I am hoping it rains tomorrow.

Not a regular drizzle, where the sun is half tempted to tear the clouds apart and shine once again in all its glory. Not rains accompanied by the crazy, strong wind, which bends the scrawnier trees, and satisfies itself with blowing the dry leaves off the stronger ones, makes the other wise pleasant droplets of water sting the passers by like bullets and makes them run for shelter, all the while threatening to blow the clouds away, and not let the rains last.

I want the monotonous rain. The dull ominous grey clouds in the sky, so dark, that if you look out; it feels like it’s still five in the morning. And drops that fall straight to the ground; big drops, which fall at a constant pace, steadily drenching the ground, filling the low lying areas with water. Creating puddles which cannot dry; because the sun can’t find the tiniest gap in the clouds to make its way to the earth. Because, there is absolutely no wind, not even a slight breeze. Because, even if a drop does decide to evaporate, there are a hundred others falling right into its place, even before it’s fully gone. 

Rain which can be heard all the time, with no other sound to break the rhythm. Perhaps disturbed once in a while by a loud thunder, which booms, echoes, and then fades into the background, once again making way for the sound of persistent rainfall. I want that kind of rain.

Rain, which anyone would look at and say, that’s made the day so gloomy, when will it stop? Rain which mothers look at, and decide the kids should probably not go to school today, because it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Rain, which makes people leaving for work feel really sorry for themselves. Rain which makes you feel like stopping everything else, getting back under the covers and sleeping the whole day. Rain which leaves damp patches on the ceiling because the water on the terrace won’t dry up. Rain which makes you switch on the lights at home even at 2 in the afternoon.

I will not go to work. I will stay in my home shorts. I will switch off all the lights. I will put all my favorite songs on the On-the-go playlist on my Ipod, and connect it to the music system, and play it on loop. I will make me a cup of hot chai, with lots of ginger. I will pick up a packet of onion crisps. I will pick up Sophie Kinsella’s Undomestic Goddess which I am yet to begin. And I will sit in the balcony, sip my tea, munch on the crisps, and read. And if anyone from work calls, I will tell them it is raining too heavily for me to come, and I am sure it’s not stopping anytime soon. And then, I will switch the cell off.

Like I said, I am hoping it rains tomorrow. Just like that.


22 thoughts on “So..

  1. Anonymous

    Wishful thinking…
    Ooooh, You took the words right out of my mouth! I just looooove rains…Am totally a misfit in this country where sun=great weather and rain=bad weather!! Just last night, in the middle of this terribly hot week we’re having, we were watching a movie and there was a rain scene….just the sound of rain, made me ache for it….
    Hope you get your wish at least!!

  2. Re: Wishful thinking…
    🙂 I hope so too!
    It isn’t really a big thing getting such rains here as you know, but for some reason, rains have been evading us this year! And last year, at the same time, I asked for one day of no rains (on my wedding), but no! It had pour the whole day then!

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, you made me long for 2 things at the same time:
    Lays’ American style (!!) Cream and Onion chips – my alltime fav!
    Rains !!
    Its strange that we dont find the cream and onion in the US. We do have something similar but not the same taste! And I soooo long for it.

  4. Anonymous

    I could feel the rain
    Hi divya,
    My name is AKARSHA a graduate pursuing masters, aspiring writer, occasional blogger. The emotional value assoicated with rain has always been explored and rejoiced about. The mellow, subtle delicacy of your blog took me to a different world of rare virtual happiness. The rain painted my mind with puddles of my intrigue lone character. Keep up the good work. And i want your take on my blog. Its at

  5. Re: Boss! where is the tag?
    Ok, I am tagging you right now. Here’s what you’ve to do. Write about your 10 favorite fictional characters! Phew!
    And you, called me impatient?

  6. Re: I could feel the rain
    Hey Akarsha!
    Thanks a lot, it feels nice when the posts are liked :), and even better if they convey what they are meant to.
    Will be checking out your blog immediately, like I said, I am addicted to reading blogs!

  7. Re: Boss! where is the tag?
    Oh Please!!! Don’t let me start this again. I have been waiting since long. And long here is in DAYS, not SECONDS like it is in your case. In fact I have been very patient.

  8. Re: Boss! where is the tag?
    Tags usually take a while to be circulated around 😉
    And till the person tagged ‘feels’ like doing it, the others who are prospective taggees should not behave like this!

  9. Btw, I did take Friday off, as in stayed home and logged in. I am so bugged with the weather! Atleast it was cloudy till recently, it’s almost back to summer now!

  10. Anonymous

    Re: I could feel the rain
    Hey divya,
    I hope you read my blog as the encouragement is absolutely necessary. Please do leave a comment. I am ready to accept criticism beacause without it i cannot be a writer

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