This is it.

After a lo-oo-ot of deliberation, planning, thinking, re-thinking, URL choosing, header image selecting, widget inserting, method of posts import googling, we are proud to present to you;

Our New Blog page!  

Anyway, this post is going to be our last one Livejournal, and our first on WordPress, so you can post all your wishes and Congratulatory messages on the new page, ok? Yep, so coming back to the move itself, I have done this kinda thing before, moving to wordpress that is, and I returned in 2 days flat. Because everyone was so negative about the whole thing, and kept saying how the theme was bad, and how they found it so much easier to google my name and click on the first link to reach my blog. Anyway, this time I have a better reason behind the move. You see, that google bit I mentioned just now was fun for a while, but then I realized that it definitely wasn’t the safest thing in the world, especially if majority of my posts comprise of severe venting out of frustrations. That too about parties, who in more cases than not, have as regular an access to the WWW as I do. No, no, not good at all. And hence. the need for a new url with no mention whatsoever of the name, atleast not so obviously, was felt.  

So here we are. And what do you think of the header image, and general look of the page and all? Please don’t be negative (unless you have the time and talent to help me make it better!). And of course, add this new url to your subcription list! (what? I do have subscribers, google reader says so!) That would be it for now. There is a lot more to do ofcourse, but we need time to get used to the new place. So some patience would be wonderful!

For now, have fun, and wish me luck!


28 thoughts on “This is it.

    1. Hehe! Thanks Nitai! See, this is the stuff I was talking about! Positive encouraging comments ;). Oh btw, had no clue you still were visiting the blog, see this move helped that too!

  1. subbulakshmistoned.

    Yay! I used to not comment on your blog ‘cos the LJ interface was a er.. little too demanding 😀
    Next post, please! 😛

      1. Hey! But once you get used to it, it’s tough to move, it took me 6 years after all! By the way, your’s is the one blog where I have to take special efforts keep the header hidden from regular view at work!

        1. That would be one helluva risk to take at my work place! Cool people I won’t find, but I will probably get a notice from IT about the restrictions on surfing ‘inappropriate content’ at work :P!

  2. snippetsnscribbles

    Welcome to the WP family 🙂 Yay!!

    Your header is awesome but the blue jeans image can be made a bit more sharper. But I love that pic!!! Where do you find them?

    1. Thanks! 🙂 And welcome!
      Yes, I do intend to make that image clearer! Was a random google search and then I modified it to suit my liking, see I gave header credit to google images too! Just in case!

    1. Thanks!
      Ahem, those ain’t sparkles though! I was trying to color the shoes red, and this was at work where I only have MS Paint, so I used the spray instead of the brush! Hence the effect! You’ll be saying a lot of changes to that soon , hopefully for the better! 🙂

  3. Erm, the techincally challenged me dares to ask what Gooleverse is, even googling it is not helping much!
    Blogger in general rocks I feel, but WP seemed pretty user friendly! And the move was more to remove my name from the URL than anything else!

  4. I’m here too! 😉 Congratulations on the move!
    This looks really nice and slick..On the whole, great! 🙂
    Oh and after reading your post, I realized I can actually see the number of subscribers I have on Reader! Pretty cool stuff! Will add your new one right away..:)

    1. Thanks Preeti! I by the way, still cant post comments on your blog 😦
      I might have to change the header image soon, for wierd reasons, so am frantically looking for something that suits the theme of the blog! Yep reader is very cool, and very good for the ego 🙂

  5. Vandana

    Awesome, keep it going,,,I am a fairly new follower of your blogs, somehow found you and I like the way you write…very casual yet gripping! I think the Hyderabadi link keeps it going too…makes me nostalgic. CIAO!

    1. Hey Vandana! Thanks for all the nice comments 😀 So you’re from Hyderabad? Then I am sure you can totally relate to many of the posts which have a lot to do with the city!

  6. So you too are on wordpress. Nice!!
    Nice layout. A little bit similar to the one on LJ. Good. And since when did you start wearing such high high heels:)
    Any idea whether wordpress has something similar to the Firends version of Livejournal. Have not had the time to do R&D on wordpress yet.

    1. Hey there! Well frankly, I planned to move long ago, but when you did, I thought it was time 🙂 Hehe, heels have been brought in to compensate for vertically challenged situation I am in!

      About the friends option, I think they do, you have tosubscribe to the other blogs in htis case, on your account page, and you get updates. Even i need to explore a lot!

  7. That’s good too na! People contacting you directly to discuss your stories? Actually, I think the reason is that of the above commentors, I think I know only 3 personally, including you! So the rest I have gotten in touch through the blog only. You put up the 4th story huh? Will go check it out now! 😀

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