I don’t get it

 I really don’t.

So I watched Dostana this weekend. And I loved it. Despite the fact that I had to wait outside a local theatre, so that I would get the tickets in black, and came to know that even those were sold out. Despite that I had to go to a really old, out of the way theatre to watch it, and there too, all I got were upper stall tickets. And which of course meant that I was surrounded by weirdoes who were cheering, whistling, shouting for almost everything. Heck, I could hear cat calls when the Nima Sandal ad played, at Preeti Jhangiani that too. You get what I am saying right?

But I thought it was worth it. Not in a DDLJ sort of way, I doubt I would be seeing it again anytime soon, but accept it, it made me laugh. A Lot at that, and that’s something not all movies are able to do these days really.

But that’s not my point. I have been trying to read what others thought about the movie, and I come across too many blog posts discussing how nonsensical the concept was, how insensitive the portrayal of the gay characters was, how the research done was inadequate, how the movie was a mockery of relationships, blah blah.

I just want to say– Give me a break. Seriously dude. Go to IMDB; check the genre under which the movie is categorized. It says Romance/Comedy. COMEDY. And pray would you tell me, when was any movie sensitive when it was supposed to be a comedy? When did we not have stereotypical characters? I can actually say this out of personal experience, being a tam, and having lived my initial 17 years in UP. Every time, the word South Indian was used, my classmates would go, ‘Aiyyo Rama’, or switch to what they thought was a south Indian accent! Why? Because countless Bollywood movies have the tams, in veshtis, wearing huge vibhuthi naamams on their foreheads, and of course talking in that funny/comic accent. And no, I was not supposed to take offense, because, it was supposed to be funny!

And so was this. I might be repeating what a lot of people said. It is a K Jo movie, for heaven’s sake. When you go for a K Jo movie, you go for the locales, the music, the pretty clothes, the sets, and the exaggeration of sentiments. He made KANK, the most rotten concept ever! And he tried to sell it as a love story! Please keep in mind this fact, and all will seem better. I know this was a much exaggerated comedy, but people, it was supposed to be one. Atleast be thankful, that the movie shifted from its stereotypical image of gay character, who is always dressed in flowery clothes, has the typical gait, and talks in that weird feminine way. Hello! It had John and AB as the gay couple; could it get any better than that? Also, Kiron Kher added to the funnies in a beautiful way! And please, don’t say the extremely hilarious scene where she welcomes John into the house was a mockery of relationships and all! I think the ‘Jaane Kyun’ song summarizes the relationship bit quite well in itself!

About the research part, I couldn’t care less. Ok, so they showed erroneous laws and procedures in Miami. Fine. Is that what is hurting you, the General Knowledge bit? Do you think gay couples will be misled, and start moving to Miami thinking it is much simpler to survive there? No nuh? Then why are you so bothered? You might as well assume they were in this far away, illusionary where all this was actually true, just because it made the story get ahead. Would is make a difference? About child manipulation, the idea was to make us all go ‘Oh man, are they mean or what!’ Instead, we brought in the moral police once more. Leave them at home when you’re coming for some mindless entertainment, will ya?

In short, I think a big deal is being made about nothing. Why take everything as a moral issue? Or as a personal one? Does it really matter? I don’t think so. The purpose is entertainment, take it that way for once. As they would say in Hyderabad ‘Thoda Light lo bhai’.

And yeah, do go watch the movie.

12 thoughts on “I don’t get it

  1. Anonymous

    I saw “I now pronounce you chuck and larry”. For adam sandler. and Jessica biel i admit it. 😛
    Even comedies should possess an ounce of credibility. I now pronounce.. was a comedy too. but wonderfully researched I heard because even the gay community welcomed that movie. Haven’t seen dostana, and I probably won’t 😛

  2. Anonymous

    Well said. Who cares what somebody thinks of the movie. I too liked it. The first half was full of fun and its been days since I watched such a laugh riot. But the pace slackens a bit in the second half with all the predictability. Its ok and luckily or unluckily i too watched in a theatre similar to the ones you mentioned in Ernakulam where the hall was filled with 15-20 year olds and also i got to see some 30-40 people dancing on Desi girl song. It brought back good old memories before all this multiplex concept came in. This is true Bollywood. Fun n frolic.

  3. Ya, I know, that movie was one of our top 5 grossers last year. I should know, I tracked the revenue it made 😉
    Don’t miss out on Dostana btw, I dont know what it is about people, that they think Bollywood is senseless!

  4. Anonymous

    My 2 cents
    I found the movie okay…. but certainly not hilarious or anything… Anyway, reason I stopped by was to complain about your new template or theme or whatever…. Been reading the blog on RSS (Yay! Google Reader) all these days, so didn’t notice the change.
    I don’t like this one 😦 In my tiny laptop screen, I need to scroll down just to even read the post. Nyways…..

  5. Stop banging your head on this issue. There are movies which warrant serious discussion on what they show and what they do not show. This is not the film. People who ranted about it are either total vella or are paid money to do so:)
    Btw “thoda light lo bhai” ne nostalgic kardiya!!!

  6. Anonymous

    I’m not sure what shocks me more – that you liked Dostana or that you (Not necessarily YOU but ppl who’ve actually tagged it in IMDB) would have the gall to classify it as a COMEDY…
    When I think comedy, I think of Golmaal (older version), Chupke Chupke (again older version), Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron and even Andaz Apna Apna. IMO, the movie that came closest to being called a ‘genuine comedy’ in recent times is the first Munnabhai movie.
    Everything else including the assembly line products of Priyadarshan, David Dhawan or Anees Bazmee are an insult to the word ‘comedy’ – some of them might have been entertaining but pls dont classify them as comedies….and by now, I’m sure you realise how I felt about DOSTANA. If I could strangle Karan Johar N-O-W, I’d happily do it and spend the next 14 yrs in jail. The only saving grace of the movie was Priyanka’s wardrobe 😉
    – Jupe

  7. Ok, let’s handle it like grown-ups. Sometimes, it’s OK to watch and laugh at silly movies which are funny in a way. It doesn’t have to be Chupke Chupke or Golmaal! There is a limit I agree, I dont like Priyadarsham much, but Dosatana was nice ya, cutish even!
    Dont act like a prude! :S

  8. Thanks! I don’t understand why people cannot watch Bollywood flicks leaving their brains back at home, while they have no troubles doing the same with Jim Carrey stuff! :S
    And this other category, who think everything is an isult directed right at them! Phew!

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