GM Diet ke side effects

We have been there. Done that. And the learnings remain the same. Those who know of the GM diet, obviously know of it’s effects.
But for those who want to know more, here is the otherwise ignored list of side effects that this self-imposed torture has!
1. Day 1. You hate apples; Day 2. Could someone please give you just one bite of an apple?; Day 3. Ugh, why do all fruits and vegetables taste alike?
Basically you’re losing it.
2. The whiteboard at your desk has tallybars for the number of bottles of water you’ve had during the day. Especially if you are a self-proclaimed camel who can survive with no water the whole day like some.
3. You wonder whether the actual reason behind the whole weight loss is the change in diet, or the countless trips to the restroom you end up making, thanks to those countless(counted?) bottles of water you consumed.
4. You eye the extremely bland curd rice with pickle that your collegue is having for lunch with jealousy.
5. You take vows like “I am going to eat two icecreams, and a whole pizza the day this gets over”; that it would actually defeat the whole purpose of the diet is a conveniently forgotten point.
6. Every call that you make to the partner in crime (endeavour, one might call it) starts with a ” So how are managing so far? F*** this whole thing really, and let’s order pizza tonight!”
7. You tell yourself ” I’m not that unfit really, do I really need this?” everytime you look at the mirror.
8. You curse everytime there is a food related commercial on the television. Or a restaurant scene in any of the movies or soaps you watch.
9. You sprinkle generous amounts of chat masala on the fruits you are expected to finish. And then justify saying “I checked the ingredients on the box, they are all natural and healthy”.
10. Whenever anyone asks you if the diet has worked so far you reply saying ” It’s not for weightloss really, I am just detoxifying myself. It is supposed to have a positive effect on the mind as well”.

Oh by the way, today is Day 2, and to say I’m not liking it, is well, an understatement really. But then, what do you say to a person who repeats the same mistakes over and over again? Nothing. So let’s leave it at that.

So, if all’s well, see you on the other side of the week then huh?


32 thoughts on “GM Diet ke side effects

  1. Googling it right away! 🙂 Frankly, in the present state of mind, I am far more concerned about how doable it is (in terms of letting the tastebuds survive) than it’s actual utility!

  2. Why ain’t I surprised!? 😀
    Well, yes I guess, but I cannot promise how much longer this preference is going to last! Definitely not another 4 days 😦

  3. Anonymous

    Hats off to u for having the determination to diet!!..i can never do hubby dragged me to Talwalkars some months back as it is close to our place and we almost paid for the course..fortunately i got pregnant and i now have a “perfectly valid excuse!”;)

  4. 🙂 Gymming is not my cup of tea anyway!
    I have paid twice for full year subscriptions, and ended up using the gym for the maximum of a month both times, so I can’t really blame you 😉
    And ofcourse, you’re a lucky girl to have that ‘perfectly valid excuse’ 😉

  5. Anonymous

    Hmmm…so all set for diet-ing!! Good luck lady!!
    But dont you think that life is too short to indulge in diet and restrict yourself from good things in life!! Live life king size!!
    ** Amrit is trying to test your determination** 😀

  6. Ah! These tests et all! Anyway, as I type this, I am half way through day 4, which is pretty confortable, because as the description states, by this time, you lose interest in sweets! So I am pretty much ok with the determination bit 😉
    Nice try by the way :P!

  7. Anonymous

    At least the diet does one good thing – it keeps you posting on the blog. I have run out of words. Literally. One failed attempt after another to stay in touch with the good, old fellow! Sniff sniff!!

  8. 😦 I keep checking for updates btw! Wasn’t your last one about things that never change? And wasn’t that written long long ago?! Lady, get back to writing,and if required, go on the diet! 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Good luck with the detoxification, ma’am! 🙂 Careful, though. ;D
    *laments the fact he is not at home to irritate you by mentioning the things he is gorging on 😦 Ah well, bleh! :P*
    And thanks for the welcome. 🙂 Trust me it feels different! I wanna study again! 😦 :/ I will!
    My yaak-yaak aside, how have you been? 🙂
    Peace. Be well.

    Oh and I cannot write on Friday evenings. 😉 It’ll prolly be Thursday evenings. Weekends fall on Friday and Saturday here. 😀

  10. Oh ho! How will you ever say ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ My eternal favorite line!:)
    I’ve been the usual, working on weedays -partying on weekends self 🙂
    Write more often sir! Though I am not one who can comment really.
    Peace yes.

  11. That’s fine! 🙂
    Well, I am NEVER doing this again for sure.
    One, I broke the diet on day 6 by succumbing to temptation and gorging on an icecream
    Two, say 7 was conveniently forgotten
    Three, I have been pigging on junk since then, which definitely negates any of the plusses of that week!

  12. Anonymous

    Ohhh..dont worry too much..maybe you should just try to consciously avoid junk food instead of imposing a strict diet schedule on yourself..even if you give in sometimes,it will be at the back of your mind..

  13. Anonymous

    I seriously didn’t know I would have timed it to near perefection… 🙂
    (Belated) greetings on your marriage anniversary ma’am! Trust you had a lovely day!
    Peace. Be well.

    Sorry for the late response. Reasons are known to u. 😦

  14. Anonymous

    I have finished my 2nd day, and taken an oath, never ever to diet again ! the feeling is miserable, espacially when my family is having chicken nuggets !

  15. Hehehe! Told ya! I am on a similar oath by the way! No more dieting, ever! 😀
    Who is this btw? Oh, yes, you will feel much better by Day 4!

  16. Anonymous

    liked ur half way thru day 1 and already able to relate to wat u hv write.Its so true.I hope it pays off at the end of it all.

  17. Anonymous

    From Dor – GM Diet Works!!
    Hi friends, i am on this diet. today is day 6. Thanks to my self control i was able to strictly follow the diet and on day 4 I had lost 3kgs. Waitin to check my weight after day 7. Pls go for this diet it really works. I have been campaigning this diet to all my family and friends and we all gonna do it together after 2 weeks. So all the best to all trying the GM diet. Hope it works for you too… Take care

  18. Anonymous

    I have just decided to endure this so called torture of a diet. Nothing tastes better than skinny feels… My confidence level is at an all high now. Lets wait until tomorrow to see how i’m doing… until then, wish me luck.

  19. Anonymous

    day 1 over….yay..!!
    successfully finishing my day 1 of the diet today…….its 8pm now and i’m kind of feeling light headed…but the day went without much problem….had stocked up a variety of fruits for today….anxious about tomorrow now… will i eat all those raw veges 😦 hope i survive tomorrow….!!

  20. Anonymous

    Re: day 1 over….yay..!!
    I am at the end of day 3 (wishing it was day 7 already)… and gave in to a slice of wheat bread this evening…. i am not sure if i will ever do this again, but i definitely feel a lot lighter and looks like i could have lost atleast 3 lbs already. One good lesson learnt going thru this diet is that going forward, i will definitely watch what i eat and eat healthy. this diet has given me an opportunity to appreciate all the healthy food that is out there.

  21. Anonymous

    It’s difficult but not impossible. I treid it early Dec & succedd 96%. Lost just 3 Kgs along with some walking. Am starting it again tomorrow. Plan to do it once every month. Wish me luck.

  22. Congrats! 🙂 You’re right, it ain’t impossible! I have myself seen a difference the last time around! I just don’t have the guts to eat veggies and fruits for a whole week again! Hey, they say you have to give a gap of about 2 months between sessions, so check on that before you try it again! All the best!

  23. Re: day 1 over….yay..!!
    Hey there! I missed out on all your commments till now! Damn! 🙂 So how did you manage finally? Hope it worked for you 🙂 Lemme know!

  24. Obviously there are a lot of side effects on every type of diet you’re keeping. Keeping that in mind I think the best diets we can possibly chose are those that have the less side effects, this way you don’t suffer and you’re able keep the diet on long term. I just hope that weight loss Los Angeles complies with that because I am about to start this diet and it’s better if I learn to like it.

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