The one with the customised header

Did you see that? Did you, did you, did you? The header people; isn’t it just awesome! Ok, not really bothered about what you think, but fact is, I did it! I now know the secret of personalized headers on blogs, that too live journal blogs. Of course it is a Ctrl + C Ctrl + V html code, but still hello, this is me, remember? Technically, html-ly challenged me? But I managed to google long enough to find, and then adapt what I wanted! So I am back to the old Basic account now. But, with, a, brand, new, header! Oh yeah, look at them pictures on it, it wasn’t easy huh, finding them (credit :Google Images), and ofcourse, sizing, resizing them to finally get to this. A little amateurish agreed, but trust me, it will get better. Also, I should probably change the name to ‘These are a few of My Favorite Things’ or something. But that’s so duh. And this name is like 4 and a half years old. So it stays.

Ok so, I am in pretty good spirits as you can see, mainly because of the header. And oh, I haven’t changed either; I am still the same ranting, complaining, celebrating-for-no-reason, not-bothered-about-changing-the-society-while-bitching-about-it etc. So, nothing’s changed really. Oh yeah, I have screened anonymous comments though, who would’ve thought eh? Things popularity does to you. Sigh.

Well, this is my happy month otherwise. I officially enter my late twenties. I liked being 25 by the way; nice number this, perfect square and all. And also, I could still think I was in my mid twenties, right in the middle. But it’s all going to be over now. Sob. But I like my birthday in general. November month is very nice to people who work for US based companies. So many offs and all. I don’t by the way, work for the US people that is, I work for the English people, but seeing the whole floor empty kinda puts the holiday spirit in you. And the fact that the bosses follow US holidays, yeah, that too. And then November is like right before December, the month of celebrations and parties. In this case, for the English too, so double happiness.

By the way, the tell tale signs of old age are pretty prominent now. First there were the teeth, which I don’t discuss, and this casual mention is just FYI and NQ (no questions, for the uninitiated). Then there is constant back ache. And yeah, I can longer read the stock ticker on CNBC TV 18 if I am lying on the bed. So that officially means bad eyes. Old age is sinking in. I can feel it. I should go buy myself a jar of anti-aging cream.

I am trying hard to keep up with the regular blogging resolution, so please expect more randomness. Of course unless I am dealing with troll attracting, life changing, extremely controversial topics like the last time. I mean, would’ve thought eh? (I know, I already used that line, it just sounds so nice) But that would be it. I strictly believe in ‘Too much ramble in a day, keeps readers away’. Wow. Life changing, that revelation was. Ok enough.

P.S. Do come back, ok? 


15 thoughts on “The one with the customised header

  1. Heh. I had the same pic of the books on my previous ohso PINK header! 😀 Nice work, such much impressed we are.
    I always thought of you as the New York City Girl even though your company is officially LA based, yes? (This I remember from some conversation ages ago)
    And yay! for being so proactive about everything. 🙂
    Have a fun birthday morning!

  2. Yeah? Googled ‘books’ and this was the nicest one on the first page, so:)
    Company is LA based yes, but I haven’t been to either place till date, not visited the US of A yet! The only NY connection is wrt to the server I use to surf, so the IP address always shows NY!
    Birthday’s still a couple of weeks away, am enjoying being in my mid twenties till then

  3. Danke! 🙂
    It was good fun eh, listing all that life was made of and then googling the images! Tada! Here’s he header. Will be experimenting more, especially on the editing bit, this is a bit too stretched I feel!

  4. Anonymous

    a) The collage at the top is really nice. But can’t resist commenting on some of your favorite things – shoes with high heels? ouchie…don’t they hurt? Btw whats that thing between the laptop and the dark chocos? Is it a crown made of Pizza? and seriously whats that huge white flower (botanically challenged me doesn’t know its name) doing? Pls pls tell me you like it in a vase…and lastly, the romantic sunset is just a tad cheesy.. I’d assume for one getting older (26 and kicking) and hopefully wiser, a subtler alternate like this would have found favor…

    …but hey, its your blog…so…
    b) The virgin broadband ad – do they pay you for it? Wowwwwwwww… I’m impressed
    c) Listening to Fashion *shudders* – how do you like the songs of Yuvraaj and RNBDJ ?

  5. Re: Hmmmm….
    I cannot survive without high heels,love them 🙂
    That thing in between is a yummy cheesy subway sandwich, if you haven’t tried it yet, it is high time you do!
    That flower is a chrysanthemum, my birth flower! I like it in general, I am not the flower kinds in general, vase or no vase, but I think it’s pretty!
    I like your recommended pic, a lot in fact, might replace the original! I wanted something from the back in general
    Nobody pays me for anything 😦
    I like ‘Mar Jaavan’ from Fashion, you dont? Yuvvraaj surprisingly disappointed me, but it might be because of my high expectations from rehman. RNBDJ is ok, very yash raj, might get popular, but definitely not anything out of the world!

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