Back with a tag!

 I have been away for a long time again, and this time I swear it was nothing to do with laziness. And no, it was not lack of stuff to write about either. And of course, I did have time on hand. But I could just not write, and if I tried, it was so boring and senseless that I fell asleep just typing it. Ok, that’s a little too much, but it was something to that effect.

Till a savior came along, in the form of I-love-Lucy. And I was tagged!

The idea is to reveal 10 of your deepest darkest secrets. Now this blog never has anything even remotely deep (which makes it shallow? OMG, that’s so not a compliment! Anyways, so we can’t change that, can we?) And dark? No-no, this is a light blog by all means.

So, I think I’ve done something similar before, rattled some random stuff about me, so I will link that, and think of 10 new things.

1.  I have a time fixed for most regular things in life and I stick to these come what may. Like go for a bath exactly at 10 AM, leave for work exactly at10:55AM, go for a coffee exactly at 3 PM, book my cab for 9 exactly at 8:15 etc. I know that makes me so similar to Subodh from Dil Chahta hai, but heck, it is true.

2. About the coffee, I have one regular Barista cappuccino each day. I always pick two packets of brown caramelized sugar, but use only one. The other one goes into my bag and stays there till the monthly clearance happens. Again, wasteful I know, but true.

3. I don’t share chocolate. Or anything which is chocolatey. Ok, you want to taste it fine, go ahead, but if you do like it, kindly to pick up one of your own. Don’t even try to hijack mine!

4. If I pick up a book, I have to finish it and no amount of sleep deprivation, hunger or work can stop me. However, if I haven’t finished it for a week, chances are, I never will, and even if I do, you would never hear me recommending it to anyone.

5. I am addicted to shoes. I recently did this meme which tells you which SATC character you are (yeah, yeah, I am useless, I do silly memes, and quite enjoy them too, so sue me), and I turned out to be Carrie. The only thing I could see we have in common however, was the love for shoes. Ok fine, she has 400 pairs, and I have 20, but that’s not a bad start!

6. Oh here is one secret which can be termed as dark. Or atleast one thing I am thoroughly ashamed of. Ok, so here goes. In class 9th, I was convinced that I was a huge fan of; hold your breath, Chadrachur Singh! I even had a poster 
of him (gifted please).Who Chandrachur, you ask? Please go away! In my defense he was good in Maachis, and Tere mere sapne. So.

7. I was once a regular reader of this blog, which had a pretty interesting fiction section. Then one day, I saw the blogger’s reply to a comment, which started with ‘I didn’t knew that….’; I never went back.

8. If I receive a message with a lolz, or frenz, or itz, or any sms short forms, I immediately judge the sender as an immature-college-kid. Same for those who don’t use the dictionary function in their cell.

9. I hate criticism. Constructive or otherwise. I immediately get defensive and angry and take it extremely personally.

10. I am extremely punctual and I hate people who don’t turn up on time. I hate missing the beginning of movies, and having to roam around aimlessly waiting for the other party to turn, but it has happened more than once. Luckily for me, The Dude has similar thoughts and now I never miss even the trailers before the movie.

And that’s that! Coming to tagging people, I’d say anyone who feels like it. Trust me, it’s fun!

31 thoughts on “Back with a tag!

  1. Anonymous

    Count me into your club of Chandrachur Singh fans – if you have one already that is. If not, you and I can begin one :-)) I loved him to death in Maachis ! Whatever happened to him after that, I say?
    …and you dint go back to that blogger you said? I had this big problem at work and so all my friends called me “spell-check”! Whenever I saw emails with faulty grammar, I would promptly send them a reply telling them about the right usage giving it an explanation! I dint care how the other person took my correction and did it anyways. I have this bad habit of correcting people and I know not many appreciate it…sadly 😦
    Loved reading your post dear:) So candid 🙂

  2. OMG, I can’t believe another of his fan’s could exist! I am soooo happy! 🙂
    I could have gone back to the blog, but wasn’t so comfortable commenting on someone I hardly knew!
    Are you done with the tag? Should go and check now!

  3. Boss! For once you seem to have faltered. You owe an apology !
    3. I don’t share chocolate. Or anything which is chocolatey. Ok, you want to taste it fine, go ahead, but if you do like it, kindly to pick up one of your own. Don’t even try to hijack mine!
    should have been:
    ……….. kindly GO pick up one of your own. Don’t EVER try to hijack mine!
    Am waiting for the apology :D!!! I think a comma would have looked good before FINE. Also, the DINT in the comment above is bit suspicious. There are a few more things that I wanted to add but forgot now. Will read the post again sometime later.
    Notice(In 32 point BOLD Face font): This comment does not entitle any one to run SPELL and Grammar checks on other peoples blogs. Mind it!

  4. Re: Boss! For once you seem to have faltered. You owe an apology !
    Aha! I am glad you put this comment. This is in fact the perfect example of bookish grammar. The ‘kindly to’ was an exaggerated slang, not erroneous grammar, and about the ‘even’, I meant ‘even’ not ‘ever’. I am surprised you haven’t heard ‘ don’t even think of it’ before! Considering the number of books you claim to read 🙂
    You can’t find mistakes in me mister, would suggest get back to your blog and work a bit more on the content :P:P

  5. Re: Boss! For once you seem to have faltered. You owe an apology !
    Then it should have been ‘don’t even think of hijacking mine’. Also, somebody seems to have forgotten about “AB was not shown in IS angry ??”
    You can’t find mistakes in me mister??? Oh!! Please. Have courage. Its not that difficult. Remember, its human to err. Or is the BOSS always correct? See, I got it correct again. =))

  6. Anonymous

    “8. If I receive a message with a lolz, or frenz, or itz, or any sms short forms, I immediately judge the sender as an immature-college-kid. Same for those who don’t use the dictionary function in their cell.”
    I would say the same of me too but I’m still an immature college kid. Just not stupid and lazy

  7. Re: One more for you 😉 (For twice)
    You need to put in more efforts that I thought, especially with the GMAT and all you are planning to attempt 😉 And no, I maintain, ‘Dont even try to act smart with me’ is the kind of sentence I meant. You really need to read more :P:P! Just a few books and lot of ‘walks’ wont help.
    BTW, the second one has been edited; I meant ‘ And no, it was not lack of stuff to WRITE about either’, your replacement holds no good though!
    Yep, the BOSS is always correct, you FINALLY got it right!

  8. Re: One more for you 😉 (For twice)
    Ok, will put more efforts THAT you thought. I know that you actually meant “THAT”. It might be some sort of advanced slang. Its just that my INGLICHH is bad. Also, secret 9 in the above list states that you hate criticism of any form. I hardly know anyone who likes a finger being pointed at. Many are ready to point fingers though. So, better don’t give what you don’t expect to come back. And no, its not just about English. It includes a lot of other things.

  9. Anonymous

    CC Singh!
    Hey, I was majorly infatuated with Chandrachur Singh myself!! What eyes!! Yeah, too bad he didnt’ make it big!!
    I’m a pretty bad one at noticing people’s grammar and spellings too but don’t give it too much thought these days…

  10. Anonymous

    quite an interesting write up… and i still can’t bring myself to believe that someone can really be a Chandrachur Singh fan!!

  11. Re: nice
    Thanks! And trust me, I can’t believe it either ! Especially some of his later releases, which I forced myself to watch(being a true fan and all :))!), totally put me off!

  12. Anonymous

    Re: CC Singh!
    Hi,Sorry, somehow I always end up not mentioning my name.It’s me rajk ( BTW, I just got you another tag!!

  13. Anonymous

    oh no…
    Sweetheart,, you are so much like me.. I al most got into a mood of self-evaluation after reading your piece.. whoa!!!

  14. Re: oh no…
    😀 I love it when I come across people who are similar in any way, more so when it is the quirks that are common :D! And that’s another reason, I like tags!

  15. Anonymous

    Ditto on the “whtz gng on” scenario…gets my goat everytime!!
    I also feel very let down when I meet people cannot articulate their thoughts verbally as well as they do on paper!
    And don’t even get me started on the shoes!!!! My husband still cannot understand why I say I don’t have shoes when the 10 pairs I own are lying there unused most of the time!

  16. Re: Nice!
    He he, I am sure he doesn’t! Somehow, clothes don’t seem to surprise The Dude as much as shoes do, though now he knows how to make a bad mood better, a walk into the shoe shop always helps! My new craze is bags, I am waiting for the patience to run out there :))

  17. Anonymous

    Neat Blog! Love it!
    And I’m an immature college kid too. But I detest short forms. Its ridiculous, people saying “dat” when all they have to do is type ONE more letter. I wonder, doesn’t messaging take longer without using the dictionary?
    I once started reading a blog and I stopped when that person put up an entire IM conversation with his short forms like “lyk, kewl, aasum”.
    Same boat:)

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  19. Siddharth

    Seeing your penchant for grammar and grammatical errors try picking up a copy of “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” by Lynne Truss. I’m sure you’d love it 🙂
    As for CC Singh, really?!?!!??!!?

    1. I haven’t read the book, but I LOVED the name! I thought was damn neat!
      Erm, don’t make me feel worse than I already do! But did you notice how many girls admitted to liking him wonsaponatime ;)?
      Do you have a blog , give link!

      1. Siddharth

        The origin of the name is:
        Once a panda walked into a restaurant, had his meal then got up, shot a couple of patrons and proceeded to leave. On his way out, the maitre d’ questioned his actions to which the panda threw a Chinese Wildlife Manual at him and referred to Page 37. On the said page it said: “The panda lives in China. It eats, shoots and leaves.” The author is almost paranoid about people “extravagantly distributing” punctuation marks in written language at their own will. She proceeds to take apart each punctuation mark, explaining its significance and role in the English language.
        As for my blog, I don’t know why WP has stopped linking my name to my blog even when I’m logged in! Anyway, please do visit and comment if you find something interesting:

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