he is, he will sloppily plod around the house on his ultra weird feet and search for corners. And after spending a minute there, he would proceed on his quest for a new corner. 

And he eats, a lot. Bottle guard and coriander. He prefers bottle guard, and needs them sliced in tiny cubes which he can chomp on them one at a time. And the whole chomping activity is damn cute in itself; the entire head and neck move up and down making him look like an uber-cool hip-hop fan.

You pick him up; he will stick out his neck and flail his limbs as if he is swimming in this imaginary pond. You put him back and he will withdraw into the shell completely, with only his tiny nose sticking out. And he blinks in slow motion, giving you a full view of his translucent eyelids each time.

Overall, I think he is adorable. And in two days time, I will only pine more for a pet. But provided he is no trouble to handle, might use that as evidence to my amazing pet management skills. Let’s see J


2 thoughts on “Look what we got!

  1. For some weird reason, it seems very appropriate that you get a tortoise! Try and get a fake tortoise shell and tell the original owner that the tortoise ran away without his shell… Then keep this tortoise for yourself :).
    Oh, and please do not call a dog ‘dog do’, it sounds like dog-doo, which is something one does not want to step into on the street…

  2. Cheap shot funny man! They actually have him for some fengshui purpose, and technically one should not even tell anyone that they have it. But then I assumedif you could keep your fengshui ‘object’ elsewhere they can afford to discuss it too :)And yeah, they cost around 3k, less expensive than the 15k pug I was always asking for!

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