Hmmm…hmmm, Ok, Time up, No Subject , Kindly Adjust


That is my status message on Gtalk when I have nothing else to say. And suits me perfectly. People who know me personally would vouch for that. And it also defines my current mood. So.

I am back to post before it is too late. Too late as in, you know, if I wait one more day, this would start with an ‘It’s been a month since I posted last, but now I am back, and this time I promise I will be regular’. And the title in all probability would be ‘I’m back!’ And I didn’t want to do that, repeat titles i.e.; you see, content I will repeat, complaints I will repeat, but repeating titles, not happening.

So please don’t expect much sense of this post, ok? You have been warned. Hmmm, so what do I want to write? Something important of course, I never forget that the primary purpose of this journal is to let my grandkids know how awesome and super cool their Grandma was. Or is, depending on my presence at their moment of enlightenment. And I hope I am around when that happens; come on, who would want to miss that look of immense pride on their faces! Ok, enough.

So, my current favorite song is ‘Jaane Kyun’ from Dostana. Have you heard it yet? If not, please do! And oh yeah, if you are the kind who turns up their nose at Bollywood stuff, then don’t bother, and get back to the trash you call music! Ok, so, this song is my ringtone these days, and believe me, to get to that level you really need to be impressive! So you know the authenticity of the claim now.

Otherwise the mood’s not too good. And because of an array of factors of course, I am not the kind who gets bugged for no reason. Like there is this persistent back ache. The kind which wont go, no matter how many of those ‘Ergonomic exercises’ you do, and the kind which wont reduce in any position, sitting, standing, sleeping. Basically the mega-bugging kinds.

Then there is the absence of dust bins. Yes, dust bins, which are mysteriously missing from near all desks here. The smarter people (me i.e., if you are too slow to get that) bring their own garbage bags and collect trash in it and throw it while leaving. The not-so-smart ones walk all the way to the common trash can to throw their stuff. The deserve-a-frigging-slap-on-their-faces ones, conjure imaginary dustbins under the desks, and continue throwing stuff into it, and that means wrappers and papers on the floor. Ugh.

Then the fact that I have not been posting regularly enough. I have 196 posts in 4 and a half years. 196 in 4.5 years. That is 43.5555555 posts in one year. That is 1 post in every 1.2 weeks, so I am actually almost at a post a week. That’s not too bad huh? Fine; please to ignore above mentioned fact as reason for current state of mind. Thank you.

Then of course, there is the fact that I am me. ‘Me’ here refers to the most indecisive, confused, impatient, worrying, panicky, impulsive individual in the whole world. And trust me; with this definition, it is not a good thing to be me. Oh, now the Dostana song acts as a pep-up mantra for me! Oh and, and, it was my status message on Gtalk till yesterday! Phew! So many good things about this song, I tell you!

Oh just FYI, my current status message is a line from ‘My Rollercoaster’, you know that awesome song from Juno? Oh, and that by the way is the ring tone for The Dude on my phone these days. I like technology J

Oh, just to update, I couldn’t read that Rushdie book. There are two reasons. The stated reason; it was from The Dude’s library, and he forgot to renew it after the initial 2 weeks and so we had to give it back. Now, the actual reason; ahem, well, ok first of all, those who belong to thebook-wise-we-think-we-are-elitists club, turn away. Yeah, ok, now listen. I did not read enough to judge what I thought of his writing, but (here is the big but), the fact that I didn’t go beyond 10 pages in 2 weeks says something no? As in, I wasn’t drawn towards the book to continue reading, like I have been towards those not so elaborate, not so poetic sounding, not so describing each flower and leaf in two pages, to the point , but extremely interesting nonetheless, books. So there I said it. The current pick is Kiran Desai’s ‘Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard’. Half done, and ok so far.

And that would be it. This one is a long post huh? Makes up for the days I have been missing for. There is so much more to say, but I’ll keep that for the next post. And now that I am done with the most fun thing I did in the whole day today, it’s back to square one.



8 thoughts on “Hmmm…hmmm, Ok, Time up, No Subject , Kindly Adjust

  1. I know I know! πŸ™‚
    But I am have not given up just yet, I am going to give Midnight’s children a shot before I proceed to announce my final judgement!

  2. :)Inspired by you!
    And isn’t it equally relaxing and fun to even write these kinda posts? Where you dont need much thought or sense or flow!

  3. Anonymous

    “I am back to post before it is too late. Too late as in, you know, if I wait one more day, this would start with an β€˜It’s been a month since I posted last, but now I am back, and this time I promise I will be regular’. And the title in all probability would be β€˜I’m back!’ ” : )). nice excuse. whatever keeps you posting once a month.

  4. My Stats show I have been at 1 post in every 1.2 weeks! That’s good nuh? I should thank all those one liner rants I posted back in Campus. Oh, actually, I should thank the 24 hour high speed internet and ofcourse the humongous vetti time on hand back then! πŸ˜‰

  5. Anonymous

    Good to be back
    Though am anonymous (but my name is cherish), have read quite a lot on your blogsite. Agree with you on the Jane Kyun song… i am never a lyrics enthusiast…but its lyrics are also really cool… and also please listen to Yuvvraaj songs…mozart of chennai is back and that too with something BIGG…

  6. Re: Good to be back
    I am done downloading Yuvvraaj, but haven’t heard anything other than Dost and Dil ka rishta yet, both of which didn’t disappoint me in any way! Looking forward to the rest, Rehman is unbelievable huh!?

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