Once in a while it is okay to accept that things are not going to work the way you want them to. It doesn’t mean that you haven’t tried enough, because if you hadn’t, then you were in your own way, somewhere at the back of your head, sure that things would not work out at the end of the day. In which case, it wouldn’t matter much either. But that is not the case. The fact of the matter is that you’ve worked so hard to make it better, or atleast stay the way it is, that seeing it get worse with each moment hurts. In fact, it more than just hurts, it is practically unbearable.

Very often, you just assume things can’t go wrong. You make things which were meant to be a small part of your life, a predominant factor governing it. And then, marvel at how wondrous life is. You look at others, who struggle to make things work and feel sorry for them. ‘Tsk Tsk, he is just not trying hard enough. Why else would it be so tough for him? Probably, he doesn’t care enough, in which case, losing, won’t hurt him, right? Not as much anyway’.

But one fine day, your own wondrous assumptions start sounding unreal, and when things start to change, you are startled! ‘This cannot be true! I have given it all I had, and this, I was sure was going to last! Then how the hell did it not?’ And then you try to grapple and grab at what is left, trying to get it back to atleast a bit of what it was. At times you succeed. But at times you don’t. More often than not, you’re left with bits and pieces, which when you closely observe, are just not the same. And for all you know, will never be.

Once in a while, it is much easier to get rid of those bit and pieces, wash it all away, and start afresh. Once in a while, it is okay to let go. And move on. Because this time, staying back is not an option.


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  1. Anonymous

    Was listening to ‘Tum ko dekha toh’ when i read this. And looks like that the line “Tum chale jaoge toh soonchenge – Hum ne kya khoya, Hum ne kya paya”, must have been penned down on a similar thought. One just assimilates all the good and bad associated, and stores that somewhere on the unlimited storage space of ones’ mind.

  2. Anonymous

    I will refrain from my usual Chandler-esque joke-when-you-cant-handle-serious-stuff reaction to this post. All I want to say is ‘Peace out….shanti om shanti…’
    – Jupe

  3. See, You know me right, one of those self pity moods.
    Anyway, things are good now! BTW, if you could, go ahead and quite the Chandlerish reaction 😉

  4. Hmmm, pretty appropriate, only those two lines I guess!
    I wish there was a way I could check out on the ‘kya khoya’ before the ‘Tum’ goes away 😦

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