Hello 2K10!

Ahem, so how did I bring in the New Year? Do you really want to know? Not in the best way I’ve got to say, though I am dead sure this is one New Year’s eve I am going to remember all my life! And of course, with a solemn promise to myself that I am not doing it this way again. No-no. So we went to this ultra posh party hosted at this ultra posh club. And I dressed ultra posh-ly for the event too (or so I would like to think). And it was all nice and fine. And the music was good. And the ambiance was wonderful. But then the darn unlimited alcohol happened. And apparently vodka, rum, orange juice, red bull and white wine do not really go well together. Argh. So at new year’s eve, I was, in The Dude’s words, smashed. SMASHED. And not in a good way! I don’t even remember when the clock struck 12!  So. Not. Ok.
Good thing is, I long stopped believing the old saying that the whole year goes the way it starts. Or the one which says the whole year goes the way you spend day one of the year. Because in case 1, I am going to be drunk the whole year, and not really in a position to remember whatever happened around me in the end. And in case 2,  I am going to sleep the whole year. Ha. Both sound like amazing plans I know, but they aren’t. Really.
So 2009 was interesting. And the biggest thing that happened in 2009 was the new job for sure. That kept me on my toes, and actually gave me a good work place, and good colleagues, and a regular day job. It also gave me painful hours of travel, and 14-15 hour long days of work every month. And it gave me a long drawn 15 day visit to Switzerland. 2009 was also the year where I stayed away from the Dude for the longest time since we got married. 5 weeks. When he was in the U.S. And it was just as bad as I had thought it would be. 2009 saw us travelling much lesser than 2008 did, which was not cool at all. We managed just 4 tiny vacations. And yes, that is less. 2009 saw me go on a useless, effect-less GM Diet again. And it also saw me officially give up on being fit or healthy. 2009 brought ‘How I met your mother’ into our lives. 2009 had me meeting the parents and Lil sis more often than before, and that was good.2 009 was the year of the baby boom. Everyone around me seemed to be having babies, or expecting babies soon. Like I said, interesting.
Ok, let’s accept it, 2009 was good, but here’s hoping that 2010 is even better!
Oh yes, Happy New Year all! Hope you have an amazing time this year, and of course, hope I do too 🙂
Oh, and in case you’re wondering where my list of resolutions is, I didn’t make any. Because though in the past I have only failed to keep my resolutions, the last year, I gave myself the whole of January to decide upon a doable list. And guess what, I failed to even draw up the list! So I am not bothering this time around. I’m going with the flow. Ah, sounds so mature and grown-up.
Cheers to 2K10 people, be good!


12 thoughts on “Hello 2K10!

  1. Hey Thanks!Happy New Year to you too! And welcome to the page 🙂
    I know! And it’s specially scary for certain baby-phobics I know, and no, I am not referring to myself ;)!

  2. Anonymous

    Happy 2k10!
    Cheers for a great year ahead, and keep blogging! 🙂
    May many more good TV Shows enter your life this year! (How I met Your Mother gets really boring in Season 5, Same with Scrubs. Grey’s is probably the only show apart from Friends, which has me hooked even in it’s 6th season!) 🙂

  3. Re: Happy 2k10!
    Ya?! Uh oh, it was going pretty good till season 4! However, I completely agree, Grey’s rules! No other show makes me look forward to Fridays as Grey’s does! But hate the long breaks they keep taking man, waiting for the 14th!

  4. Anonymous

    Re: Happy 2k10!
    I came back to your blog to ask you something, completely digressing from your post. Actually, my sister’s still stuck on Season 5 of Grey’s and friends are stuck on Season 3 (I know, sheeeesh!) Since you seem to be up to date, like me ;), and because I was dying to discuss this with someone, did you see Episode 6 of Season 6? Wasn’t it just SUPERB? The one where they are trying to determine the burn victim’s death cause? IT was sooooooo well made, with those flashbacks, the narration of each person involved. God! I just loved it. The song, “Out of the Dark” by Matt Hires which played at the end of it i still my alarm tone, though I can’t hear it in the mornings! Infact, I wrote a whole post on it and even published it, but then I hid it, thought people might think I am too obsessed! 😉

  5. Re: Happy 2k10!
    Haha! Only a true Grey’s fan can understand being able to write a whole post about an episode! Ok, I loved that episode too, man were they able to maintain the suspense till the end! And loved the way they had shot the same sequence from different angles and from each person’s perspective, amazing direction, not one flaw! You should have posted it, I would have found a way to comment on it right then :D, yes, you can call me obsessed too!

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