Blue and Yellow

I dislike blogs with white font on black backgrounds. Mainly ‘cos no self respecting company’s intranet page would be black in colour, and even if I am fooling myself, I would rather have the onlookers believe that that is exactly what I am surfing.
And, I have realised, that I cannot surf blogs/ non-work related internet and listen to music at the same time. As in, I am incapable of doing the two things together. Funnily, I can very easily read through work related documents with earphones plugged on. The reason I feel is that having two modes of pure blissful entertainment on at the same time at work, makes me a little too guilty. One is still fine.
I can no longer be called a blogger. Because notonly do I not have anything to say, I don’t even feel like writing about it or posting anything that I might have.
I am also deleting reading from my list of interests/hobbies wherever I have mentioned it. Because I do not read. Unless you mean blogs, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue and Femina, or links shared by others on Google reader, I dont read anymore.
Speaking of which, though I loved Google reader to begin with, I am now pretty much bugged with it. Yes, it gives me these updates on the 60 (?!) odd blogs I have subscribed to and saves a lot of the time I used to spend clicking on each link on my favorites list. But that somehow, is not an advantage when you have too much time to spare. I feel it all gets over too quickly.
Ooh, and I really like Twitter now. If only it didn’t have such a small word limit. But I guess that’s the idea. Tough for me, and actually makes me resort to the Godawful SMS lingo at times! 
And I absolutely heart the new phone I got recently. A samsung touch phone this, I actually can watch youtube videos without any halts on it. And ofcourse, check and update twitter. Why I bought it is because there is this new mall near my workplace which we went to check out, and generally check the prices of the phones The Dude likes, and instead, we bought me a phone. Yes, just like that.
I am shit scared of screwing up this one, because it is a touch phone, and have kept the screen guard on still. And for once The Dude is ok with me being ‘So-typical-Delhi’*
We finally had a mini vacation, where we gave a lot of business to AP tourism, by visiting Araku Valley, Tyda Jungle camp and Vizag in a span of 4 days. Ofcourse, while for me the biggest thrill was the beaches and the Jungle camp, the to and fro drive of 12 hours each was what made The Dude happy. And yes, the destination was decided because of the ‘awesome roads’ that led to it.
We watched Love Aaj Kal and Kaminey. And like everybody else who did, loved the latter, and got seriously bugged with the former. Have finally stopped defending Padukone altogether. Shahid Kapoor however, has found a new fan. I wish the guy would choose people his age to act with though. Rani Mukherjee, seriously?
I have become so lazy it’s not funny. All I seem to do after my daily dose of 4 hours bus travel and 8 hours work is plonk on the bean bag infront of the TV, stare at the mindless (albeit awesome!) humor sitcoms on Star World, and stuff myself with all things evil. I really need to get up and MOVE. And stop eating chocolates. Damn.
Oh, and other than that things are good. Heh. Why wouldn’t they be, with a vacation, new phone, awesome weekends et al. Keep me busy, these things. But if I had started the post on this note, it wouldn’t really sound like me, yes?
It’s 12:32 PM, on a Tuesday afternoon, and this is me, signing off  this excuse of a post, hopefully for not so long this time. Gee, I think I still am a blogger afterall! Ciao.
* The Dude believes that Delhi people keep the plastic covers on their stuff (like Car seats, remotes, cell phones etc) for as long as they can. Why the generalisation, is beyond my understanding, and to find out the same is beyond my patience levels.

** Oh, and the title of the post is the color of the building outside my window. They are defintely not the best shades of the color though, and make the building look pretty dull. But today, with the deep grey background of the skies, they suddenly look very bright  and pleasant.


13 thoughts on “Blue and Yellow

  1. Excuse of a post or not, I enjoyed reading it. A fast-paced story, it was 🙂
    Ooh, and Samsung Star, is it?
    And vacation photos (specifically the ‘awesome roads’), please?

  2. Hehehe. That was the idea I guess! 🙂
    Yes yes, very much the Samsung Star, and for what I have seen of it till now, I’m loving it!
    Will do, will do. I have never posted pics up here, but high time I do I guess!

  3. Anonymous

    Welcome back!!;)
    Even i avoid reading blogs that have a black background..they dont look like ur “searching” for some work related info on the net!
    Nice to know about ur new fone..with all the rains at hyd that my parents have been telling me about,it is better to protect ur fone..
    Vizag is a nice place to visit although it is almost 10 years since i went there..even i didnt like Love Aaj Kal..but for some strange reason my hubby loved it!

  4. Hey there! What coincidence,was just checking out your post about Ganesh Chaturthi. We were infact checking out a lot of the statues while on our way back from Prasads on Sunday! But the Khairatabad one remains 🙂
    Vizag is beautiful! I was toally surprised! Love Aajkal has had mixed reviews, I guess I kept comparing it to Jab we met 😦

  5. That is not Yellow per se. Its golden and it looks really really awkward to me at times. Also boss remember the comparison between Rakhi Sawant and Deepika Padukone? To me they both are still in the same league.

  6. No, no. That golden building is next to us, but I cant see it from my window :). If you look beyond, you will see this proper blue and yellow building, surprisingly belongs to a real estate company!
    And don’t be soooo mean! Rakhi Sawant?? Please give Padukone some respect, poor thing!

  7. Anonymous

    ntn much at Arakku unless u r looking for a cosy place to sleep, other than office! No luck for me on the movies. The swine seems to be flying all around and doc says AVOID! crowded places. 😦

  8. Anonymous

    Blue and yellow!!! What were they thinking?! See, I would agree with that despicable writer’s block… i mean, so many things happening with you, and still it doesn’t land on paper… very unfair.
    Kudos on the phone though:)
    And btw, I am not anon, just bugged to sign in…

  9. We realised that only when we got there! Ananthagiri was so much nicer! Only, luckily we just about had enough time to sleep and moved first thing the next morning 🙂
    Yes-yes, u better avoid those places right now! Order movies instead, and make good use of the situation!

  10. I know!
    And guess what, it is the building of a famous real estate company! Seriously!
    Heheh, leaving a name is good enough :D, u wont be termed anon! You been MIA too for a while!

  11. Anonymous

    Hey this is my first time here! Came here from Sharanyan’s I think! Loved reading your posts. Went through most archives, even! 🙂

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