Tales from Tokyo

So, we are back from the much awaited, anticipated, and of course awesome vacation. The fact that it was something we won, and didn’t really have to pay for, just added to the awesomeness. 

Tokyo is a perfect metropolis, where everything is big and grand, organized, controlled, neat and just right. The city boasts of sky scrapers and zigzagging flyovers everywhere and very much reminds you of Canary Wharf in London. The tour guide is forever showing you the ‘tallest buildings’, ‘ biggest towers’, ‘most expensive real estate’, ‘maximum number of electronic stores’, which is what defines Tokyo. Explanation enough.

Living in Shinjuku, which has the maximum skyscrapers in the city is helpful, especially when you decide to venture out on your own to explore the place. You can always spot the tip of ‘that building which looks like it has ribbons criss-crossing it all over’ and then try and make your way to it. Also, if you can’t, you can safely assume you’re lost and need help.

Japanese people are very polite. And talk non-stop. They go on and on and on, knowing very well that the person in front has no clue about what they are talking. But they will smile, and bow, and speak and all you can do is smile back. Helplessly.

And oh, they are very honest too. This one old lady came searching for us all the way in a huge mall to return change we forgot to collect. And that was one yen. 

Visiting Tokyo helps if you lag in the height department. You might be wearing flats the whole time and yet always be taller than the crowd. Very good experience. 

The tube stations are in no way like the ones in London, they are more like huge shopping centres, where you have trains passing by now and then. Malls are omnipresent, and all are exactly the same, but still they are there, after every quarter of a kilometer.

is not as exotic as it sounds. In fact, it has this extremely annoying flavor which will refuse to go once you have tried it, and for some reason all eating places in Japan will smell of it. Oh ya, they will put make sweet potato sushi too. Imagine fish flavored sweet potato. Ugh.

is ok. I personally thought it was like vodka, only smoother. The Dude didn’t like it one bit and finds it medicinal.

It is NOT ok to have perfect weather everyday of the vacation, and then rain like crazy on the day we are supposed to visit Disneyland. And it doesn’t help when the Hotel manager apologizes for it as if it’s his fault while handing us two giant umbrellas he is sure we will need.

But it does help that the rush is much lesser, and we get to try out every attraction in the place without having to stand in queues. Also, it does help that the rain stops after a couple of hours and leaves behind a heavenly breeze.

High-speed roller-coasters make me scream. And I feel like it is all over and this is the way things were supposed to end for me. But once I am done, I have a feeling of accomplishment which lasts for quite some time and makes up for everything else.

Air India sucks, big time. The flights never take off on time, always have some ‘technical issue’ which needs to be fixed , which by the way makes it even worse for someone like me who believes that something as huge as an airplane is not meant to leave ground in the first place. The airhostesses don’t serve, they throw food at you. The chairs are old and creaky. There is no entertainment except for ‘pot-pourri’ playing on a projection screen right in the front, which by the way has songs from Raja Hindustani playing. The headphones are horrible. They don’t have the food you ask for. In short, I am never flying Air India again. 

People on the flight might actually prefer watching ‘Welcome’ over ‘Enchanted’ and the movie will be very unfairly stopped, and changed. Oh, but they serve unlimited drinks, and the best brands in beer, so The Dude says it makes up for everything else.

It doesn’t help that after the awesome weather in Tokyo, I am subjected to Hyderabad, which by the way, is an oven. And I am getting roasted. You know the kind of heat when you say, ‘It’s been this way for a week now, it’s definitely raining in a couple of days’, that kind, only it has lasted for over a month and it refuses to rain.

That’s about it. That by the way is my version of a travelogue. I might try pictures, but only if LJ doesn’t act funny. For now, I will get back to my post vacation depression, and probably start planning our next trip. That always cheers me up.


19 thoughts on “Tales from Tokyo

  1. Wow!! You have pictures up somewhere?
    Japan is one country I have always wanted to visit.
    Did you try the seaweed salad? It’s yumminess. As for Sushi, the masago sushi would have been the way to go (I don’t know if the Japs actually include it) but it’s yummy and crackles in the mouth. If you’re a beer fan, you would have liked Sapporo more than Sake. but oh well, mucho envy happening anyway 🙂

  2. 🙂 Will send the link to your inbox!
    Actually, I am sure there is so much more to Japan than Tokyo, but we were short of choice, not that I am complaining!
    About trying out stuff, man, we were like two lost people accepting whatever was given, should have done a bit more research, especially the Sapporo bit!

  3. Anonymous

    “Visiting Tokyo helps if you lag in the height department. You might be wearing flats the whole time and yet always be taller than the crowd. Very good experience. ” A boost of self esteem innit??
    Sounds awesome. Japan has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit.
    Who’s The dude?? :-S

  4. Absolutely right! A big boost 🙂
    You should visit Japan, and more than Tokyo. The Dude is the guy I got hitched to almost a year ago!

  5. Anonymous

    lol@yet always be taller than the crowd.
    That would be a great feeling. I usually get crushed in the stampede here in London. Everyday.

  6. Totally understand! I never considered myself ‘that’ short till I visited London, and frequently found myself craning my neck to look beyond the crowd blocking my view 🙂

  7. Heyyyy, The Dude speaks up! So that’s what it takes for you to comment, a small ‘negativish’ thing about your beloved Hyd! 😛

  8. Anonymous

    Sounds like an awesome trip!!
    So you did manage to find decent veggie options and not die of starvation.That is a very encouraging and comforting thought!
    Would love to see some pics 🙂

  9. Re: Nice!
    Was awesome alright 🙂
    There are quite decent veggie options there, especially if you can survive on salad, bread,rice, sandwiches…. good enough assortment that way! As for me, I can longer be called a vegetarian, thanks to some stuff I can now claim to have ‘tried out’!
    Will post some pics soon, need to figure it out somehow.

  10. Anonymous

    Enjoyed reading it
    Swaroop here, enjoyed the funnier part of this blog especially the taller part, finding your building admist the skyline, Air India service being compensated by unlimited drinks.
    Wanted to call you after reading it but thought of commenting.

  11. Anonymous

    boss! I am tired of searching for countries.
    boss! I am tired of searching for countries. will catch up with u tomorrow. Tada.

  12. He he, no no. It’s just that when I have nothing to write about and too much time on hand, I keep fiddling with the template! So you would notice this happens only when there is a break in the posting.

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