DI this week

Good evening and welcome to DI this week. In today’s headlines; 

 – ‘And that’s what it’s all about’ has two new subscribers, says Google reader. Only, both the subscriptions are for it’s old blog URL, which as some sources have indicated, could be an underhand way of saying, ‘Oh let me add you to my reader, now that you don’t write here anymore.’  

– A drastic decline has been reported.in the enthusiasm to watch movies in the Dude and DI household. This is based on data collected in the past few weeks, which shows that the couple did not make a single attempt to book tickets for either Ishqiya, or MNIK, though they were heard stating that they really wanted to catch the two flicks, more than once.  

– There has also been a surge of interest being shown in the television series ‘Bones’ in the household. Though the interest was originally sparked by DI, The Dude is also reported to have gotten as involved. So much so, that while DI only gets to watch the re-run showcased at 8 PM, every night, The Dude watches the original airing at 11 PM.  

– On Valentines eve, The Dude and DI were spotted in their room, sprawled across the bean bag and bed, with their mugs of beer, packets of ‘Hippo’ and extremely tasty fish purchased from a Kerala restaurant that has opened in the vicinity. To celebrate the occasion, they have been reported to have watched two mush flicks, back-to-back. Going by historical evidence, the rest indicates that it was a regular Saturday night.  

– Regarding the MNIK controversy, DI has chosen to keep mum. This is allegedly due to her lack of interest and knowledge about politics, and anything remotely associated. However, she was heard repeating a joke she read on the MTV ticker to The Dude (Q. Who benefited most from the MNIK controversy? A. Dhoni – cos no one bothered to ask about the lost match), but that has provided no leads to her take on the issue. Thus leading to a conclusion that it might be because she couldn’t care less.  

– The Marks and Spencer outlet at In-orbit in Hitec city, has been rated as the ‘awesomest store ever’, since an amazing pair of perfectly fitting jeans was spotted and snagged the last weekend. This of course, after google confirmed that UK size 12 was indeed India size 30.  

– Also, this year Pani-puri aka Gol-gappas have beaten Chocolates in the ‘ There-is-nothing-like-too-much-of-these’ awards. Though there was a very close competition, the balance tilted in the former’s favor, when the judge consumed approximately 50-60 pani-puris in the span of half a day, and stated that she could actually eat more if she wasn’t so full.  

– In business news, DI has take upon herself the challenge of increasing the sales of the well known brand of chewing gum, Orbit. On being asked for a comment, her colleague stated that she was trying to compensate for the heavy duty spend on advertising by the brand. This was later clarified by DI as a ‘typo’, as the particularly famous ad that the colleague was referring to was for ‘Happy Dent.’  

– In sports, DI has maintained her position as the top rated lazy bum for the 27th consecutive year. She has accepted that this indeed had become a way of life for her, and it would require extreme effort on anybody’s part to actually beat her at her beloved sport ‘don’t-ever-do-anything-healthy’.   

– In the entertainment section,  the two songs that have been recorded as having spent most number of hours on loop, be it the media player on the office laptop, or the ipod, are ‘Hosanna’ from an upcoming tam movie, which is AR Rahman’s latest offering, and ‘ Uff Teri Ada’ from Karthik Calling Karthik. On an unrelated note, the ipod is probably going to conk very soon.

– In other news, a strange phenomenon has been noticed repeatedly at the Lunch wash area. Apparently, the place seems to be inhabited with strange creatures, who tend to stand in front of the paper towel dispenser for 3-5 mins, after having taken their share of towels, wiping each finger with great concentration. This has led to a great deal of astonishment and angst in the ‘me-too’ community, which comprises of individuals blocked by these creatures, with freshly washed hands dripping with water, who believe that they deserve some towels too.  

– As per the latest update, DI was found grinning excessively while at work today. Though there were speculations as to what could have caused the sudden bout of happiness, it has been confirmed that the only reason behind the apparent ecstasy is the fact, that today is afterall a Friday.  

That’s all in the news for today. Have a great weekend!


18 thoughts on “DI this week

    1. Umm, you really want to know ? 😐
      But quite frankly, it is pretty doable without any after effects, just ensure you skip all other meals for the day! 😀

  1. Missing panipuris so much!!Can u believe i havent had one after delivering Oviya…am somehow scared that i will pass on germs in the pani to her..i had some when i was pregnant though!!

    Is ‘Hosanna’ from ‘Vinaithaandi Varuvaaya’..waiting to catch that movie when i go back to Chennai..

    1. Uh oh, that is tough! I think you should make them at home! Which is how I ended up having so many of them btw! Hygiene guaranteed, and no limit on the number 🙂
      And yes, Hosanna is from the movie you said! The music is pretty good!

  2. Swaram

    Ha ha ha .. I luv reading such mixed bag posts 😉
    Sheesh! Can’t believe those ppl care for their nazuk fingers so much 😛
    LOL @ the MTV joke 😉

    1. These mixed bag posts are a result of nothing concrete to write about otherwise :)!
      Hehe, I am seriously considering discussing the issue with those ‘creatures’ btw! And yeah, the joke cracked me up too! 😀

  3. LOL! I was smiling at the Monitor while reading your post and colleagues around me assumed I was chatting with a boyfriend! How cliched can people be, I say! 🙂
    -Lack of good stuff on TV is making me watch all kinds of crap! Bones is better than all the other rubbish!
    -LOL the MNIK joke!! 🙂
    -So true about the washroom thing!
    Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

    1. It can get even better in fact, people can walk up behind you, check whose chat box is open, and then proceed to communicate their opinions!

      Umm, have you had the chance to watch splitsvilla/roadies/emotional atyachaar? These are the lowest TV can go, but I still end up watching them once in a while!

      Hope you had a good weekend too, mine was extremely lazy! 😀

    1. Absolutely, and that’s the purpose too :)!

      Mainly, when I don’t have any other earth shattering revelation to share, this is the best alternative 😉

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