The one in which we congratulate ourselves!

Oh my God, could someone please let this girl know about the existence of Capital letters which are expected to be used at the beginning of all sentences, and while using Proper nouns, and especially while saying ‘I’? And punctuation marks too, also that ‘…’does not mean a full stop, or a comma, and using endless ‘…’s does not justify never-ending sentences? And of course, also let her know, that today, 4 years and 7 months later, she hates the usage of short forms like Fwd and Ur even in SMSes, so their rampant existence on what she calls her blog, is not appreciated?

Ok, the idea was not to criticize, but to celebrate. This, my dear readers, is the 200th post on the blog!

*Brief pause for Applause*

Yep, so while I was reminiscing the good old days of yore, when this page had just been created, I obviously had this brainwave of revisiting those pages. And this is what I found. I know, I know, I couldn’t stop laughing either. And so many of those posts are from work, during my internship days. I guess some things never change!

What else? Yep, let’s make this a movie centric post. Especially since Bollywood seems to have a lot to offer in the second half of Q4’08 (Sheesh! This sounds so much like one of my forecasting reports!). I am really looking forward to three of them specifically.

Dostana; in spite of the 2 star rating Raja Sen has bestowed upon the movie which he calls injuriously entertaining, and the tickets for which are universally unavailable. Ok, they are available in Bangalore apparently, so we’ll make it Hyderabadally unavailable. Any which way, this movie has my ringtone song! So it better be good.

Rab ne bana di Jodi; don’t hate me please, but I can’t not watch a Yash Raj movie, directed by Aditya Chopra, can I? Agreed, from the excerpts I have heard, it promises to be a lame story, but I am going to take this chance for SRK, who seems to have shed his cool-dude image for such a down-to-earth, regular-guy-with-clerk-type-moustache, reminds-me-of-A.P.Sharma look*. Seriously, I have a new found respect for him now. And I’ve never even liked him, so this actually means a lot.

And of course Ghajini. People, let’s accept it, no one misses an Aamir Khan starrer. That guy has class, seriously (Mangal Pandey/ Mela/Mann to be ignored. Man it’s about the letter M or what?!). So, like I was saying, that has to be watched. However, I am hoping that I don’t end up comparing it too often with the original flick, because that would definitely spoil the fun. Also, I am sure it would have been heavily Bollywoodised, so expecting it to have the finesse of Memento would be unfair.

As for the weekend, we have the Bond movie. And of course (this is actually the awesome bit, the of course was just to sound cool) Our first Mystery Shopping Assignment!!! Yessir, we are now an official mystery shopper! Ah, what and where and all shall not be revealed, hello, it’s supposed to be a mystery after all, right?

With that, we are done. With the post, and also, for the day. So, while I start my weekend, here’s wishing you all a Happy Weekend too! Tada!

* The physics teacher for class 11 and 12 in our school, thanks to who, I never regretted taking up commerce after class 10th

14 thoughts on “The one in which we congratulate ourselves!

  1. Anonymous

    Hii..I bumped into your blog the other day and couldn’t help reading a few articles. Must say great work…I blog too but then my blog would be your blog’s grand daughter o sumthn..Anyway before I blabber too much….lemme jus say…nice read, had fun…keep goin

  2. Anonymous

    injuriously entertaining? Don’t break a leg or something.
    And QOS is boring. Of course you can ignore my opinions 😀
    And congratulations D.I, you’ve made it! huffed and puffed past the 200 mark! I can only laugh at my first post. 😛

  3. Hehehe, I know,funny description!
    I found QOS ok ya! It was fast, and didn’t need much brain usage! Which is how these action flicks should be 😉

  4. Anonymous

    1.You had a ‘*’ somewhere in the post… But there was no ‘Conditions apply’ or anything …
    2.As for Ghajini, only the idea is borrowed from Memento… the first half is actually quite funny, and the 2nd half serious. The story is nothing close to Memento…and this isn’t really a bad thing.
    3.How about a ‘guessing competition’ w.r.t your Mystery Shopping assignment?
    4.Congratse on 200 posts.
    – Vik

  5. Oh ya! I will add the description rightaway!
    Hmmm, if Aamir picked the theme, I guess it was safe to assume it would have been dealt with decently. The hindi version supposed to be exactly like the tam one?
    Thanks for the wishes! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    If you look at Aamir’s career from 1995, for every good movie he’s made, he’s followed it up with a rubbish film. I completely agree with you on Mela, Mann and Mangal Pandey but truth be told, I dont rate Raja Hindustani, Ishq and Ghulam also – and lets not even talk about Fanaa, I absolutely H-A-T-E-D it.
    This might sound a little ‘too much’ but I apply the ‘if-Xs-in-it-I-will-watch-the-movie-anyway’ logic to Abhay Deol these days. Every movie of his is hatke and/or intelligent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt but you cant fault him for not trying to rise above the mediocrity his peers seem satisfied with.
    I strongly recommend Oye Lucky and if you’ve not seen his Manorama 6 ft under, you should rent a DVD and watch it this weekend.
    ps: How do you like the music of Ghajini?
    – Jupe

  7. Hmmm, I haven’t watched Raja Hindustani
    Ghulam I found good, Ishq was very ‘dostana’ if I may say :))
    I haven’t watched Manorama, missed it, but I did see Ahista Ahista and it was so frigging boring , not funny!
    Ghajini music is yet to be heard completely to rate.
    Ohh, completely forgot, did you see ‘Sorry Bhai’? Rave reviews. Plus Sharman Joshi is dependable. And you like HKA didn’t ya :))

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