TV shows and all that

 I am now an official TV addict. Actually, I am more of a TV shows addict, which is basically taking it a step further and includes downloading old episodes of the series and watching them as well.

It started with F.R.I.E.N.D.S back at K. I have all the seasons on CDs, have watched every possible episode numerous times by now, and cannot help but mouth the dialogues while watching the re-runs. And luckily, the Dude is as hooked, and is forever game for a Friends Marathon with chilled beer and Pizza. As for the favorite character in the series– Of course it is Funny Man Bing!

Then came The OC. Not a comedy, and definitely not comparable to the above classic, but the drama revolving around the Orange County elite is capable of keeping one engrossed. Not a guy thing at all. And The Dude maintains safe distance whenever I watch this, lest I subject him to ‘extremely uninteresting’ details of the plot. I started watching Season 1 with the Pure Veg roomie, and that was good fun, we could ooh – aah at all the mush and bitch about the evil characters. I directly jumped to season 4 which is running at present, and out of pure curiosity as to how each character landed where they are, am downloading the missed portions. Favourite character(s) – Seth Cohen, and Sandy-Kirsten.

And ofcourse! Grey’s Anatomy, how can I miss thee? I have a whole post about it. Started in London, when there was nothing much to watch, and started from season 2, and got the first 3 seasons gifted by Pure veg roomie. Was downloading each episode of season 4, the day after it aired in the US, because here, we are too far behind but then the strike happened, and now we are waiting for the 24th. And depressing though the story tends to be most of the time, I am addicted. And the Dude is not too happy, because every Friday night means slow internet, thanks to the 400 MB download. Favorite character(s), Christina – Burke before Burke left, now, nobody as such, definitely not Meridith, perhaps Lexie, let’s see.

Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty started because of lack of anything to watch thanks to the strike. But the former is just 13 episodes (which I am done with) and the latter got boring. Plus Gossip Girl has the irritating similarity of characters with The OC. Each of them has a twin in the OC. So not too keen on continuing really, though favourite character would be Good Boy Danny. 

Then the reality shows. However fake they might seem. However staged they are supposed to be, it is just fun to watch reality shows. All the competitive ones like Top Chef, Project Runway and Shear Genius. I just love them. Closer home, there is MTV Roadies, which inspite of being extremely kiddish, visibly fake, and full of *beeps*, I don’t miss. I even used to follow V Get Gorgeous when it was aired. And Indian Idol and Nach Baliye, much to the annoyance of The Dude. Though now he has kind of given up and concentrates on playing Hidden and Dangerous whenever I am watching any of these shows.

With the way I am going now, for all the comments I have passed on the Pure Veg roomie for setting an alarm for 2:30 AM so as to watch the re-run of ‘Kaisa Yeh Pyar hai’ I have nothing to say in my defense now. And no, I am not complaining J .


8 thoughts on “TV shows and all that

  1. Anonymous

    Ooooh don’t get me started on TV shows addiction.I am trying to get off the wagon but no such luck!
    I absolutely love the Top Chef and Project Runaway too.I am not sure if you get to watch So You Think You Can Dance.If you do,then WATCH IT.Terrific show.Amazing talent.

  2. I am surprised to find no mention of Seinfeld and The Simpsons; both of which rate right up there in my favourites.
    Those are pretty much the only non-sports related shows I’d consent to watching on TV nowadays; except, of course, The Tonight Show.

  3. Both the shows you mention are actually pretty much a favorite with me too, but the thing is, I have not really completed the series in both cases, and most of what I watch is on weekday nights. Also, I was concentrating more on what I end up watching all by myself (except FRIENDS!) ‘cos for Sienfeld and Simpsons I have company!

  4. Re: Ditto!
    They ARE so addcitive, you just can’t help it. And no, I haven’t caught the Dance series, should surely give it a try sometime!

  5. Anonymous

    is that not being a hypocrite?
    somebody believes in ‘To each his own’
    somebody believes in ‘Oh! the K soaps are such a waste of time’
    and then someone writes reams praising the western soaps. Doesn’t make a difference whether its hindi or english, if somebody likes a serial, they watch it. So, no further comments on ‘K’.

  6. Re: is that not being a hypocrite?
    Read my last statement, I did say that I have no right to comment on K serial watchers anymore, so, you are a little late to comment! 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Re: is that not being a hypocrite?
    it was just a “” (emphasizing)thingy.
    there might be a day when other “Opinions” may have to change too ;-).

  8. Re: is that not being a hypocrite?
    Ah trust me, the other opinions are here to stay, considering none of them are as frivoulous as K serials or western sitcoms!

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