Somebody please wake me up

I am typing this with my eyes half closed. My face is set into a frown, and I am looking deep into the screen, so that people sitting in front of and around me think I am in lost in concentration. Only, the truth is I am so damn sleepy, that all I can think of is a comfortable bed, a soft pillow, and a warm blanket. All of this in a dark room, with only some slivers of light entering in when the curtains move because of the breeze from the fan, whose whirring is the only thing audible.

It’s not my fault really. The weather is the awesomest it’s been in a long while. It is my favorite kind. Dark and grey. The kind which gives you no clue as to whether it is 2 in the afternoon or 6 in the evening. It is constantly the same, the cool breeze, the sudden showers, the starking contrast of the bright fresh green of the leaves against the deep grey of the sky. Dull and gloomy as per some, but awesome as per me. So that weather, coupled with the no-work situation, is putting me to sleep. Literally. And I have no choice but to be here for another 4 hours, while all I would want is the whole bed-blanket-dark room situation I just described above.
I think I should get me a coffee. Our coffee machine is sad by the way. Actually, I wanted to write about the ex coffee machine some time back. Only, just before I actually got to describe it’s awesomeness, they went ahead and replaced it. See, at first we had an original Lavazza coffee machine. Original because Lavazza was engraved on it. And we actually saw that the coffee beans they pured into it were also from a sealed pack which had Lavazza printed on it. And that coffee, I must tell you, was absolutely LEGENDARY! Infact, my very-I-Hate-anything-that-is-not-chennai office friend certified that the Ristretto from that machine could be used to make milk coffee which was "almost as good as filter coffee"! You just had to do it right; add only half a packet of sugar, 30 ml of Ristretto, and 60 ml of milk. It was wonderful. But why would they have us people stay happy tell me? They got this new coffee machine, which is an extremely sad Fresh and Honest machine. And so we asked them people (the guys in the pink shirts which had Fresh and Honest written on them) to get the Lavazza machine back. And very politely, they nodded, said ok-ok, and next day we see a printed sheet with Lavazza coffee typed on it stuck on this machine. Great. So point of the story is, this machine gives sick watery coffee, and I doubt it will cure me of all the sleepiness. Though somehow, typing about coffee has already done part of the job.  
In other news, all of the awesome End of Season sales, that happen just twice a year, and during which I get most of my shopping done, with considerably lesser quantities of guilt, are here! And this time, I’ve already been to most of them, and made extensive additions to my evergrowing piles of clothes/shoes/bags. So, I am thinking, that once this is done (which still warrants a little more time because Shopper’s stop, which is one of my top ranked shopping havens is yet to announce it’s sale. Once that is done, I shall conclude the sale shopping spree), we shall actually put in some effort in discarding what is not needed. Which is like 50% of my wardrobe. Oh come on. You’ve really got to see the stuff I have. Agreed a lot of it is hardly used, but there is a reason behind everything. So Phase I of Mission Discard will see the following go –
– Anything that is a salwar-kameez or churidaar kameez, with the kameez actually going beyond the knee, or it’s sleeves ranging between 3 inches above the elbow to 2 inches below it. Yes, I own those
– Anything which I can see and tell my 5 year old nephew that "Hey, you know, I wore this your parents’ wedding"
– Anything which has messages like "I am not arrogant, I am just better than you are", or "Get a life, beg, borrow, steal" which I felt were really cool wonsaponatime and haven’t been able to even look at for the past 2 years.
– Anything which has been preserved for the past 3 years for the "When I lose 5 kgs, I will fit into these really well" celebration
– Anything which was once made people think "Hmm, she looks good in this" , but now makes them think "Poor girl that faded shirt’s all she’s got that"
– Anything remotely warm, or woolen, because God knows that though Crime might stop altogether, Excel sheets might get interesting, Politicians might become the most honest beings, Rakhi Sawant might actually marry the bloke who wins that sidey show, I might lose 10 kgs in a month, but Hyderabad will never see winter.
That will bring in quite a lot of space I think. Enough to make place for this round of shopping, and some part of the next too possibly! So I will keep my bags and shoes for now, and think of them next.
I am fully awake now by the way. It might be more to do with the fact that if my meeting ends within the stipulated one hour, I would actually be leaving in another 2 hours. Also, because I took a walk around the place, had a coffee, complained about the same old things to the same old work friend, and then returned. That can be pretty useful I realise. Oh, and I had an icecream also. I have suddenly become this insatiable ice cream consumer, who will stop only if the mocha sundae or chocolate chip cone is unavailable. Which happens once every month, and since our ice cream guy waits for all the flavours to get over before restocking, it takes like forever. Because seriously , who eats Kesar-Pista Sundaes really?
That’s enough I think. I will go collect my prints and prepare for my Oh-so-important meeting now, because, if you didn’t realise, I just completed 6 months at the new job! Ok, one quick round of applause before we leave. Thankyouverymuch. Ciao!

17 thoughts on “Somebody please wake me up

  1. Rakhi Sawant and Hyderabad in one sentence? Oh Gawwwd. Please Boss, no matter what the context, do not put Hyd with Rakhi.
    And the solution from Fresh and Honest seems to be “Out of the Box”. Do they have Lean ideas at your place too? Awesome solution. Looks like they also believe in WYSIWYG. So, if you see Lavvazza on the machine, then you must be getting lavazza. No matter what the machine gives. ROFL. Seriously.

  2. Yay! I just love cloudy weather! Especially in India, I think that’s like the best season to happen! 🙂
    Hehe, yes we do, but like I said the guy chooses what to stock when! The customer has no say really 🙂

  3. Hahaha! You’re right actually, Hyderabad is way too precious for that!
    And yessir, they actually did that! I should have clicked a pic and put it up, it is just so unbelievable!

  4. Anonymous

    It’s red now?
    Visitin the blog after god know how long…. since everything was blocked in Saccham, was using Google Reader all these days (still am).
    Girl, you gotta stay for a month without your ‘rant’… and if that means no blogging, so be it. But just one month please, of you writing about the silver lining and ignoring the dark clouds… (ya ya! i noticed the irony that currently the clouds are the silver lining)

  5. :S Very funny! It was always red, but the layout was different. Changed it just yesterday! I have become a google reader user myself now!
    About the ranting, helloooo! This i my rant space!! And I am like so positive in this post! Except the coffee machine bit I guess, but you HAVE to accept that not getting good coffee is pure torture!

  6. :S That’s your ignorance speaking!
    This is what we call cool, pleasant weather. Winters mean fogs, sweaters, quilts, socks and mufflers. Sigh.

  7. Ouch. *Sheepish grin*
    Now that explains a lot yes!
    But it still doesn’t explain why the coffee is so bad when compared to what the original Lavazza machine (which was definitely not Fresh and Honest) was giving us!
    A case of Kingfisher Class vs Kingfisher Red I guess! 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Hmm… the new job doing you some real good, I say… One post per week!!! Lots of envy!!! Yes, lots and lots of it. It even gives you time to change the layout. And ice creams too…. W**!!!!
    And the coffee vending machine near my work place has closed down due to God-alone-knows-what!! Why God, why… why you doing this to me:(

  9. Anonymous

    And yeah, btw… I tried and tried in vain to comment on your last post, but internet woes beat me all the time… Was most amused by the nasty comments!!!

  10. Yeah, makes me wonder if the net is partial to people who prefer posting nasty comments out here 😛 The comment was really amusing though, made me feel jealous of the person though, so much free time to browse, read and then leave a comment about how much he/she hates the place! Sigh! I don’t even get to read the blogs I like!
    No coffee vending machine? How do you survive really!! You’ve got to update though, your blog deserves it! 😀

  11. Anonymous

    Just stumbled upon your blog a couple of days back…
    You should feel blessed you know. What with a bschool education, a great husband, a stable job, an innate writing talent and all.
    I am almost envious when i say that.
    I was once a fervent soul myself. Now? I just think life is a joke God played on me.
    So stay blessed and stay happy!!

  12. Re: General
    I do feel very blessed yes. And I am extremely greatful for the kind of life I have too. Touchwood.
    I repeat, that the fact that I sound do discontented and ranty on this blog has nothing to do with the way I feel in general, it is a small part which I enjoy jotting down, and so I do.
    Thanks for the wishes, and I sincerely hope that you don’t feel the need to be envious or disheartened about the way things are for you as well.

  13. Anonymous

    nice to see that you can ramble on about almost nothing and still make it extremely readable. i guess such talent can be used to write very effective marketing articles…

  14. Re: nice
    Hmm, thanks? That is a compliment yes?
    Oh, might be the explanation to why I always scored well in marketing subjects, without having read anything! 😉

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