My very materialistic Wishlist

Borrowing the idea from vixlist, I am now making a list of things I really really want. Affordability, requirement, availability and all be damned.  Oh, and this being the materialisc wishlist, I am avoiding  dil-ka-sukoon, happiness and peace for the world, equality amongst all and the like, which is actually what I would wish for. You know me.
Number one on the list is the very basic need of any individual, a makaan. And it has to meet our tiny list of specifications, this being the dream house The Dude and I are getting together and all. So once we find a 3BHK, on the 15th floor or above of a really tall building, which along with its brother buldings forms part of this ultra-cool township, with basic provisions like a pool, club house, gym etc, has a big living room, and a large balcony, preferably overlooking a lake or even the awesome city lights, and is available within a year from now, when we think we can have enough cash to make a down payment, at ofcourse the price we have in mind, or rather, in our bank accounts, we’ll take it. Simple wish really. You would think one has to struggle so much for this?
Number two is something no one can have enough of. A vacation. A long break to somewhere exotic and awesome. Please note that the level of exotic-ness of the location can vary between Goa and Tokyo. So there are in fact, quite a lot of choices really.
At number three we have a Sony Vaio. Red in colour and a good configuration. Or a Mac-book. White in colour this one. The current laptop is 3 years old, and almost dying. Really.
At four is a new phone. Mine is old and boring and tacky, and has dropped to the ground so many times that even though its a Nokia, it can only bear so much. Yeah, and this time we are looking for a touch phone; an I Phone, an HTC touch or atleast the Nokia Express Music touch phone.
Number five is a 42" LCD Plasma TV, Sony, or Samsung. Now this actually was to adorn our AV room in the new house, but since we already wished for that, we can go ahead and wish for the associated accessories as well I think.
Number six is a subscription to Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Femina. Including the yummy gifts they offer on subscription. Reason being, our Magazine guy’s gotten extremely bugging and ends up bringing all these magazines the month after which they are released. And so I end up reading "Fashions for summer" during the monsoons, and "How to make a dull winter morning bright" when the sun is blazing and almost burning my skin off. Not a nice feeling I tell you.
Number seven, is a set of new speakers for the bedroom. See, thing is, though there are huge speakers in almost all the rooms in the house, there are none in the bedroom. So if I feel like listening to music while sleeping, it either has to waft through the other rooms, or has to be plugged into the ears. Both not ok. So.
Number eight, I need the complete 4th season of How I met your mother, and also episodes 2 and 3 of the 3rd season.
At number nine, we need gift vouchers for all possible shopping malls and stores across the city. Because the end of season sales are about to start. And why I say vouchers and not money is because, while the end effect the same, spending cash makes me feel very guilty, probably because it could be put to better use or something (don’t ask me what could be better than splurging all you want at a sale, but still)? But with vouchers, you can’t really do anything else can you? So, vouchers make much more sense really.
Number ten, since we are talking of vouchers, I wouldn’t mind a few to some exotic spa kinda thing really. And the reason here is similar, if not the same to the one above. See there, the issue is guilt, I spend, and then I feel guilty. But here, it is plain thrift. I cannot bring myself to spend anything at any of these parlors/spas etc. Anything they charge seems way to expensive and I end up not spending anything at all. So while I am on a wishing spree, might as well wish for some vouchers which just have to be redeemed at these otherwise ridiculously overpriced places.
And that’s about it. I am a pretty content person I think, that list actually took a lot of thinking after point 5 or so. I am happy with the way things are, really. Although, I wish for there to be no traffic jam on the way home today. And that it rains. But there should be no power-cut. Oh, and the roads should not be clogged with water. And there should be no work tomorrow. And, that’s all for now.
What? Those are small things, that doesn’t prove anything. I am an extremely content person, thank-you-very-much. And before you form any more judgements, I am off. Ciao.

4 thoughts on “My very materialistic Wishlist

  1. Anonymous

    Hahaha nice long list u have!!
    A few of the wishes can be easily fulfilled i guess-like the phone,TV,magazine subscription..
    We bought a Sony Bravia 32 inch TV some months back..we were very impressed by the picture clarity in the showroom..when u see dolphins and underwater life on giant screens,u are definitely tempted to buy it.we are happy with our TV but the clarity is not the same!

  2. That’s what! I am not unreasonable at all I feel ๐Ÿ™‚
    We do these movie marathons at home, and forever crave for the awesome picture clarity and the big screen experience that an LCD would give. And considering a home theatre is a must in that case, the whole room can become a mini theatre!
    Let’s see what all we actually get ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Absolutely! I am forever searching for new blogs to read, especially ones which are regular, and have a lot of archives to dig into!
    Ah, the class of a Mac! Would love to own one yes, but for now, it stays in the list ๐Ÿ™‚

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