10 things you probably don’t know about me

You might call me self-obsessed for this, but I am going ahead and doing a ‘X things about me tag’ for the third time. Yes, I am jobless like that, and accept it, this is fun! Oh, and the tag’s been passed to me by Madam Subbulakshmi aka Pseudgult.  

 Before I start, you can find the earlier revelations here and here. Here goes.  

1. I am a messy person, and people who know me (especially my friends from K) will vouch for that. However, things have changed now, mainly because, though I did not deem it to be possible really, The Dude is messier than me. And I end up being the one who is fussy about keeping things in their designated places now (Yes, stop over-reacting now). Things marriage does to you.  

2. I don’t work out. I don’t ever take the stairs. I don’t drink water. I don’t have breakfast. I can’t resist chocolates. I have one helluva unhealthy lifestyle, and though I keep thinking of doing something about it, I am too lazy to.  

3. I dislike make-up of any sort, and I am all for the ‘natural look’. However, there are two fake things about the way I look. One, my hair, which is straightened every year, and is otherwise super-curly. And two (this one’s new), my front tooth. I actually managed to develop a cavity in my crooked front tooth, and underwent a root canal, and so I have a fake cap on my front tooth. And NO, you can’t make that out unless I tell.  

4. I have been addicted to Grey’s anatomy for the past 3 years. I still am. And I end up crying every time I catch an episode. And this when I am not PMSing, because then, even American Idol auditions can make me cry.   

5. I am not a morning person at all, but I am managing to wake up by 6:30 every morning, and leave for work by 7:30 everyday for the past 6 months. I think I deserve an award for this.  

6. I shamelessly eavesdrop on random people’s conversations while travelling in the bus, or eating in the cafeteria, or wherever possible. The fact that I understand 5 languages now really helps. And the fact, that no one knows this helps even more. Oh, just in case  you are curious , I am referring to Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi.  

7. I keep changing my choice of names for my future children on a very frequent basis. Depends of course, on the latest book I read, or the latest movie I watched. The name I latched on to for the longest, much to the alarm of my parents and friends, was ‘Zoravar’. It’s no longer on top of my list, but it can still be considered, so don’t steal it.  

8. I can’t wait to turn 30! I know I have 3 more years to go, but I think turning 30 would be a very cool experience. When I turned 20, I had CAT to write the very next day, so I don’t think I did justice to the day at all. I don’t remember what I did when I turned 10 of course.  

9. I can’t stand guys who place their sunglasses on their head. Though I don’t mind the same with girls. I have said this before, but I don’t understand people (this time both girls and guys) who have their sunglasses on their head the whole day while in office. And yes, there are people like that.  

10. I am a chronic worrier. It’s like I search for things to worry about. And when all things feel fine, I sit back and worry about what I could be missing out, and don’t stop until I find at least one new thing to worry about. It’s a pretty sad condition, and my biggest issue in life.

And there, we are done! I really thought it would be tough for me to do this, because of the earlier lists, it hardly took any time! Totally proud of myself!  

About passing it on, I will tag who ever reads this? I know most of you would have done it before, but I am sure you can find 10 more things you want us to know about you, yes? So go ahead, do it and let me know!


13 thoughts on “10 things you probably don’t know about me

  1. Swaram

    Wow! Thatz ws a pretty interesting read .. very honest 😀
    The names thingy .. I do that too and glad to know I hv company 😉
    Zoravar is cuteee 🙂

  2. Hehe! Thanks Swaram! You take it up too, should be fun! Though I vaguely remember you doing a post where you struggled to get 10 points! 🙂

    I am glad you think Zoravar is cute, will use this to pitch it forth if needed in future 😉

  3. rechristened

    Yayy one more bullet post!

    Well done for #5 😀 I know how you feel.

    #4: I have heard a lot about Grey’s Anatomy but I’m yet to catch an episode. Go ahead, talk me into watching it.

  4. Thanks! #5 is an achievement, trust me!
    I beg you watch GA! I am serious, I have never liked any soap as much as I like this! And it is not the FRIENDS kind funny, it is very realistic, and awesome!
    Go-go-go watch now, or send me your postal id, will mail the first few seasons to you! :))

  5. I have a fake cap too! WOW 😀
    About eavesdropping, my friend V gets irked ‘cos she will be yapping something and I will be listening intently to the voices from behind. He he, good fun!
    Thanks for taking it up! Super knowing you! 🙂

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  7. I am SO with you on #9. Once I had to meet a “boy” and the first thing that struck me when I saw him was the sun glasses on his head. And, of all the “meetings” that I have had, this was the one I had absolutely nothing to talk about. And, being tongue tied is not one of my weaknesses.

    About girls who have SGs on all the time, I remember reading somewhere that SGs make for a good hair band. So, no worries – just a case of having been misled.

    1. Hehe, good thing is I guess the deal was off at first glance in this case! Useful yes?
      Erm, I understand about the girls, I push up the glasses on my head once in a while when out too, but inside ? In a cafeteria? At 1 PM? Serious case of being misled that! :/

  8. I am chronic worrier too.
    These people have severely underestimated the ramifications of PMSing.I mean in at times,I cry,like cry out loud for unbelievably juvenile reasons.

    Needless to say,AWESOME entry.

    P.S.:count me your first fan. 😉

    1. Oh where am I? Oh, right there, on top of some tree! *Blush* Awww, I am all shy now!
      Hehe, glad you liked! Keep letting me know what you think, it always helps! 😀

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