Time for some serious cricket!

In about 13 hours from now, the Indian Premier League battle would begin! And this time I am in a win-win situation, because of the 8 teams, I am supporting four!

Chennai Superkings
; ofcourse, I have to respect the Tam roots!
Delhi Daredevils; for the Delhi-UP connection, see, Delhi is like neighbourhood to us.
Deccan Chargers; oh, I am a Hyderabadi now, 6 years in this city, ensures you are one.
Mumbai Indians; now that I am married to a Marathi, who couldn’t care less about the team, but then, I need to have my options hedged.

Cool huh? Ofcourse, the list will be narrowed down once the first round of matches takes place. Till then, happy cricket-watching!

And oh, I thought of supporting Bangalore too, since it has Dravid, but that would be taking it a bit too far. I guess. So let it be.

6 thoughts on “Time for some serious cricket!

  1. Even I have my ratings now – 1. Delhi, 2. Chennai, 3. Hyderabad, Mumbai’s gone, since nobody around seems to bother about it anymore!(and the first two are because they are doing so well :P)

  2. Anonymous

    Ohh my God…cant believe u also blogged about a similar topic exactly a year back!!
    we both seem to be supporting more than 1 team!!;)

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