More rants anyone?

Oh man, do I have a long list today or what! So if; 

  • You’re not in a mood to read a long list of rants
  • Have a report to submit before leaving today
  • Get depressed when you read depressing posts
  • Have just had a heavy lunch

Kindly click the small cross sign on the top right corner of the page. This post is capable of wasting your time, making you sad (for me of course, where is the empathy eh?), or even putting you to sleep.

For the braver folks, here we go!

  • So now we have power cuts. Oh, cuts makes it so sound small and short. These are more like gashes, wounds even. Big, evil ones. They used to be for an hour, stretched to two, and currently are at four. And if the papers are to believed, this is just the beginning of the reign of darkness. Not darkness really, because they happen at 8 AM, sharp. And I have to wake up. Which is good, if I had something to do till I leave for work at 11, but no, there is nothing, no power you see. All this because there isn’t enough water to run the turbines and generate electricity, which brings us to item 2
  • There is no rain! The clouds refuse to burst. I cannot believe how stubborn they are. I mean, just yesterday, there was this full thunder and lightning show for an hour, and really black clouds looming low and all. But it didn’t rain a drop in the night! Rain God is angry or something (Indra no?) Or probably, he finished this year’s quota last year itself. I think I can even guess what date he must have done that, 23rd June? The wedding day?
  • And of course, no water in the clouds, means no water on the ground, means no water inside the ground, means no water to pull out, means no water in the taps. Which means early morning routine of filling all possible buckets in the house (oh I don’t wake up by then, so this is told as heard).
  • And then there is the fuel shortage, which leads to a cab shortage. Now, for those who have read this place before, you know how I love my cab rides home, especially since they give me a glimpse of the world I didn’t know existed. But now, they are not there. Every night we wait for two headlights to shine through the darkness, and then for the supervisor guy to shout “26!”(Which is our cab number by the way in this hypothetical situation), only that it doesn’t happen until we have waited sufficiently, sufficiently being a couple of hours. So now we know how many bricks make the cab area’s back wall, and also, that if we stare for long enough at darkness, we can in fact spot quite a few things which were initially invisible to the eye.
  • And of course, the new rule at the work place. Food items are not to be brought or consumed at the work desk. Ok fine. Food items include coffee. Huh? What? And how is one supposed to get rid of the immense headaches generated through hours of staring at excel sheets again? Reason being, people might drop the food, and it might not be cleaned, and that would create an unhealthy environment. And what were we paying the maintenance guys for again? Also, this will attract rats, which might chew the network cords. Ah, you have a point there, don’t you? But I beg to differ; see, since we are dehati enough to drop all the food on the ground, which would be feast enough for the rat, why would the poor thing choose the extremely useless network cord over it? Ours is grey that too, not even bright and pretty to lure it.

Enough you say? Oh, there is a lot more, these are just off the top of the head! Aren’t you feeling sorry for me already? Anyhow, will stop now. So, while you can get back to work, I will get back to wallowing in self pity, ok? Ok.

28 thoughts on “More rants anyone?

  1. Anonymous

    That sounds bad.And the last point…downright oppressive!
    What kind of an idiotic rule is that??!!Are they firing the maintenance staff as a part of their cost-cutting measures?Or are they just plain idiotic?
    You poor thing.I empathize.

  2. Re: Ouch
    It is It is!
    But for the first time, I have refused to accept it, partly atleast, and am still carrying my cuppa to the desk 😀
    I being a law abiding citizen in general, this makes me feel kinda cool 😉

  3. Hehehe, fast huh?
    About the rats, sigh, no clue! I am thinking they are assuming some mass spillage to happen, which will attract rats from all around!

  4. Anonymous

    Garfield totem ” Powercuts and diets. There are three things that make me live – Food, sleep and if the third wasn’t self pity I’d kill myself!”

  5. Couldn’t be more correct eh? The Fat cat does say the wisest things! 🙂
    Oh also, knowing that you are a Garfield fan, would you know where one can find a miniature garfield, to like hang in the car? See, that’s the only ‘animal’ The Dude is ok with being around in the car, so.

  6. Anonymous

    you couldn’t have asked sooner. Just saw a few at hyderabad on our trip there. at ramoji film city. Big ones to lay there by you, and small ones with vacuums at their feet to stick on to car windows. I got a big grinnning garfield face pillow!! Envy me!!

  7. Re: eh???
    Shhhh!! When the boss needs a vacation, she needs it!
    Hmmm, come to think of it,its more than 2 months already, and that’s long!

  8. Whoa! We used to have really long ones back in Meerut, especially in the middle of the night in mays, it was pathetic!
    Hoping that things get better soon 🙂

  9. What perfect timing to ask! It’s been raining non-stop since two days, and heavily too, I am ok with it, but only for a while, this might lead to floods 🙂

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