Like you can’t do without a title

Now here’s the deal. I was so so sure that I would not complain or rant for a while to average out the whiney undertone of the blog. And I intended to pretty much do just that. Nah-nah. You can’t deny that really. So much so, that just when I am being all nice and positive and chirpy and downright cheerful, life decided to push me to the edge by giving me ridiculously bugging days at work. So bugging, they actually start getting more amusing than bugging and then in a while we forget that this has been a bugging day afterall. And even though we start at 7 in the morning for work, and it is like 8 in the night right now, and we are still at work, and we are still not sure when we would leave, and more importantly why we are still here, it still feels more funny than bugging. Heh, such happiness I have to say. But not good really, because the usual angry me somehow feels a little more accomplished at the end of it all. Relieved, after losing it more than once in front of more than a few important work people. Harmful, but very stress busting type activity that is. But now, when we are allowed to be rantier, unhappier, all we are doing is typing this highly incoherent blog, and venting out the frustration, by, guess what, putting up abusive status message on google. No-no, not random abuses, but more specific, changing the receiver with situational changes during the day. But in reality, we think that is a mega-loser thing to do. When really, we should be huffing and puffing (and blowing the house down), and stomping around, and passing random comments about buggers inc. to anyone who cares to hear, and increasing the volume when a member of buggers inc. is in audible distance, we are putting status messages. So. not. Ok.

On a not so different note, Excel is a weird invention. We share a typical love-hate relationship with it. Now on days, we look at all the things this sheet with rows and columns can do, and ooh and aah about how awesome all this automation is, and how did people survive without this before Bill Gates existed and all that. And on the next day, when we are hard-pressed for time, and running out of the small stock of patience we usually carry around, it acts totally weird. It will give random error messages, which you would need to google, search solutions for, fix, only to end up with another such message, only a different one this time. That’s enough for us to hate it with all our heart, only the next week, when there is less work and more time, and we find out yet another awesome formula, we start liking it again. And yes ofcourse, Excel definitely features as the non-human member of Buggers Inc. Why would we bring it up otherwise.

Now we are hungry. Typing is making us hungry. Which reminds us that there is this cool typing game on facebook, which suits people like us, who sometimes are so jobless at home (usually between 8 PM when I get back home, and 10:30 PM, when the dude does), that they need a mind less, keyboard tapping, mouse clicking kinda game to keep us busy. This game is just that. But guess what, it will refuse to work at home on the personal laptop! With all the add-ins, installations, three browsers, it will just not work! And then when we randomly check out the same at work (not during the heavy work time please, when we are waiting for some member of Buggers Inc. to get back with updates or something, then), with all the restrictions, and firewalls and all that, lo! It will work! But then how can one play a typing game without everyone noticing? And wondering what important work we are doing? So, basically, we can’t play. End of story. Oh yes, that’s why we are blogging instead. Atleast it looks like one of the important documents we need to work on without knowing for what and when it would be used really.
Now, we are really hungry. It’s not a nice thing. But we have booked cab for 20:00 hours which is another 12 minutes. So, we are praying that no Firang member of Buggers Inc. mails back before then, because then we can look forward to a Jagraata. Jagraata =jag+ raata = awake + night. For the benefit of my posh I-dont-know-hindi-readers. I definitely have some of those yes?
Ooh, this post got pretty long! It is unintelligble, incoherent, and all those nice words which mean dont-waste-your-time-here-because-this-post-has-nothing-important-to-say. Even-remotely. But you just did, you just did! Which means you have so much time on hand really! Shameful! Oh, but seriously, can we switch jobs? Please? Think about it, I am off!

Edited to add: Apparently, I am not. Off that is. It is 20:00 hrs on my system’s clock, and I am still here rambling. Obviously I am not off. Wow. Some awesome life I have eh? And no, Firang members of Buggers Inc did not mail us anything, we are staying back really in anticipation of something they might send eventually. I think I will go get me a hot chocolate, this is going to be Jagraata after all. Sigh.

17 thoughts on “Like you can’t do without a title

  1. I think Senior Management teams all over the world have gone mad because of the recession (or some such excuse).
    Off late, I have been having the most difficult time at work too. So much so that I ensure I mouth at least five rude comments to the management 😛
    There’s only so much they can push you to the edge, yes? 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    hey there, really into your blog now. i like it! its very natural. and keep up ranting! there is no such thing as positivity! everyone is miserable and despondent and work overtime and dont get paid for the extra hours and use whatever little income they have to spend on beers and/or appletinis at the end of the week and then stumble on home at 4am only to pass out in the bathroom in a pool of your own blood because you attempted to shower and shave your legs whilst completely inebriated…NEVER happened to me…never.
    love it. and thank you for complimenting mine. nobody ever reads it! im so happy..
    ps: i see you like How I Met Your Mother. i can regard you as an equal now.
    – Manisha,

  3. Anonymous

    Hope the hot chocolate worked. 🙂
    (In hindsight, I think I know who to contact when I have off days at work! :D)
    Peace. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. So true 🙂
    It’s kinda a tough for everyone I guess! But sometimes it goes overboard, and that’s when the not so nice words tumble out like nobody’s business! But it is therauptic alright!

  5. Hello! Thanks for all the nice words! Oh about your blog, I am so sure a lot of people read it, more so because they can so relate! He he, like I said, I am already almost through 2008 already! And this is when weekends are no-blog days!
    Ooh, I love HIMYM! Thanks for the felicitation too ;), And oh yes, wil have more comments for you, I have 2005-07 left yes?

  6. It did, it was so needed cos we were at work till 10! Mean mean people! :S
    Oh yes, I am like the best when it comes to discussing off days at work, for that matter any off days! The eternal ranter, I am sir.
    Happy weekend to you too!

  7. Anonymous

    Your blog is one of the boring blogs i have ever read……i am sorry but thats the fact…and ur english, its not up to the mark esp the grammatical mistakes….plz brush up ur english so that it wont look embarrassing….thanks and all the best

  8. Re: Boring
    Awww, don’t be sorry!
    And I will ensure I avoid further embarassments by typing ‘ur’ in place of ‘your’, write ‘I’ as ‘i’, and ‘that’s’ as ‘thats’. And also add like a lot ‘……….’ everywhere, and not bother about other punctuation? You see ‘thats’ all I could learn from ‘ur’ english in those two lines you wrote. Then I will improve, yes?

  9. Anonymous

    LOL! @ Anonymous’ comment.
    I fail to understand how someone can leave such a comment.
    And I’m with you, about whatever replied to him/her.
    I hate it ‘wen ppl typ lyk dis’. UGH.
    First time here and thoroughly enjoyed the post! 🙂
    Keep writing more of these ‘this-post-has-nothing-important-to-say’ kind of posts. We’ll come back to read them, i promise. 🙂

  10. Re: Hello
    Hey there! Thanks for dropping by 🙂
    Ah, that’s not the first ‘friendly’ anonymous comment out here, atleast this person is commenting on the writing, the others go as far as judging the writer! I used to lose patience once upon a time, but now they are more yawn inducing than anything else!
    Oh, I can assure you that there are going to be more posts of this genre here!

  11. Anonymous

    Re: Boring – MOST is missing
    That was funny. Mr(s). English forgot MOST in the comment including the name. Why don’t you write a post on such things and then paste it as a link to any such comments Boss? TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY (OR MAY NOT) CONCERN kinda thing.
    Did you hear Kaise mujhe tum from Ghajini. Awesome song. And no it was not NC who pointed it. I heard it on someone’s hello tune. Wonder why the song was not promoted when the movie was released.

  12. Re: Boring – MOST is missing
    I GIVE UP on you! Completely!
    Argh! That song was very much promoted and kept playing on repeat for a long time on all music channels! 😦 You’ve lost touch with Bolly music!
    Oh I did once remember, the dear trolly mail? But I have lost patience :P, I am kinda bored to actually bother about the smart-a** comments some people make!

  13. Anonymous

    Re: Boring – MOST is missing
    Ohh….Actually I hardly watch TV. And I say it was not promoted because whichever promo of Ghajini I watched it either had “Hai guzzzareeeeeeeesh”(which had an undertone of Mumbai nagariya from Taxi no 9211 i think) or Behka main bekha which I somehow did not like.
    Anyway, the song is great and am happy that people liked it. Its just more apt in my case ;).

  14. Anonymous

    hey divya.. you have a very unique way of expressing your views.. your humour, the sarcastic undertones, the variety of topics.. and of course, the way your narration flows.. very nice!
    I just happened to bump into your blog and.. must say.. got hooked to it! Way to go lady…! And, by the way, are you seriously consider writing a full-fledged book..? you should really..
    Good luck to you! Cheers! 🙂

  15. Thanks a lot! 🙂
    Phew, I realise how much such comments matter to me, only when they actually come in! Very Happy!
    About the book part, that would be a dream come true :), only, though for a blog it is fine to go on and on about my life (even that has bugged people I’ve seen!), dunno how a similar book would work out! But seriously, that remains a dream!
    Keep dropping by!

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