Random chit-chat

Chat on Sametime with the Pure-veg-ex-roomie

PVER – You know that song? Ooncha Lamba kad? From Welcome?

Me – Yes, what about it?

PVER – Well, I find it very funny

Me – Funny? I kinda like it, very typical punjabi song

PVER – No, no, I mean the lyrics

Me – What’s funny in the lyrics?

PVER – He calls Katrina manly

Me – Huh? No he doesn’t!

PVER – Yes yes, he does, he says ooncha lamba kad, blah blah, and the he calls her mardani – manly

Me (after recapitulating the first few lines in my head)- Aiyyyo, mad you are, he says marda nai, main avai tere utte marda nai, which means, I haven’t flipped for you for no reason.

PVER – Podi, he doesn’t say ‘nai‘ and all, it is ‘ni’, mardaaaaaani.

Me – No ya, the sentence wont make sense in Punjabi, if it was Mardani

PVER – No no, that doesn’t matter, you listen properly, and it makes full sense,  what is ooncha lamba kad? tall nuh? See, so he says that and then says mardani, which means tall manly girl, I am telling you, listen to it again, I am right.

Me – *Surrender*

16 thoughts on “Random chit-chat

  1. Was this room – mate of yours a Punjabi??
    Of course Katrina Kaif is not called mardana. he people behind the song would not want a certain future TV anchor on Sony to bang on their doors late in night demanding an explanation.

  2. No-no, a pure tam from Chennai. Hence the confusion, she has always found amazing interpretations to lyrics in hindi and punjabi both. But this one was too funny !

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for the clarification!
    I’m so glad you cleared up this confusion for me! My Hindi is pretty good and so it was terrible for me to not be able to make sense of the whole Mardani thing!! BTW, I’m the same one who left the anonymous comment on ur previous post. Sorry about not leaving my name.

  4. I’ve always found Katrina to be manly (the jawbone is the best indicator) — so, in a weird way, I agree with your PVER.
    Oh, my *current* flatmates love going to the nearby PVR every week, would that make them PVRers?

  5. He he, I was going to say just that!
    Though it is a relief I must say, to see him get back from the Philo mode to the more appropriate BTPJ mode 🙂

  6. Katrina manly? That’s a first I am sure! So, I am sure Kareena,Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, all fall in the wide jawbone, manly category for you!

  7. Anonymous

    we discussing katrina is in itself publicity for her….she would not mind much, even if she comes to know. (waise, i doubt whether she has any mind. what with her picking up such dumb roles.) Suppose she really minds, then i care a damn. And – anything for the PVER. Continue. (not a period for a change)

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