Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start


  • I saw RNBDJ. And, here is the surprise, I did not hate it. As in, I think I even liked it in some bits (Quit judging me already, will ya?). Point is; I know the basic story doesn’t make much sense. Ok. Fine, it doesn’t make sense at all (yes, I am referring to the girl-cannot-recognize-husband-because-he-shaved-his-moustache-off-and-wore-weird-clothes bit).But there were some nice parts you know, and SRK can act. Especially as the Suri guy. Remember I said that is a big thing? Well, it was. And I am not even an SRK fan. That’s good enough right!
  • On another note, I am very very upset with Rehman. Really. Here’s the thing. I have forever gone by the ‘If it’s Rehman, it’s good’ principle. Yeah, that is a principle, I made it. And then, he goes and does this. I mean really! Don’t believe me? Then go listen to this. And when you reach the antarah, try thinking what the chorus sounded like. You won’t be able to, I bet. And Gulzaar Saab. Isn’t he the poetic kinds? What in the world was he thinking when he wrote this song then? Rustam Chustam? Huh? I have a strong suspicion that this infact is a collaborated effort on the duo’s part, to sabotage Subhash Ghai. And actually, I am hoping it’s just that.
  • I read Adiga’s book, that Booker prize winning book. I was so worried when I picked it up, because the last time I tried a Booker winning book, it was The God of Small Things, and I did not last beyond 10 pages, and if I remember right, it took me a while to recover from it. So, I was apprehensive, but this one is good, really good. Written well enough to keep you absorbed till then end, and has a social angle to it too. Two things I never thought could end up together. Recommended, give it a try.
  • I am now reading The Zoya Factor. And I find it very funny, which is a very good thing. As in, there are these silly one liners which make me crack up all the time. The Dude is so happy. Because he feels that all the books I pick have to be related to oppression, and tragedy, and sadness, and the fight of women against the cruel world types. And when he is able to hear me laugh out loud (I mean really loud, he can hear me over the noise of AOE on the speakers), he thinks it’s good for me in a way.
  • Oh, AOE reminds me, the house is so technically advanced now. See, the problem was, my laptop became the house computer once I moved in with The Dude. So it has a variety of soft-wares, music, videos, games etc on it, and it was kind of dying of the overload. Oh come on, it is a poor little 2006 model (which I don’t see in the shops anymore by the way, hmph!) with a 512 MB RAM and an 80 GB Hard disk (and a list of other specifications which I am sure are outdated). So we bought a new House Computer, and this one is fully loaded! And has a 22 inch monitor! Yay! For The Dude actually, because it’s being used for games only so far. But Yay! for me, because the Laptop’s free! Oh, and we wi-fied the home, so, I can be all cool and sit and browse from my balcony! Which by the way I tried but there were too many mosquitoes, so I had to leave, but atleast I have an option!
  • And lastly, I actually cooked something other than the regular dal, chawal, sambar, rasam, curry yesterday. Ok, it wasn’t big, but I happened to try and make Egg Curry. Which was good, because it was a change, and it looked just right, and smelt just right, but I wish I could say that about the taste. As in, it was ok, but I, considering my regular smart self, I added 4 times (please to notice, FOUR times) the required amount of garlic ginger paste. Result; in place of egg curry, we now have what we could call – Garlic-Ginger curry, with egg pieces. My creation nevertheless.

And the rest of the world is the same. And the mood is good, I can’t stop smiling in anticipation of the fast approaching Christmas and New Year (holidays); though there are no plans in place as to how I will be spending them. And before I go, I am changing the template. This one’s for my favorite season; which I don’t even get a glimpse of anymore. Pah. Not that I ever saw Snow (except for that sad excuse for a snowfall in London last year which doesn’t count technically), and obviously never built a snow man (Ok, this is getting worse), but still. It’s just a template. Not a list of things I haven’t done/seen yet or am missing. I guess. Ohkay, before this awesome good mood update post changes to a rant log, I will sign off.

See ya then, say next year?


16 thoughts on “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start

  1. Anonymous

    On books…
    What a co-incidence.. I finished Adiga’s book yday.. and this after reserving it 7 weeks back and getting it after 10 others in the Q ahead of me had finished with it… and I must say, I’m absolutely disappointed. It wasn’t unadulterated tripe like that Arundhati Roy novel (just MY opinion) but I still didn’t like it much. Painted too sorry and negative a picture of India.. Maybe its the truth but imagine having to contend with a whole set of goras who now think this is the true picture of ALL of India. Jeez !!
    Of all the Booker winners/nominations I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed Vernon God Little, Life of Pi and Atonement most…The Blind Assasin, Brick Lane and Amsterdam were so-so while I’m yet to read some really recommended ones like Disgrace / Feasting, Fasting / Family matters and the Ishiguro’s works …
    – J

  2. Yeah yeah, The Dude would agree, I am ok with shooter and racing games, but strategising and building a country to attack another? Well, I would rather not comment. This AOE2 by the way, and I know how desperately he wants 3!

  3. Re: On books…
    Hmmm, it was negative alright, but I was more impressed with the way it was put forth, a very drab subject, narrated well (MY opinion :)). I hates Roy’s book for the 10 pages I read!
    Also, I really liked Life of Pi, and Vernon God Little is The Dude’s fave! One of the few books he likes, have to read it. And I didn’t know these won bookers, just fyi. Yes, yes, I am ashamed!

  4. You’re talking to a complete illiterate! All I ahve done is watch The Dude attack/destroy empires, sigh, and I am peaceful person by nature 😉

  5. Anonymous

    Hey D, how r u? Funny that u shld have pictures of snowmen on ur blog, its snowing like crazy here! Its been a while since I last wrote, and I saw ur comment on my last post only recently – thanks!! Going to trying to restart the whole writing thing, its like re-learning something from scratch..
    anyways, here’s wishing you a merry xmas and a fantastic new year!

  6. Wow! Its been long huh? I dont even remember the last comment i posted! Was a piece of fiction right? You should start again! You were so regular while on campus no? Make it a new year resolution! Happy new year to you too!

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