Post no. 229

I am back. On the blog that is. I was back from far-away quite some time back, actually about a week ago. Thing is, I think I overdid the travel bit this time around. I mean seriously. And yes, I am going to torture you with the gory details in the rest of this post, so if you’re not interested, click that small cross button at the right top of the page.
Anyway,the deal was a 2 week trip to Basel for work. Which meant two half weekends spent travelling, and one whole weekend spent alone in the far-away land. Before continuing further, I need the reader, that’s you, to know that I am not too fond of travelling for work. ‘Not too fond’ is not that strong a phrase I know. But here’s the stronger truth. I despise travelling for work alone. DESPISE. Now come on! First you send me away from The Dude, and my home, and my routine life (I know I complain about it, but I love it nevertheless!). Then you ensure I have zero company the whole way. And no, I do not believe in the ‘but you can always meet so many new exciting people, and visit new places, it so much fun’ nonsense. I don’t.
Yeah so, at 2 PM on my first Friday in Basel, when I was being all chirpy that almost a whole work week was over, I was summoned to the cabin by the Big Boss. Who, as the name suggests, is a pretty Big Boss.
BB: The team out there has an offsite planned this month.
Smiling me: Oh great! (Ah! Some pretty countryside resort in Switzerland! Almost like a holiday, lucky them!)
BB: So we were thinking, that we could call the rest of team India, and all of you could join it! What say?
Grinning me: Oh yes, that would be good! (Yay! Company arrives!)
BB: Great then! It is scheduled in the third week from now for two days.
Not-so-smiling me: Oh, then I can’t join. I leave next saturday you know. (Offsite, who cares! I am off home! Yay!)
BB: Oh but that’s what I called you for! Why don’t you stay back 2 more weeks!
WTF with a very obviously fake smile me: No-no, that’s not possible, you see, my visa is for 15 days only, that gets over next week.(Oh. My. God. This is not happening!)
BB: Let’s get it extended!
Fake smile fading me: No, you’ve to be in India for that! (Please let this be true!)
BB: Oh. So it’s a transactional issue huh. But you’re ok in principle?
Almost about to cry me: Nooooo, I have a vacation planned the week after I reach! I have to be there! (Phew, Am I glad I applied for that leave!)
BB: Oh yes, can it be postponed for a bit?
Super-bugged me: No. It’s a family thing. Can’t happen. So sorry. But it’s fine. Next time, yes? (Let me go)
BB: Hmmm, perhaps you can fly back after your vacation! Get your visa extended when you’re back in India?
Calm me: Too tight. I leave for Delhi within 10 hours of reaching India. No time to submit docs et al! And too expensive. Budget constraints and all? It’s ok, next time?(Let.Me.Go.)
BB: Oh yes. Budget constraints
Fake sorry me: I know. Too bad. NEXT TIME? (Phew!)
BB: Hmmm.
I did go. Again. So technically, I flew back to Hyderabad, flew to Delhi the same day, got back a week later, and then left again to Basel the next day. This time for those 2 days. Which were good in general, but two day travel for a two day visit? And right now, I am sick and tired. Of travelling and in general. 
And oh yes, somewhere in between all this running around, actually on the only one day in the last month that I spent in Hyderabad, I turned 27.  And it so doesn’t feel like a milestone. I think 27 is a most boring age to turn. Because, like 25, there is no announcing, yay, I just completed a quarter of a century. Or like 26, when I celebrated entering my late twenties. Even 28 will be boring. 29 however, will be big, ‘cos then I will be all like I am in the last year of my 20s. Now that will be big. 30 is a different story, I think I should already start deciding what I would do for my 30th birthday. Hmm, I would like that.
Other than that, the visit home was awesome, inspite of the expected weight gain which happens everytime thanks to those neverending rounds of stuffed parathas. Yum. Also,since this was a complete family trip (excluding my ever-busy lil sis), we also did touristy stuff like (re)visiting the Taj, and generally roaming around Delhi (read Qutub Minar, Red Fort, India Gate etc, and the lovely lovely Chandni Chowk and it’s parathe wali gali. Sigh) for the benefit of the mother-in-law for who this was the first visit up north.  
That being that, it’s just amazing to be back. Back to regular routine life. Back to all things I always crib about, and am sure will do again soon. Waking up at 6:30, the long bus ride to work, the horrid traffic in evenings, the bad food in the cafeteria, the generally annoying people around. I missed it all, though I was away for just a month. Goes to show how the thing I hate most is unnecessary change, and it actually makes me crave for things to be as they are in general, however much they have annoyedme before. But that’s fine I guess, and worth it, as long as it makes me feel the way I do right now. Content.
So, I will get back to my life, and the awesome fridayness in the air, and you can go back to doing the more purposeful things in your life. And do come back when I post next!

8 thoughts on “Post no. 229

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  2. Hi!I came to your blog via a mention in the recent edition of Femina and must I say that I really like your blog.It’s fun without being flippant and there are so many places where I am like,”God!this woman thinks so much like me”.I am in the process of reading your posts and I thought I’d comment here because I turned 27 recently and yes it feels very boring.

    And yes,I think your blog is very balanced,if you know what I mean!Maybe,I’ll elaborate that in some other comment :).

    1. Hello! 😀 I came to know of the mention just yesterday, and I have my first visitor from there! 🙂
      Thanks for the nice words, and hope you like more posts!

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