In pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is – 

    • Samosa Chat, followed by Dahi Puri, followed by countless rounds of Pani Puri, and finished with Fruit Custard at Friends Corner
    • Friday evenings, starting the moment the Operations Review gets over
    • Saturday mornings, when waking up is a pleasure, and the usual frown is replaced with a grin.
    • Saturday nights, a huge pack of potato chips, chilled beer, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon with The Dude. Followed by loud music, and mindless dancing to songs from Singh is Kinng.
    • The Radio playing Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, Pehli Nazar and Khuda Jaane one after the other.
    • Going out on the bike for a change because the weather seems nice, the skies turning grey without notice and getting drenched to the bone on the way back.
    • Shopping. Whether it is at odyssey, where you go to just ‘check out’ the latest best sellers, only to have The Dude insist you buy all you pick. Or at the mall, where you have gone to only pick up jeans for The Dude (your shopping quota for the month is done), and end up picking up this awfully cute top you cant believe is selling at 40% off!
    • A plate of steaming hot rice, with a spoon of ghee, and mom’s magai pickle, when you haven’t had anything good to eat since the morning.
    • The Dude enjoying My Movie* and accepting that he did, as soon as the movie gets over.
    • A huge chocolate brownie. With ice cream. And hot chocolate sauce all over it. And with chocolate sprinkles on top. Ok, enough.
    • Stepping on the scales after all the hogging, and seeing that you are a whole (ok almost a whole) Kg lighter!
    • Going to the cab stand after a tiring day at work, and finding just one cab, and that is yours!
    • Waking up on a weekday and glancing at the clock to see that you still have two hours to go.
    • Walking with The Dude along the Tank Bund, in a slight drizzle, discussing everything from mean people at work, to which actor is the worst, to where we should vacation next, for a whole 4 hours. All the while munching on the readily available Corn Bhuttas, Dry Bhel and Roasted Chana, before washing it all down with Goli Soda.
    • Knowing how happy you are; and how this is exactly what you want from life, and then rushing to touch something wooden immediately. 

*My Movie – Refers to any movie that has been suggested by me. Similarly, The Dude has his set of ‘My Movies’. If the movie is bad, the person owning it takes full responsibility for the disaster. An example of a disastrous My Movie would be Tashan or what we call ‘The movie that must not be named’.


36 thoughts on “In pursuit of Happiness

  1. Anonymous

    Book review
    Hi Divya,
    My name is Vivek and I came across your blog through a friend’s recommendation. I have recently released a book, a collection of 23 short stories called “To catch a smile”. Currently it is selling online at Indiaplaza and publicity is mostly word by mouth (Though have had couple of articles in newspapers and web-magazines covering the book).
    Would you be interested in reviewing my book at your blog? let me know and I could provide you a copy. Below am providing some links which can help you know a bit more about the book and me.
    book website:
    my blog:
    article on the book:
    available at:
    Brief about me: I did my mba from iima in 2005 and am currently based in Gurgaon. My mail id is
    Looking forward to your response.

  2. Re: Book review
    Hey sure! Would be happy to, plus, I get another book to read!
    Not sure if this counts as response though, so do let me know if you check this!

  3. Re: Nice saturday night
    Ah, we have our in house ‘The Dude’ dip which goes with the chips! Hmmm, let me think, curd, mayo, onion, chillies, pepper and the recently added ingredient, jalapenos!!

  4. Anonymous

    a warm gun
    Look it up on google.
    Anyways, did you by chance happen to read ‘Happiness is a warm puppy’? Its a peanuts book… buy it if you can.

  5. Anonymous

    and might I add
    Accidentally discovering that one of your all time fav. bands that had ‘retired’ has released a new album. And the first song you listen to is…. everything you could expect it to be.
    p.s. the ‘warm gun’ comment was me too..

  6. Re: and might I add
    I should have guessed it had something to do with Beatles before I googled it!
    Hmmm, haven’t heard of the book, but man, I should have added that to my list itself, Happiness is a tiny, warm, furry puppy 🙂
    Which is my fave band though, I am curious?

  7. Anonymous

    Very well written
    As they say ‘good things in life do come cheap” atleast most of them
    but very few people such as you have the abilty to savour, cherish, recall & articulate mundane stuff that makes for a happy life.
    some of my fav moments that comes to my mind are 1)After long day’s work, coming home to your one year old son who on seeing you calls out “appa” & with a big laugh rushes into you arms and hugs you tight. 2)Making love to the one woman you love the most. 3)cricket match – with your team chasing a very big score and winning it by a whisker…. there are more but i will leave it for now..

  8. Re: Very well written
    🙂 Come to think, the list is endless, but only if you give it some time and thought. Once you do, it’s not tough to realise what actually matters!
    That was a short but really apt list from you!

  9. Re: Happiness…
    Ah! Now that’s a very poetic way of putting it, and I agree most to “When we look to the things we don’t have but still not getting disturbed we can enjoy all those million little things we have”; if we had the ability to let something we dont have disturb us, we would all be happier in this world!:)

  10. Re: Happiness…
    :)) Ok here I beg to differ! I don’t know how right it is to say that we need other’s happiness to inspire our happiness!
    As in, I would be happy with the above list, irrespective of the rest of the world!

  11. Re: Happiness…
    No no no! No angry abuses on our blog please! Please, this is a happy place, heck, this is one helluva happy post!
    So Roy, I might disagree with what you say, but to each his own.
    And angry anonymous person – breathe in , breathe out.

  12. Anonymous

    Re: Happiness…
    Deleted coz I used wrong words to describe what I mean. My fault.
    Just think – everyone is the CEO in a company, is it possible? Then who will work in the plant & make the company of having quality products?
    Scared? Naww, the best way to stop a FIGHT is to avoid the FIGHT.

  13. Happiness is ……….
    to have a friend who refuses to change. Who yells and shouts at you in the same way as good old times even if you meet after a gap of more than 2 years. Who does not bother about the world when you are around. Who feels that you are the most worthy person when it comes to share his thoughts…………and I am HAPPY too.

  14. Re: In pursuit of Happiness
    It was one of the very mushy/sappy moments when I had to pen down all that was going through my head 😀

  15. Anonymous

    lurvelay post!! the weekday morning waking up, the friends marathons, the walking in a slight drizzle, amma’s pickle, chocolate brownie, and the chat!!
    The weighing machine has never been my friend however 😦

  16. Anonymous

    Re: and might I add
    Was referring to Sixpence None the Richer
    And if u r confused that I always say The Beatles are my fav band.. then herz how it works (GMAT Style)
    Nimish:Pink Floyd:Neil Diamond = Vikram:Beatles:Sixpence None the Richer
    of course needless to say, the Beatles and Sixpence can kick Floyd and Neil’s ass when it comes to music quality.

  17. Re: and might I add
    Hmmm; I have never understood Pink Floyd I have to say, but I do love Neil Diamond! Beatles, out of my limited knowledge have always sounded cute, but I haven’t heard of the other band you refer to, so!
    I asked The Dude to comment here, but he refused to start a war out here.

  18. Anonymous

    Re: and might I add no blood soaked HTML eh?
    U can check the link in my previous post to hear a few songs. But my hunch is… you have heard these two songs which are the most popular…
    1. Kiss Me
    2. There she goes

  19. Chat! yumm.. *touchwood* on the last point.. I can so identify with the feeling 🙂

    Speaking of chocolate brownies.. have u eaten Dieter’s revenge at IceStation? I miss it so much !

    1. 😀 I am sure, I was in one of my mush striken moods for sure!
      No-no, I haven’t! There is an Icestation here I think, HAVE to try it out :o!

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