Kya aap paanchvi pass se tez hain?

Episode 3 – 27th April 08, 8:45 PM

SRK (to contestant)-
Toh aapko Pakistan ka capital pata nahi hai?

– Abhi yaad nahi aa raha hai

SRK (to contestant’s sister)
– Aapko pata hai? Aapki behen ka kehna hai ki ap unse smart hai. Kya karti hain aap?

Contestant’s sister – First year, Business administration

SRK – Aapki toh badi padhi likhi family hai, toh aapko pata hai Pakistan ka capital?

Contestant’s sister – Haan, ofcourse, Istanbul.

Contestant – Oh yaaaaa, Istanbul, how could I forget that!

SRK (at the end of the show) – By the way, Pakistan ka capital Istanbul nahi Islamabad hai.

Contestant’s sister – Oh that’s what I meant, Istanbul-Islamabad, Is-Is.

Me – :O (somebody please kill me!)

Please to watch this extremely hilarious and entertaining series on television,  every Friday to Sunday, 8 PM on Star Plus.  Seriously, don’t miss this!

Edit : I can’t believe I forgot, but the dear blog turned 4 years old on Saturday. Everyone stand up, clap and wish it a happy birthday!



18 thoughts on “Kya aap paanchvi pass se tez hain?

  1. Anonymous

    Hehahha! 😀 Its a copy of the US show ‘Are you smarter than a fifth grader’ that makes contestants look miserable sometimes 😀

  2. SRK – Aapki toh badi padhi likhi family hai, toh aapko pata hai Pakistan ka capital?
    Levels of education and levels of general knowledge are two separate, very distinct, entities. Education, in this context, is the process by which one seeks skills which can be applied for future use (examples: “teaching a man how to fish”).
    General knowledge is awareness of facts of the world around you; this knowledge may or may not help in one’s professional career. Sherlock Holmes: “You say that we go round the sun. If we went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work.”
    To believe that somebody possessing a certain level of general knowledge possesses an equal amount of education, or the inverse, is to have a flawed belief.

    Oh, also, four years is not enough for this journal. Let’s see what your post says on April 26, 2029.

  3. “Let’s see what your post says on April 26, 2029”
    Let me give a try…
    “I can’t believe I forgot (actually I do, old age can make one forgetful), but the dear blog turned 25 years old on Thursday. Everyone stand up, clap and wish it a happy birthday!
    Now I am off to watch Friends, OC, Grey’s Anatomy and what not reruns for the thousandth millionth gazillionth time.
    SRK was on telly asking his fifth grader questions. On being stumped and embarrassed by the inability to answer a simple question, a contestant in turn asked him about his stint with IPL and Knight Riders which stumped and embarrassed King Khan.”

  4. Surprisingly, when SRK made that comment, he didn’t seem to be connecting the two points either. He was more towards indicating that since you are the smarter one, do you know the capital. The education bit was just a random comment.
    Also, 2029? If I keep this alive till then, well, that would be a big thing!

  5. Well the way Kolkatans are going, I doubt he would have a reason to be stumped, it’s more like he will give a superior look and say, ‘well, like always, we ruled!’
    I am sure there will be many more of those sitcoms to pickand watch by then, if the quality reduces, reruns it will be 😉
    Did you actually check that 26th April is thursday in 2029? Or did you use your still existaing CAT quant skills? Both ways, dude, you are SO jobless!

  6. This is appraisal time…everyone is jobless.
    Actually it is pretty easy to detemine the day of the week. Would have elaborated but do not want this to become a CAT coaching class post.
    The reason for him stumping is because IPL aint doing that much money for the franchises as was being thought.

  7. And I thought appraisal time was when one would try to look the busiest and most useful!
    I dont know how much more money that guy wants to rake in by the way, some people just want it ( and get it) all!

  8. Anonymous

    :)) havnt seen this yet. would love to see an episode.
    congo on the 4th budday. mine recently turned one. way to go! 🙂

  9. Thanks!
    Btw, I dont think SRK is dumb. No, I am not a fan, not by far, but I seriously have heard that the guy’s got brains!

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