The Discovery of the month …

is this guy.
Why you ask? Well, because I realised that it is possible for the universe to actually contain yet another human being who has not only been made to face the exact same issues and problems in life (relevant or otherwise!) as myself, but has also chosen the very same mode to vent out his frustrations.
Oh, I am not talking about him writing about it in general. I am talking about him writing this post. Oh, still don’t get it? Does it remind you of something? No? Bah, and you call yourself a regular reader!
Ok fine, let me help you. Check this one out, and this one.
Ah. Now you see it, I hope. Ofcourse, it’s not a replica. But please tell me you too can see an uncanny resemblance in our problems in life? Heck, accept it,  most of the lines are from the former, and a few from the latter. Oh, and yes, the grammatical atrocities are all his, so I am not taking away all the credit from him. And I can also spot a few of his own lines in between! So it’s only right to accept that, yes?
But still, it is all unfair I think. While all the others have their own issues to deal with in life, here’s this guy whose own set of problems is so small, that he randomly picks up others’ frustrations and states them as his own. Really unfair.
Surprisingly, I am more amused than miffed, perhaps the reason why I haven’t left a mean comment on his page yet. But then, it’s just one post, that too a rant, not some awesome literary piece of work. But then, it’s my rant. And  this blog specialises in that genre. Okay. I think I will leave a comment afterall!
But in a while. For now this is it.

Update: Ok, the blog’s gone now. Whoosh. First it became password protected, and now it’s been removed altogether. And all this before I could even leave a nasty remark out there. Damn. But I am happy, yes. Job’s done.


20 thoughts on “The Discovery of the month …

  1. Yeah, even if you leave a comment on his blog, it’s unlikely he’ll respond. Planning to flag the blog for LJ Admin?
    I remember had also posted about a similar admirer a few weeks ago.

  2. Yeah I remember that one! Mini mini or something nuh? And that lady had gone ahead and lifted a number of posts yes? And she even had readers! So that’s worse!
    This is duh, very silly! Imagine picking some one else’s work rant and stating the same thing! Yep, he might not respond, not that I care, but I still find it very amusing!

  3. What the f is wrong with these retards? We shall have his ass handed to him? This is so annoying.
    Heh. I have a standard template for an email that I send out to these retards. And it somehow gets the message across.

  4. Ok, so get your posts together and complain to Blogger about it. You can flag his blog which I tried doing but for that you need to highlight copied text etc and give links to copied info. Also just put a CC license on your blog for now so that you’re in the absolute clear.

  5. Anonymous

    You can call him…. “mini me”
    Or is that ‘maxi me’? Anyway I thought you should be in a happier mood since you just encountered the sincerest form of flattery….

  6. Will do, will do! 🙂
    Man, this annoys you yes! It’s just that one post actually, like I said, but will do the needful anyway! Not something that should be ignored!

  7. 😛 Yeah yeah!
    No, happy I am not, but I was pretty amused for a while! But since I actually put a copyright tag on the page (all the while grinning thinking about who in the world would copy ‘this’), I can actually get him to remove it!

  8. Ha, this boy is Wharton fan etc obviously has MBA in the USA plans and I’m guessing it’s the MBA connection through which he found your blog. Such a loser. He should know that just because he got away wiht copying in grade 10 and 12 he won’t get away with it now.

  9. Oh great! It’s now a password protected blog! And I hadn’t even left a comment yet 😦
    I did take a screenshot of the post though, just in case! Man, I love it when I actually predict something right!

  10. I did leave a comment: ‘Does relearning in life also include picking other people’s blogposts and passing them off as your own?’ His topmost post was about some relearning shit.
    Flag the blog, anyway!

  11. Anonymous

    You know how they say imitation is the best form of flattery – this is how they derive it…. Maybe you should use copyrights or something 🙂 I mean he could have gotten away for the grammatic blasphemy anyway…
    YOur life is quite happening, I suppose… too much meat for the blog:D Goodnesss

  12. Heheh, Copying rants and passing it as their own, seriously, what has the world come to?
    Heh, I wouldn’t say that. Think of how much vella time I had on hand to actually spot that blog, and that specific post! Actually, I used copyscape, for fun, and that’s what I got! So 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    I just read ur post and was thinking about leaving a comment on the copycat’s page when i found the link wasnt so glad the person took off his blog..

  14. Thanks Sri! I posted this before I commented on his blog, and he had removed it before I finally could! Missed out on a great opportunity to be mean 😀

  15. Yeah Yeah! I didn’t use the word cos somehow it doesn’t fit this context, hello, plagiarising rants? 😛
    Yep,I too noticed that he exists on technorati, and even some cached pages if you search. So, yes, we still have proof!
    Thanks anyway! 😀

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