So what happened was

The last week was spent back home with the parents. With The Dude far away in the US, this seemed to perfect thing to do. One, it would knock off some bit of the sulking and complaining that has commenced since he left. And two, who wouldn’t want a week with no work, customised food menu, childhood memories, old books, photographs, long chit-chat sessions with the parents over free-flowing chai, and uninhibited hours of sleep. What we wouldn’t want, and would rather not get into, are the associated aspects of post-vacation depression, change in the weighing scale results (dislclosed to a very closed group – namely my Gtalk list), and a cold, thanks to the change in weather, by which I mean, Meerut was deliciously cold, and Hyderabad is roasting me alive, and the combination chose not to suit moi.

Yep. So the parents decided to choose the very week I was visiting (after 6 long months!) to get the house redone. Redone being rennovating the kitchen, and building a long due store room at the back of the house. Now this store room I have been dreaming of since school, because of the basic reason that it would mean so much stuff could be dumped in it, making way way for so much new stuff. Which could be dumped in it when it got old, making way for yet another set of new stuff. Ok, it’s not like the store would be a black hole to swallow all the stuff, but it would be helpful nonetheless. But no one listened to me back then. And now, 9 years after I first left home, they do this. When I am not even there to scatter my stuff around. Anyway, I am happy because this will mean my mom won’t call me for a while to ask me when I was taking my Enid Blyton collection from there. As if.
Yeah, so there was a lot of ‘Thak-Thak, Thok-Thok’ most of the time. And ya, the kitchen was in the other bedroom. And there was cement everywhere, And I was not allowed to wander around in my shorts (sheesh!). And If Mom reads this, she will blame me for making her feel all guilty. So I’ll stop.
So, now that I am gone, Mom is busy shifting the stuff around. And guess what she finds. An old diary of Yours truly. Now this isn’t the kind of secret diary one would hope to find, and expect to excavate deep dark secrets of the owner. This was the Diary dating back to 1993, and belonging to a 10 year old, who believed in, well, quite a few things.
Like, she wrote poetry. Poetry with rhyming words. Sequence of the words be damned, the last word of each sentence had to rhyme with that of the next. And it did. Ofcourse, some exceptions were made. Like, hmmm, think mermaid (gasp!!). And marmalade (ok, I am gagging now). And think raindrops falling with cuckoos calling (?!).See, she didn’t have a phone then, so calling was more like any noise I guess. But cuckoos? Really? But you have to give it to her for the creativity. At 10. And hello, the grammar was perfect. Even then. There are a  few more embarassments from much earlier (read a book of rhymes for ‘kids’ written by a 7 year old). So. And she wrote letters. Condemning cruelty to animals. The Kind soul. Only, she wrote it to, guess who. Ahem, to the animals themselves And also elaborated her stance that till they stood up for themselves, things wouldn’t change for them. Nice girl, this. So very kind.
And then I asked Mom to stop reading any further. Reading to me and to herself as well. See these things need to be treasured, and read at leisure, not rushed through over phone. Also, she was laughing way too much. And I am not sure that was a humorous poem she was reading.
Otherwise I have been busy off late. Lots of work, lots of meetings. Don’t think that’s big? Then beat this. I reach work by 8:55! Wow! Now that’s something eh? I don’t even wake up by that time in general, and now , I travel for an hour and reach work by that time. Ooh, the world looks quite pretty at 6 I must say. Been a while since I saw it at that time. And then I work till 7! Ah, Niravana! Professional Nirvana this is! Anyway, for all the hard work we’re putting in, we are off to a team dinner now. To a nice place, and thank goodness for the new office’s location, we’re not off to Krishna Bar and Restaurant this time. So yay.
I’m off then. Tired sorta. And nothing more to write about either. So I am off. For my dinner. Ta.

22 thoughts on “So what happened was

  1. Anonymous

    An update at long last!
    Trust you had an uber time with your parents. Despite all that hammer-hullabaloo. Ah well, breaks are always well-earned (yes, that includes my current extended break! Ha! :P)… 🙂
    Oh yes, even li’l me get affected by climate change! 😦
    A poetry enthusiast here! Share kijiye na… Pleech! 🙂
    Going to work early..??? Sincere-party, uh? 😛
    Bon appetit, madame! 🙂 Au revoir.

  2. Re: *ahem!*
    Hehe.. yep time offs rock! I think I finished my quota of poetry enthusiasm right in the first 12 years of my life. Lines don’t rhyme anymore, sigh!
    Less said the better about the dinner , I think it needs a post for itself!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi..nice to know you had a wonderful time with your parents…even i visited my parents last week..i hope ur hectic office schedule makes it easier to pass time without ur hubby..take care!

  4. Re: *ahem!*
    Ah, see now you said something about which I have a completely different view. The thing is, I feel that if the words dont rhyme or sound somehow woven together phonetically, they don’t make poetry. Beautifully written prose may be, but poetry has to be lyrical, ‘sounding’ right. Some funda it is, so kindly ignore 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Welcome Back!!
    All refreshed and nostalgic huh? And btw, there are still some of us who write poetry like that – where rhyme scheme is the key!! Ain’t that fun? Letters to animals – that was super-creative.
    Rock on,

  6. Anonymous

    Re: *ahem!*
    Actually ma’am, I agree with you. Just that my professor back in college would say poetry is about how one expresses him/herself in a flow of words. ‘Cos, sometimes rhyming “can” seem forced.
    There was some sense in what he said. After all, an octagenarian like him wdnt have offered 2 cents for nothing! It made me think, though. So, shared that view… 🙂
    I see so many free verses online. They don’t rhyme at all! But the flow is exquisite, per se. Ah well, we have our likes and dislikes, don’t we? Something that makes us unique.
    Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Peace. Tc.

  7. Re: *ahem!*
    🙂 Yep!
    And I would be lying if I say I have ‘never’ come across verses without rhyme which are so effortlessly poetic!
    But then, what’s in a name?

  8. Hehehe!
    Yep, however creative the concept sounds, you’ve got to check out the matter to actually see the degree of hilarity! Actually that’s why I stopped myself from posting it out here 😉
    Yep rhyming poetry still makes my day!

  9. Anonymous

    Re: *ahem!*
    Oh yeah! I am lucky to have some of those kinda poets on my blogroll… 🙂 🙂
    😛 Blog updated, ma’am. Sholly! No veththalai-paaku invitation. 😉
    Peace. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. No No, you don’t say, you’re still a kutti paiyyan! I am the one who needs to get into the ‘In my time blah’ mode 😦

  11. Lol– Krishna Bar and Restaurant
    Hi Divya,
    I have been reading your blog or journal, to be more specific, for a while now. I think I even mailed you once to say how much I enjoyed it. Anyway, Krishna Bar and Restaurant is a name which had me in splits … Shouldn’t Krishna be associated with a Dairy farm or something to make it stereotypical ..!!
    Cheers and keep on writing..

  12. Time makes people realize
    how they saw the world in their minds eyes
    How far have they been wise
    how naughty have they been otherwise
    You seem to have had a wonderful time. It is always good to see your old work. Can I get a copy too? Whens Nimz coming?

  13. Re: Lol– Krishna Bar and Restaurant
    Thanks Shamik!
    True, very true! But now that we have Balaji wines almost everywhere here, it is not that big a shock!

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