Hey, Baby!

No, I am not reviewing the movie. Oh come on, it released like 5 years ago? But instead, I am going to talk about the one topic which I have mentioned time and again out here, but then this post from S ‘n’ S has forced me to do a full blown post.

Babies. I am not saying that this has been the most talked about thing in my life recently. I am saying this has been the only thing being talked about for a while. Be it friends, family, cousins, relatives, colleagues, and even mere acquaintances, babies are the in thing. Wherever the conversations begin, they inadvertantly move to babies, and then stay there for a while, and end there. It is that big. Take this for an example. A friend from the graduation days, who I have not been in touch with since 2005 I think. We find each other on orkut/facebook, and add each other on Gtalk. And the conversation starts with ‘How’ve you been?’, and ‘How’s work been?’ and ‘Oh you got married!’ to ‘ Oh, for 2 and a half years!’ to our favorite topic, ‘ So when are you having a baby? It’s time right?’  

Which makes me wonder what one means by the right time to have baby. By popular vote, we have arrived on the following definition of ‘Right time’  

 Right time = function (m, c, f, t) not necessarily in that order  

 Where m = No. of years you’ve been married for, where m lies between 1 and 2. (‘Oh come on! You’ve been married for two years now! How much more time do you guys need?’)         

 c = No. of elder first cousins who are yet to have a baby, where C=0   (‘Ah! Now that C had a baby, it’s your turn! When are you giving the good news?’)       

 f = No. of friends who have a baby/are planning a baby soon, where F>=1 (‘All your friends are having babies, I think this is good time!’)      

t = Amount of spare time that the parents and in-laws have on hand (Sigh. I really think you should give me a grandchild now. I have all the time in the world to take care of it!)   

Unfortunately in our case, we fulfil all the conditions except for C, which has been conveniently ignored because the said cousin is yet to meet condition M. So.  

 But that’s not the best part. The best part is the assumptions. Let me explain. Very recently, a mere acquaintance (even that is an exageration, I know this guy because he travels in our office bus) asked a friend if I was carrying. And my very shallow brain , immediately checked my tummy to see any sign of flab deposits which might have led him to believe so. But no, there was nothing (Thankfully. And now that I mentioned it, no jokes about this would be entertained. Hmph.) Turns out that the reason he was led to believe so was because he heard, on two different occassions, two different people, telling me to ‘Take care of my health’. This was when all the Swiss travel was taking a toll on me, and I had been ill for a while. So those two instances, combined with the fact that I was married, led him to believe that I might be pregnant. Seriously!  

And in another scenario, I happened to mention that I have all plans to move out of the current house to a place nearer to work, and that I had given The Dude 9-10 months to find one, and the immediate reaction was ‘ Ah, so that you can have baby by then right?’ Other than that we have my parents sighing over how long they are being made to wait before they have the opportunity to ‘play’ with their Grandchild, and my MIL threatening to go to the Himalayas(?!) if we don’t give her a Grandchild by the end of this year! And you’ve got to be there to understand the hilarity of the situation when these statements are being made.  

Fortunately,  so far I have only been amused by all these things! And accept it, it is kinda fun when everyone around suddenly shows extreme interest in your personal life, and thankfully things haven’t reached the stage that I feel bothered by it all. Infact I use most of these instances along with my sudden surges of maternal instincts to bug The Dude. Actually, there are some more good reasons why one should submit to the maternal instincts. One is the very big worry that there is a steady decline in the quantity of names in the name bank, and everyone seems to be using up the good ones. That, and pretty maternity clothes. Oh, and 3 months paid maternity leave. Heh. I know, shallow me nuh?  

But jokes apart, I love babies, and really look forward to having my own, but till we decide on the definition of the ‘right time’, I don’t think it is the right time yet. And as long we both agree to that, all is well.  For now, I will keep myself busy thinking of appropriate answers to enquiries from all and sundry, and shopping for baby clothes and other accessories for all those adorable kids popping out all around me!


23 thoughts on “Hey, Baby!

  1. This seems to be the perennial problem in every woman’s life..u know what-my MIL gave me gyaan the day we returned from our honeymoon that i must have a kid soon. Every month,she used to question me about the status of my periods or ask my SIL to ask silly questions like “Did u wash ur hair” which was supposedly an indication of periods..after 3 months,she even asked me if i had some medical problem..she dropped supposedly subtle hints that so and so i asking if i am pregnant..after all this hungama,i conceived after 6 months of marriage..yesterday i had a fight with her and blamed her for harassing me to get pregnant and can u believe what she said…she said “I know u Andhra girls do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    PS:Sorry for such a long and personal comment..i was going to blog about this and just then read ur post..

    1. Hey Sri! Delayed reply, but all’s well that ends well I guess! You have pretty lil Oviya now 🙂
      But I totally understand how it must have felt initially. It’s tough esp if people make negative comments about it. I have had people ask me if I don’t ‘like’ kids, imagine! But I guess the best thing is to brush it off and move on!

  2. snippetsnscribbles

    Err…just an observation, DI, the jeans looks like it has lint stuck all over it. Did you try to ‘paint’ it again? 😀 The glittery shoes look fine though 🙂

    1. Hehehe, they look like velvet jeans to me now! eep! Fashion faux pas! Like I said header is under constant re=engineering, so expect to see new weird stuff for a while!

  3. Rahul

    Haha! Hilarious, and yet thought provoking post. Loved it 🙂
    Putting on my Geek hat, I suppose the ‘right time’ variable should consider the extent to which the spouse (almost always the guy here) has cold feet about bearing an offspring. I’d represent this with the curious letter “q” in your equation 😉 It’s a given that girls, biologically or otherwise, adore babies…no matter how repulsive it is to clean up their poops & throops (throwups). But, is the guy, the purported father, ready to smell like Johnson’s baby powder + oil, when he goes to work..1hr late? Well, IMHO, that’s really THE ONLY parameter 😀

  4. Hello! Thanks Thanks :D!

    Actually, you couldn’t have said it better! I can assure you out of personal experience that it is just variable ‘Q’ that matters at the end of the day! But then, I guess it does take a while for the current kid in the house to grow up before he can accept the new one 😉

  5. I am digging the WP avataar of your blog! Somehow LJ wasn’t doing it for me.
    So tis the season to be preggo huh! Jokes apart….I always thought this was the biggest obsession with people only in India but apparently not. It is just an obsession period. I was at this bacherlotte party the other day and the major topic of discussion was when the bride-to-be planned to have babies. Duh.
    The right time is when you are ready. That is the bottomline. Now the definition of “being ready” varies widely from person to person. So what works for one almost always does not work for another.

  6. Hey! Long time huh? Thanks , the avatar is still udner constant re-engineering, so let’s see how the final look, if ever there is one, turns out!

    Totally agree, right time should be left to the parties concerned alone, who at the end of the day are the couple themselves!

    Also, where have you been? Totally MIA!

  7. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and call it coincidence or whatever, I blogged abt the same thing just nw!!!! He he, so this is the only thing happening in our lives eh 😀 Same pinch 😉

    LOL @ the equation girl .. in our case, even C is not 0 😉

    Those baby clothes .. tempting enuf for me too 😛 😛

  8. Thanks for dropping by!
    I know, serious case of same pinch, and I even left a comment on your blog saying that just now. On a seperate note, how jobless are we to keep checking comments and responding so fast! 😀

    C is not 0 means you still have an additional card to play! And the clothes, tempting for us alright, but The Dude starts sweating at the sight of the price tags!

  9. Haha! Why am I not surprised! This seems to be the story of almost every girl who commented here, nice to have company though 😉

    I know, I missed the age variable! ” Don’t delay too much, your ‘biological clock’ is ticking’! Too funny!

  10. Isha

    Hi just found your blog today @ livejournal….great post… I cant say I can relate to you but definitely you entertaining… hope to read more of your stuff.

    1. Thanks Isha! 🙂 It always feels awesome when someone likes what you write, keep visiting!
      I am also glad that I haven’t as yet deleted the LJ account, it still helps me meet new people!

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