The Belated Happy New Year post!

What do you get when you combine the following?
– Last few days of break before joining new place of work (which by the way are weekdays)
– Lil Sis’s visit to the city
– Exclusive previews of End of season sales for the club memebers at all awesome malls in the city.
Well, you get;
– No work to worry about
– Awesome fun shopping experience
– No long queues at trial rooms
– A really big pile of stuff to choose from for your first day at work
– A huge credit card bill
Which all adds up to (ok, all but the bill part);
Which is what I am having by the way. New Year this time began as a vacation. If you haven’t realised already, I quit my work place of 3 and a half years, my first job, my only professional experience, my comfort zone, sometime back. And had a short break of about 15 days before I could proceed on to where I am right now, and have been since day before yesterday. This by the way, also explains lack of posts. I did think I would post during my short stint as the housewife, but man, it’s only at work that I get all the enthu. Heh.
Also, I am superstitious this way. As in, I believe in the ‘if-you-tell-anyone-about-something-good-that-supposed-to-happen-it-might-not’. Nazar lagna types. Ofcourse it’s based on experience from the past. So I could not post without mentioning the biggest event in the recent times, and hence, chose not to post at all.
But now I am done. I am here, working, have filled all the forms in the world, submitted all the documents, and have it in writing that I am in fact now part of this new company. Actually I had that from more than a month sgo, but I being me, was playing safe. The pros of the new work place as I have noticed, so far include; my seat, which for once is not mine in the day and someone else’s in the night. The view, which is actually just a long long road and crazy tall buildings housing hundreds of companies in the city, but then, atleast there is a view, which by the way means I am right next to a window that allows me to know the prevailing weather conditions (which if you remember, was not something I’ve had before). Then, I work normal timings, which is come in the morning and leave when there still remains natural light in this part of the world. Then there is a very nice beverage vending machine, which doesn’t spout sweetened liquid no matter what you choose, and in fact has a varierty of options. The cons noticed so far is just one (which means its a con?), I have to wake up early and I hate that, and then I have to travel through mind blowing traffic which totally surprises me because I didn’t even know that Hyderabad had so many people. Oh and it is 20+ kilometers. So ugh. Hmmm, other than that, so far, so good.
The long due, and much planned Goa trip happened during the christmas vacation. If I hadn’t mentioned it, well, that was because of the same belief mentioned above. But that was an awesome break! The sands, the sea, the shacks and the humongous quantity of beer, wine and seafood consumed, we couldn’t have asked for a better holiday. Only I don’t know when the next one’s going to be, and that makes me a tad sad. Anyway.
That’s about it actually. New job means more busy schedule. I actually started this post yesterday, and that’s proof enough. So I leave at that, and proceed on to more important work, erm, the job? So, till we have a free hour again, Ciao!

13 thoughts on “The Belated Happy New Year post!

  1. Anonymous

    WOW!! Better late than never 🙂 Finally a post from Reader was bored of not seeing a new post from you 🙂
    It all seems nice to me. Your new workplace, your seat and all that 🙂 Enjoy and please do post atleast once a week 😛
    oh, and Hyd is a great place!

  2. I really should learn from you and a few others I read, I love the regularity of posts, and that is exactly what I miss!
    Thanks a lot, and hey, Blore is not too far from here, so we might actually meet sometime! Wot say?

  3. Yeah? Hmmm, you’re right actually, can’t think of many names who are still with their first jobs! IBM folk, and I think the HDFC folk, that’s all I can think of. Tsk Tsk, I am a shame to a B Schooler’s name.

  4. Anonymous

    Not exactly….
    …as there are still people like me who are stuck 5.5 yrs after graduation with still the same company… and at last count, everyone who joined my company from campus is still there… can you believe it? Either we are completely worthless and unemployable outside (or) this surely is a fabulous place to work (read as: can blog, chat, chill out ALL the time)
    Anyways, *still frowning at not knowing earlier* all the best for the new job !!
    – J

  5. Oh ya! Hmmm, in your case I have no doubts that it is reason 2! I stand by it too by the way, good enough reason for one to even retire from their first company 🙂
    By the way, sent you more details on mail, so reply!

  6. Anonymous

    Quitting = Power
    I think the equation sums it up nicely. Slightly detailed explanation would include the following – “individual worth… market worth… need for talent… hard work appreciated… companies grab the good ones…”
    On the superstition front – can I admit here that I never wear orange on Wednesdays?

  7. Re: Quitting = Power
    Ah, wish I had heard that equation when I was planning to quit, might have made me less worried about the whole decision I took! Pretty apt though 🙂
    No orange on Wednesdays huh? Hmm, now you make me conscious about the colors I wear too!
    Hey, both URLs for your blog dont work?

  8. Anonymous

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