Ooh, an interview!

Just when we finally decided to remove all details of our identity from our blog page, finally change our url and move to a new blog host, they go ahead and publish this, something I took part in when blogger interviews were the ‘in’ thing! And yes, it directs you to the old blog.

Anyway, I am not denying the fun bit, but I am definitely denying all the missing ‘s’es in parts of the write-up which I can already see. In my defense, they are not part of my quotes! 🙂

Yep, that’s me. So much for anonymity!

PS:  Removed the link now, I think I’ve had my 5 days of fame 😉 Now we go back to being anonymous, er, or something like that!


8 thoughts on “Ooh, an interview!

  1. Genuine doubt I have, do we leave comments for this post here or at “Webneetech”? :O 😉
    I’ll just go ahead and comment here, but do let me know if you require some comments there too, you know, proof that we read the article! 🙂
    Pretty cool stuff! Congrats..:) Oh and anonymity has gone for a full toss, huh? Snap ke saath publish hua! 😉

  2. Here is good !
    Ya, I know, anonymity is gone! But just for a while I guess, the link will get lost once the newer posts come in, and I am being regular these days! True to my word

  3. snippetsnscribbles

    Wow! thats awesome DI !! Congrats!!

    And you’re HOT! 😉 hehhehe…so much for anonymity indeed 😀

    …and yeah, a whole lot of s’s were missing !! 😀

    1. Thanks girl! But like I mentioned, I am one of around 200 people who have rambled out there! Hehe, but it was fun anyway!

      Awww, you’re making me blush :P! Anonymity will be back once I am done enjoying this! And yep, noticed a few other typos too!

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