Oye! It’s Friday!

And Friday means Happy day. It is a norm. Unless you’re the really depressing sorts who don’t like any day of the week, even Saturday mornings. Or if you have a meeting every scheduled for every Friday evening, and which has a scheduled start time but no end time, and wherein the agenda is usually ripping apart each individual for the all the things he’s failed do over the week. In that case you’re just unlucky. And allowed to dislike Friday.
So I am going to be happy today. I am not the dont-like-any-day-of-the-week kind; I love Friday nights and Saturday mornings and Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. I hate Sunday evenings and the rest of the days of the week, but that’s not being depressing, that’s being normal. And I no longer have meetings on Friday evenings.
And I am not too busy even. New job’s kept me pretty busy till now, but today is good. I am actually waiting for a third party, who I have no control on, to send in work, and sercretly hoping they never do. Comeon, we are already like half done with the day. So I am sipping hot, sweetened lemon tea and typing this post out, glancing outside the window to my right once in a while to check out the surprisingly pleasant weather, this being Hyderabad, and February, and 2 in the afternoon. And it is not cloudy even. I do wish that I was on a floor higher than the 8th though, which is where I currently am. But that is not happening for sure, and in fact, there are talks of moving to a whole new building, and I have heard people utter terms like 2nd floor, 3rd floor etc. So we are just going further down I assume. And God knows if it’s going to be half as pretty, my seat, and I really hope it is next to a window.
So new place has been good to me so far. Thing is, it is a completely different industry, and so there is a drastic change in the type of population thatsurrounds me today. Type and size both. Oh, one thing remained as is. At my old job, I used to get weird looks from people around me when I would leave for home each day. And I still get those. Only there, it was a ‘ Oh-my-God-she’s-leaving-at-9PM-when-the-day’s-just-begun’ look then, and now it is more of a ‘Oh-my-God-it’s-6PM-the-sun’s-gone down-and-she’s-not-leaving-yet’ look. Heh. What to do.
Ok, since this is a haphazard post any which way, let us now get into the reigning favorite tracks. I am no different from the world, so ofcourse we have to mention ‘Delhi-6’. Very nice, very varied, and very Rehman. While ‘Masakalli’ catches your attention immendiately, the others take some time to grow on you. When I say others., I mean ‘ Rehna Tum’. But my surprise fave from the album is the title track! I don’t know why, but I found it awesome, and even before the video released. Waiting for the movie to release now. And then ‘Luck By Chance’. ‘Sapnon se Bhare naina’ stands apart ofcourse. But here we have a surprise fave again! ‘Pyar ki daastaan’, a very regular slow romantic number, which doesn’t need a video to make you visualise the trees and flowers and a couple running around. But, it is actually a nice song. And. here’s the clincher. It has been sung by Amit Paul! Don’t say who Amit Paul, please. Ok, say it. For your information, he is the guy, who did not win the Indian Idol contest last year. Lost in the finals. In an extremely unfair vote out. Though he was undoubtedly the best. So I am happy for him; and the song.
Hmmm, and read Almost Single, by Advaita Kala. It is an ok-ok Indian chicklit book. But then, I find anything in that genre only OK-OK, now that I have read The Zoya Factor. I mean seriously, Anuja Chauhan just ruined all the light chicklit books, authored by Indians, that I was looking forward to reading. Damn. I guess she can make up, by like, writing another one of the sort? Huh?
Now, we’ve moved on to our second cup of lemon tea for the day. And we just got some awful news. That from Monday, we would be travelling an unnecessary illogical additional 6-7 kilometeres to and from work each day (which I hate and can’t stand but have to accept anyway) and also be at the receving end of dirty looks from people who get off the cab after me for having contributed to 2 of the extra kilometers (which I shouldn’t really bother about, but actually I do, but will continue to show as if I don’t for the sake of the ego. Whatever)
But I am still going to be happy today. Because the weather’s pleasant. And it is 3PM. And the lemon tea is kinda nice, a little too sweet, but nice. And there is still no update on the work. And ofcourse, the thing that started it all.

It’s Friday.

23 thoughts on “Oye! It’s Friday!

  1. ๐Ÿ˜€ They do, don’t they!
    Hmm, for once I agree with a guy’s idea of pretty, I think Sonam Kapoor’s really nice looking, so thumbs up to you for that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Thanks :O). I haven’t seen LBC yet. Got mixed reviews from people actually. But seriousl, what is with this Hindi movie marathon you are into?

  3. Haha. I’m rediscovering my ‘roots’. Oh I usually don’t follow commercial cinema and especially Hindi films and given my sudden and growing fascination with Indian history and the social make-up, I just thought I should get myself tuned into the pulse of it. (You really didn’t want to know, did you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  4. He he, and Bollywood masala movies help feeding your fascination for Indian ‘History and Social makeup’?? I must really be missing out something here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Exactly why I’m stuck at 60 minutes of the movie even after I made that post. And apparently there is only 30% truth to the film, why exactly is it historical then?! Are we all really *that* stupid? Also in Rushdie’s Enchantress of Florence, Jodhaa is Akbar’s imaginary wife! That woman if she ever lived must have turned to ash with all that friction from turning in her grave.
    (Oh my obsession stems from the book I’m reading ‘India after Gandhi’. It’s one moshpit of thoughts and a lot of questions and I’m not going to see the sarcasm in the ‘best’ remark ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  6. Hmmm, see now that explains things a bit more. I guess I should not look for facts in these movies, even if they are supposedly historical. Another joke of a period film is Asoka, not even getting into why. :S

  7. I haven’t watched Asoka, I just remember those promos with SRK looking like he had eaten a gecko for breakfast and could taste it in his mouth. He should stick to doing those ‘I’m a good looking showpiece’ roles.
    And since I’m all jobless and like laughing my head off at the bimboness that is most of these actresses, I have watched Ash repeat ‘Jodhaa Akbar is such a Cl-Ass-ic’ a hundred times. Highly recommended on a boring day. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Hehehe, recommendation taken ๐Ÿ˜‰
    For me, hindi movies = breezy, light entertainment, with good music, and pretty locales and grand sets.
    Hmmm, probably A Wednesday was the one good-good movie I saw, as in not overly dramatic, but still hard hitting. Have you seen that?

  9. Yeah, I watched ‘A Wednesday’. It was well-made in spite of that stupid hackerboy being included for no reason.
    I must admit: If a movie is light and breezy, it’s unlikely I’ll enjoy it. I’m a sucker for drama.

  10. Anonymous

    As long as it lasts
    I like those days. When work’s done – hard work; then you’re free; I mean really free to do what you want – read, browse, play games. But I hate it too – when work comes back again and I have to abandon what I enjoyed doing and pull myself together for another spell of late nights!! My late nights have started piling on… enjoy yours while it lasts.

  11. Re: As long as it lasts
    Very true. That is exactly why I am a little wary of complaining of free days and no work, you never know when your complaint gets attended to, and you have the exact opposite situation on hand! Wising you get your free time back soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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