What’s on your mind?

– Oh my God March 15th is almost here, The Dude will be off to the US of A!
– Oh my God what will I do the 5 weeks The Dude isn’t around
– I will have to watch nonsense on TV
– How in the world do you explain Rajdeep being voted out of Indial Idol
– It’s good in a way, because now I have more time for myself on Friday evenings
– No movies are releasing this Friday
– Delhi 6 was ok, a bit too depressing
– If Rakeysh Mehra had killed AB in the end, I would have sued him
– I can still sue him, for the weird climax
– The music is nice though, The Dude loves Genda phool, we had it on repeat last saturday night
– A.R.Rehman Rocks, and he won two Oscars! Yay!
– But for Jai ho? Ok I am not complaining
– I am bored now
– People seem so busy, especially the neighboring team
– Why is that girl wearing such a bright yellow, with black flowers and silver writing!
– Are we going out for Lunch today?
– If not, how will I spend so many hours with hardly anything to do
– I should post more often with all the time I have on hand
– I should try my hand at fiction
– I want a hair straightener, my hair is curling again
– I need to pay my credit card bill
– I need to start working out
– Will start tomorrow
– Ok Monday
– We have gym fee reimbursement, I really should use it
– But when do I have time?
– I should sleep lesser than I do
– I am not sleepy right now
– Which is surprising, heh, people who know me would understand
– Now I am smiling at the screen, which is stupid
– So I will stop
– This post is pointless
– As if I didn’t know when I started.
– Ok stop.
– Oh, I forgot, I love that Priyanka Chopra song from Billu Barber
– And that stupid magazine guy didn’t give Cosmo and Femina this month
– Fridays are so lazy
– And awesome
– The last time I posted itwas a Friday too
– This was such a quick post
– And so easy to write
– I should make this a regular feature
– So that the blog stays alive
– And I get to pass my time too
– Like I did now
– If I don’t stop now, this will be the longest post ever
– With no point
– I already said that
– So I am off
– For a break ofcourse
– Over and Out.
By the way, what’s on your mind right now? 

8 thoughts on “What’s on your mind?

  1. Anonymous

    Well, this is tempting! To spend an hour answering the questions no one but the writer really cares about!!
    I have many a project to finish and yet, I read this post and am sure I would inherit the tag as well!!
    Interestingly written!

  2. Oh, I am pathetic at updating the blog, these two posts just happened within a gap of a few hours! But reading, I am very consistent, especially blogs I know will be updated regularly, yours for example! 🙂
    Thanks, though I am never sure how I want the blog to look! I think this one should stay atleast for some time.

  3. If I were to write “Whats on my mind”…
    You would end up feeling like you got down from a roller coaster ride of one hour with visual mazes on all sides. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I can empathize with you for coming tough times.
    And yes – Jai Ho is a good song(in fact great), but does not deserve an oscar. There were many far better songs. Also, if you listen carefully, I think you too will catch the “Itna na mujh se tu pyar badha” tune at 0:08 seconds and there are some Azeem-u-shaan shahenshah beats at 0:19 secs. May be I heard it far too many times.
    Also the Ringa Ringa seems to be a mix of many old Ila Arun songs.
    Can we tell the “JAAGO RE” guys that I am wide awake now? Are we allowed to vote before the elections? I heard that it is allowed in some countries. Actually read somewhere. Because I don’t talk to many people who know politics across the world.
    What would you call it if a comment is this big? Will it classify for a post?
    I think I will have to add Mood(BLAH), Location (Home) and Song(Yeh mera dil – Don – Kareena )

  4. Re: If I were to write “Whats on my mind”…
    Yep, it can be called a post!
    Oh yes, I think I know which part you are talking about in Jai Ho, but there is always a bit of similarity in quite a few songs! What is this about voting all of a sudden, how’ve you become so politically awake?
    And, I know you’re busy and all, but post something!

  5. Anonymous

    Good friday!!
    Thats quite a bit…errr..lot of ranting, justifief for a friday. But worth to keep a blog alive. By the way, guess you have managed to kill almost 2 weeks?? without ur Dude!

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