So I finally succumbed to temptation!

And upgraded this blog to a plus account. Well, there was a relevant reason this time. Remember how I once said that this mega-bugging Live journal does not allow me to post pictures? Remember? And then I did shifted to word-press, and got all happy? And then I shifted back, because, hmmm, ok, I didn’t have a reason, probably it was lack of substance to post about. And the ‘I am moving’ and ‘No, I am actually not’ posts count as two posts, adding to the sad number I have accumulated in the past 4 years. Probably.

Anyways, I really needed the picture posting thing to work this time. Because, how else, would we be able to do this!

Tada! * Drum Rolls*!!

The blog has just received an award! Yes! And it has been give by the very sweet Snippets n Scribbles; Danke Lady!

And I am supposed to pass it on to who I think deserve it. And I will of course, so I pass it on to –

[info]purely_narcotic – For being able to string the simplest of words into sheer poetry!

– For being really funny! (when he isn’t busy quoting enlightening statements from movies or TV shows)

Ok, basking over, drum rolls over. Moving on to the much hyped upgradation, I can now post pictures, and choose from a bigger variety of themes! And since I am HTML, CSS, everything-remotely-to-do-with-making-a-pretty-web-page challenged, that is a big plus. So when you see this, chances are the page looks much brighter, not necessarily, probably different, that’s all. But there will be ads on the page now. Two I think. One right at the top. The last time I saw, they were advertising a new website by NBC for its show, The Office, with goofy pictures of its characters. So don’t turn away if you see a weird header, it’s not me. It’s the ad; my chosen header will be below it somewhere. Ok?

By the way, if the post seems disjointed and all, it’s because I am hopping back to the journal settings again and again to check for a new theme. I can’t decide though. It’s bugging. I like blue in general, but I want the page to be bright too, and bright blue isn’t my favourite kind of clue. Life is tough at time, no? What is with these LJ themes classification though? I went under ‘modern’ and all I can see is boxes, in different colours, no header image and all. How is that modern? Pah. And now I am bugged, the best themes are available only if you have a paid account. Great, so now I have nothing great for a theme, and there are advertisements all over my page. Ok, no more complaining.

Between the last two sentences, and the stuff I wrote before that, I actually went and attended a telecon. Cool huh? I knew I was a multi-tasker and all. Also, I am being extra nice today, because I am off to Meerut tomorrow for a whole week! So, I might as well not act funny, or bug anyone now, right? Right. Also, I had a huge choco-walnut brownie from Barista, which is like the second best walnut brownie in the world. The first being the ones I make. The one I like to talk about all the time, because that’s probably the only exotic (brownies are so exotic!) thing I have ever made. So, I am thinking that might have something to do with the mood in general as well.

Oh, btw, I have chosen the theme. It’s a bright autumn theme. Orangey, greeny, leafy; autumny like I said. There were four of them to choose from, one had sneakers on the leaves, now you know how I hate running, or for that matter any exercise, so I didn’t pick that, though it was brighter and all. The others didn’t have a white base, which I have always been very particular about. Ok, not always and all, but atleast for like a month now. This one has a book lying on the leaves, and it’s blank. So I am assuming it makes sense, a blank book for writing stuff in autumn. Whatever.

And that’s that! I am done. I enjoyed writing this today by the way, senseless banter. I don’t see myself updating for another week for sure, but I don’t think I will be able to ignore the blog-hopping bit. Till then, Ciao!

P.S. I want to slap LJ right now, for putting idiotic, embarrassing advertisements on the page! Ugh! Ignore, please ignore!

21 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous

    You what?
    Does this mean you paid for the blog? Whats the deal with the plus account???? Also, i dont see any ads….not a single one on your blog.

  2. Re: You what?
    No no, plus is just to allow them to put advertisements on the blog, for the so called additional features they provide! You cant see any? Surprising! And frankly, good for me!

  3. Anonymous

    Many thanks m’ lady. Yes, I shalt try to entertain without the “quoting enlightening statements” part. And plus account?? Yea i can see the ads alright. the first one i got was “How to write sex scenes ” by a top romantic writer.Lol!!
    And here in this comment page I get “5 tips for a flat stomach”.
    My Stomach : Go To Hell.

  4. You deserved it :)!
    And see, see! I told ya! Embarassing it is 😦 and I cant seem to revert it back too! And this is one I chose books and reading as the category of interest, for them to choose ads. Shudder to think what’s to come!

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Divs! You so deserve that award 🙂 its a pleasure reading your blog 🙂
    And whats with the Plus account? And your ad’s are really making me laugh today!! 😀

  6. Thanks for all the appreciation! 🙂
    The ads make you laugh, and ironically, they are making me cry!!! Its like they are purposefully choosing weirder ones each day to make life more miserable!
    LJ is not as user friendly as word press, we cant post pics and all till u upgrade to either a paid account, or allow them to put ads on your page! This is just a repurcussion!

  7. I did not so long back!
    But LJ has been home for 4 years and more :), so shifted back. Guess I am destined to live with the ‘reduce fat in 7 days’ advertisements!

  8. Yep, I noticed! She has shuffled journals in the past as well, definitely nothing to do with you! If people start deleting journals when someone posts a silly comment, there wont be any left 🙂 It’s back though! Just saw.

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