On days like these, I blog

I reached work at 7:40 AM today. This, when I had started from home at a very modest 7:15. And those who are not reading this as my first post, know that I usually take a minimum of an hour and a half to travel to work every day. The problem is the cab drivers in Hyderabad. For some reason,their level of their punctuality, is always inversely proportional to their Schumacher-ness. Hence ensuring that either there are days when the driver arrives 20 minutes later than the scheduled time to pick me up, also drives the cab like it were a rickshaw.

Or days like today, when I am woken up by my shrill ringtone and a perky voice asking me for directions to the pick up point, and when I finally succeed in moving my lazy self from the bed to the bath to the cab, I’m practically flown through the zero traffic roads to my work place. Well, you can’t win ’em all.
So, like I was saying, I reached pretty early today. And as it always happens, the reason I came early for, well, doesn’t exist anymore. And that means, time to spare. Which I first used for arranging stuff on my desk (instead of my usual fling everything around and login immediately, because you’re the last to reach work mode), filling my bottle with water (which by the way, I don’t. Fill the bottle, or drink the water in it, I mean. Remember, I’m a camel reincarnated?) and ensuring I drink atleast some of it, and then leisurely checking my personal mail (which I do anyway, how much ever work, how many ever meetings I may have), ranting on the Gtalk status message andTwitter (which again I do all the time, haha, like you didn’t know), and then finally, opening google docs and typing this out (what? that’s how I post. The Word doc days are so over!).
Anyway. I have realised that working early in the morning is not as bad an idea. Especially when you do have enough work to keep you busy in the first half of the day, and by the time you’re done, it is lunch time. And then post lunch hours are like just a some time to while away, and before you know, it is 5:30 and you are all set to leave. And that way, the travel hours are usually the no-to-very-less-rush-on-the-road hours, which again means not cursing every traffic signal, and horrible L board drivers who block your way while you’re trying to cross one after missing it like 4 times earlier. The only issue is, I don’t really trust others at my work place. As in, deep down inside I know that they will make me stay till 7, and then I will have to take the horrid bus through the horrid route in the horrid traffic and reach at 9. Horrid.
When I started this post today, I promised myself that I will not make it a unrelated collection of rambles. And I almost made it, when I decided to go have  breakfast in the cafeteria (which by the way, is pretty good, considering usual cafeteria food at offices is sad, this is almost in the very-good category). And there, another thought stuck me. Which is totally not connected to anything we have discussed so far, but has to be noted down nevertheless. And now that I am unnecessarily building up a hype around it, I might as well mention that it is nothing substantial, but yet another little known fact about me, which might not really be helpful to anyone, but this being my blog, will still be mentioned.
Yes. So, as everyone knows I am directionally challenged (I am dead sure I have mentioned this before, but still). As in, not necessarily in the forget-which-road-to-take way. But more in the flail limbs in randomest of directions while talking about a particular place, all the while assuming that I’m just short of being a human google map. So, if I’m in the office building, you’ll find me saying something like ‘ You know there is a mall coming up nuh, right there’ and pointing to say the left, and the other person looking completely lost, and responding with a ‘Err, but I thought there was a huge lake there, are you sure they can build a mall there?", and then I say "hmmm, let me think", and then I turn left and right, and round and round, till I have virtually descended down the building, walked out of it, onto the road and to the said site, all in my head, and then I turn back and say "ah, you’re right, not there, I meant there" this time hopefully pointing in the right direction. You get the idea.
Yeah, so I realised that not only am I directionally challenged horizontally, but also vertically. What can this mean you might think. It means, I am always unsure of if I need to go upstairs or downstairs, because I have a fixed idea of what should be where. For example, cafeterias are always upstairs, or have been whereever i worked before. So, now, when ours is on the 1st floor, and I work on the 4th, I still have to keep saying "let’s go upstairs and eat something". And not only that, I always press the ‘up’ button while calling the lift to go the place. And this, when I have been here for 6 months. I mean seriously!
Yeah, but that’s enough posting for one day. If you observe, there were technically only two topics discussed in this post. And also, at some level, even they are related, because they are all about work. Not so much about work, but I ensured that the examples are all work and work-place related. So mission accomplished. Almost. And now that is it almost 10 AM, and a respectable enough time for one to actually start what they originally came for (some people call it work), I shall proceed and do just that. You people have an awesome day!


10 thoughts on “On days like these, I blog

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  2. Anonymous

    After reading ur post, i have to admit even i am directionally challenged that too in the way u have described..just today, i was telling the office boy to go to a particular restaurant and was pointing my hand in the wrong direction..i always forget that my cubicle doesnt face the road!

  3. Hehe, so true! In my case, it’s more like I imagine the location of whereever I am at the precise moment, and decide the remaining directions and locations accordingly! Very comical 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Tell me about it! G gets very furious with the kind of directions I give. And to top it, I give him a good explanation on why I gave those :-))And he has just one thing to tell me – women can never give the right directions 😛 Very convenient!
    But your post, like always, made me smile :))) Its hilarious :))

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