Enlightenment etc.

Before I forget, a (relatively) short note on the much appreciated learnings imbibed in the recent past!

– You can have marathons of sitcoms other than F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The mantra is – STOP COMPARING. A season and a half of ‘How I met your mother’ down in 2 weekends, definitely classifies it as impressive.

– If you find Barney Stinson’s crude humour more entertaining than the Ted- Robin romance, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re turning into a guy. If you are really worried, all you’ve got to do is go watch Grey’s anatomy. Makes you all sentimental and mushy? See, you’re back on track!

– You can get emotionally involved in a cricket match. The fact that you were frowning all through dinner yesterday, at the place which serves your favoritest dessert ever (Chocolate Bomb at Little Italy, if you haven’t tried it yet, well, God save you), just because Deccan Chargers lost to Kings XI Punjab, pretty much justifies your Dad knocking the sofa’s arm off when Kapil Dev’s wicket was taken in some random match during World Cup ’83.

– There is nothing like too much chocolate. There is nothing such as I-dislike-x-chocolate either. But there is something like I-like-x-chocolate-better-than-y-chocolate. What else explains the Diary Milk lying the refrigerator for more than a week, just because there is so much of Dark chocolate to binge upon?

– The irritating fight between the multiplex guys and the movie makers, which has ensured no new movie or music releases these days, is actually good in a way, because it makes you revisit all the songs you used to like wonsaponatime and have totally forgotten now. Awesome they are, you realise.

– While grocery shopping at your favorite super market, try and check beforehand if the card machine is working. There are actually chances that you pick stuff for like two hours, and then go to the billing counter to be told that they can only accept cash. And you won’t have that much cash ever, you being you. So just check next time.

– You will never find the perfect red shoes you have been looking for forever in any of the best shoe stores in the city. And then you will find them in, wait for this, the Bata store near your house! But ofcourse, they wont be available in your size, but that’s a different issue altogether.

– You can actually like colors other than blue. At times. Red is, for example, you realise, is a pretty nice color. Ok, definitely not better than blue, but it’s pretty damn good.

– Mondays can actually be nice (!!).Not as nice as Fridays, but nice nevertheless. Even if it is a hot summer monday afternoon in Hyderabad, you can actually be happy,  provided the airconditioning in office is working just fine, there is really strong coffee available on demand, and you’re allowed to download music. And after a long time, you’ve all the time in the world to sip this coffee, browse the net, all the while listening to the music you just downloaded.

– And ofcourse, wanting to, and actually being able to post on your blog twice within a week’s span feels good. So. Very. Good.


10 thoughts on “Enlightenment etc.

  1. I do think bitter dark chocolate is way better than milk chocolate. And even more so when you compare the aftertastes!
    Bata has nice shoes? Really? Really? Show or it’s not true 😛

  2. Absolutely! I guess bitter dark chocolate is what gives you the real taste of chocolate per se. Sigh. I am drooling already!
    About Bata, well you’ve got to see this one pair! It is actually classy! Otherwise, Bata and good shoes, not so much :). Should take a pic next time!

  3. Anonymous

    Oh I so know the bata story. They never have my size. 😦
    And Bourneville dark chocolate is awesome too. 🙂

  4. Like Father Like Daughter!
    That match was a great one. Best part about it was that if Rohit failed, then Irfan succeeded. You should have seen the +ve side and enjoyed the dinner. BTW, NC likes Dravid. For the first time I somehow feel like meeting the Jammy and jamming a few. :).

  5. Re: Like Father Like Daughter!
    Hehehe. NC seems to have good taste! It’s a pity she didn’t get to use it for a bigger decision, and ended up with you 😉 !

  6. Re: Like Father Like Daughter!
    She is smiling at what you had said and almost conveyed that it was not her decision per se. Poor me. And about the fact that me being GAYAB, I have told NC now that until she writes up an entry I am not going to write one. And hence the low profile.

  7. Re: Like Father Like Daughter!
    Yeah right, poor you indeed!
    Anyway, don’t do this jhagda on the web, and either of you break the silence and write something! Bah!

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