The one where we are not so Whiney

So, since 11 in the morning when I logged into the system, till right now (it is 3:30 in the afternoon just FYI), I have opened the reports we usually work at thrice. And closed them within 5 minutes of opening them all three times. Why you ask? Well, they are making me sick. Literally. As in, I can actually feel my head reeling, and eyes going heavy and blurry everytime I look at all those numbers today. And I blame the past 3, 14 hour long workdays for that. When I did nothing but crunch numbers and then make (atleast try to make) the end result look all pretty. Bah. 

I know, I know. I am ranting again. Infact, someone who knows me personally, and who reads this page commented that ‘I have an extraordinary ability to rant". And that got me wondering, if that infact was the message I was conveying through this whole blog business; that I am this whiney, complaining, dicontented, bugged individual, who can find a fault with everything and anything.
And the answer to all the self-exploration carried out is, well, yes. That seems to be exactly what I convey through what I post, atleast through most of what I post. There is also this happy, cheery part once in a while, but it’s so small, that it get’s lost in the melee of rants I have generated. The underlying tone of this blog is whiney. There, I said it. And if you think about me in reality, I am whiney in real life too. I fret, frown, complain, grumble quite a lot. It is just that it is not all the time! And this realisation actually uncovered a bigger secret. The reason as to why the days I post, are so much lesser than the days I don’t.
Because, though I would love to capture all those happy-shiny-moments-of-joy out here, I am always too busy enjoying them, to actually logon to the site, and type out what I feel. And so they get missed out. And what get’s captured instead is annoying co-workers, bugging cab routes, traffic, reports, long work hours, irritating neighbours etc etc. Because, when something get’s on your nerves, and you have nowhere to go vent out the frustration (we are ignoring the fact that all the rants here are actually filtered versions of what The Dude gets to hear, but then, whatever!), you login to this site. Because, the number of posts, seems to be directly proportional to our number of complaints. And less number of posts means we have less to complain about! Thereyou go! Now that was a statement only a non-whiney person could make eh!
Coming back on track; after all the self-explorations details we painstakingly typed above, we are now moving on to the good things that happened recently. And average out the somewhat whiney tone of the blog. To a relatively less-whiney tone. How creative. I know.
– So Work day 5-6-7 are over for this month, and so is the nightmare of deadlines. For this month that is. The numbers and reports still stay, but shall be ladled out in relatively smaller dosages, and hence might not hurt as much.
– I found red shoes! I found red shoes! And bought them too! No-no, Bata didn’t have them in my size, but I managed to find a super-sexy pair at ‘Inc.5’. The right color, the right heel, everything! Phew. And oh by the way, ‘Metro’ sucks. Nothing close to what I wanted, and to think they advertise on TV! I still heart ‘Soles’ though, and am ready to believe the shop guy when he said they are just out of stock.
– I am reading again. I just finished ‘French Lover’ by Taslima Nasreen. And I have Volume 3 of the Cal n Hobbes collection lying at home. And on the side, I have some light reading going on, and this time it’s the first of the Twilight series by Stephanie Myer. Oh Oh, since I am no good at reviewing anything, my verdict on the ‘French Lover’ would be; nothing great, decent level of detail, not boring either, but not really something that would want me to run back home from work just to read what happens next. I wouldn’t mind checking out ‘Lajja’ though.
– Oh, and the Deccan Chargers won! And I think with this season of IPL, I think I finally belong to some place. You know what I mean.
– It rained in Hyderabad. Enough said. 
And life in general is good! And tomorrow is a Friday. So that’s like a lot of good things to be happy about. And we shouldn’t really spend any more of the precious happy time typing stuff out. So we will go ahead and enjoy them, yes? I think so

5 thoughts on “The one where we are not so Whiney

  1. Anonymous

    When i started reading ur post,i felt sad that u are burdened so much with ur work…but by the end of it,it was nice to see u so excited about finding the perfect pair of shoes!
    Nice that Deccan Chargers won..good for both of us!:)

  2. Heh πŸ™‚ That’s how it is for me these days! But good I can find joy in the smaller things I guess (though the Dude won’t agree to this!)
    Yep! Deccan Chargers rock! Very very happy about that!

  3. Red Shoes!
    Hopefully not for office. Anyway, may be you can carry them off. But the idea sounds awkward. Also, happy to see that CRIB is out and rant & whine is in. Sounds sober. Completed half year today. πŸ˜‰

  4. Re: Red Shoes!
    Dude they’re not bright red or anything, they are like this deep red edging on black almost!
    No, not for work, let’s see what I can use them with!
    Congrats on the half year πŸ™‚ Post, post, we want a post!

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