Wherever we go..

..we take the weather with us. And not just any weather, we are extremely particular about rains. Not drizzles, not pleasant showers followed by an equally pleasant cloudy day, this is the real deal. An It-can’t-get-better-than-this deal. Which would either be torrential rains with winds that threaten to blow our umbrellas away (if we managed to carry those that is), or continuous rain pelting down with amazing enthusiasm from the dark grey clouds which show not one sliver of blue, and make you forget the concept of sunshine.
It was not always like this. The first trip that The Dude and I took was to Chennai. Yes-yes, smirk away, but that was our first ever romantic getaway. Yes. Hot, sweltering, sweaty Chennai. With a little bit of Mahabalipuram thrown in. Equally hot nonetheless. That was in the pre-wedding era, and we spent a whole day with friends, sitting under a shade on the beach, nursing chilled beers.
This was followed by the much planned honeymoon, which was exactly what weather.com had predicted it to be, more than 2 months earlier. Egypt. In June. Hot. No. Wait for it. HOT. But that’s what we had signed up for. To visit the Great Pyramids amidst the deserts, in the middle of Summer, so that each pic we took would have nothing to taint the brilliant blue background that was the sky. And ofcourse the sun. The magestic, brilliant sun to brighten each day that we spent there. It was as awesome as it could get. Though sometimes I have these vague recollection of us sprinting across the sunnypatches into the cool comfort of our airconditioned vehicle as soon as we were done ooh-ing and aah-ing over the hieroglyphics and the massive structures that beautiful country is full of. Hmm. Has to be all that love in the air.
Anyway. That done, I think our Sunny Days were more or less over. It all started with Tokyo. That awesome free vacation to Tokyo that our car won for us, remember? Which reminds me that our car turned 2 years old 3 days ago. Yes. So we had to choose our dates for the 5-6 day long vacation and it could be anytime from Jan to July that year. And we, very carefully, chose May. Because Weather.com promised good weather in may. No extreme climatic changes. And ofcourse the fact that we both got leaves together only then. And so we reached Tokyo, and it was bright and sunny.And very beautiful. Somehow, weather.com had now changed it’s prediction to cloudy with slight rainfall for these few days. At this point, I must mention that one of the key highlights of our visit was the trip to Disneyland. Something we both were looking forward to more than anything else (A fact that makes me thank my stars that I married this guy. Phew). So the day before the trip, we were doing this regular site seeing tour with a group of people. And it was still bright and sunny, when the japanese lady in front of us turned us and asked us our plans for the next day. Disneyland! We almost yelled. And she made a sorry face and said "Awwww, that’s bad. Today evening is when the tornado is supposed to hit us right, so the whole tomorrow going to be rainy!" It was so not funny. And yes, there were heavy rains that whole night and the next morning. How we finally reached, and made a good day of it, and got to get on all rides (ALL of them), and then it turned bright and sunny, and it was an awesome day, is another story. Bottom line, it rained.
And the saga continued. The long planned trip to Chirala finally happened last November, and the whole drive was rainy. Not heavy, but continuous. The heavy bit started only when we reached the resort and decided to visit the beach. Heh. Then our first vacation this year to Tyda. We got an opportunity to stay the lush green jungles, in the very pretty wooden igloo, amidst the heaviest rains possible. Weather.com predicted this too, only as usual, a bit too late.
And then came this weekend. This weekend was planned a month in advance. This weekend was our much awaited trip to Goa. And then, it starts raining. In Goa that is. So as we waited at our airport, we are told that our flight could get cancelled cos Goa airport runways are full of water. Awesome. And when they finally cleared it, and the airport opened again, and we were all ready and sitting in out plane, it rained again. This time, in Hyderabad. But we finally did take off, and reach somehow. And we battled through the rains and reached our resort too, fervently hoping that tomorrow would be a better day. It was. It was cloudy, and not raining. So we went and picked up bikes. And we started riding towards Palolem. When guess what happened. IT RAINED. And it rained and rained and rained the whole frigging day. But we brave souls refused to let anything spoil the holiday and rode through the rains, all the 35 kilometers and went to the beach, drenched from head to toe, shivered half the way, wished The Dude’s glasses had wipers, fell totally in love with the view, waded into waist deep water, and had our chilled beers anyway. It couldn’t have been better. And there are no ‘howevers’ to this. Luckily day 2 was dry and cloudy, and day 3 was bright blue, and really sunny, and as if there never were any rains. But none of the days could compete with our rainy day in Goa.
And now, we’re back. And we have made peace with the fact that the rains follow us. And considering the number of times I have  mentioned being in love with the rains and clouds and the rainy weather, I should theorically be thanking the Gods for following my blog so closely and ensuring that my favorite weather coincides with my holidays. But I’m not that amused. Or sarcastic. But the next time we plan to travel, I am thinking of making a mock plan to fool Rain God and make him visit in advance, and then push off for the actual thing. Good idea. Yes. That’s an awesome idea.
But wait, I just mentioned that he reads this blog! Damn. Another brilliant idea wasted. But I have time till the next vacation to think of a plan. Will go do that. For now, it’s over and out.


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