No title is good title (or Post-it love)

What maketh a blog post?

Well, a blogger to begin with. A blog site. Free time on hand. An intention to write. Some ideas.

Or so you think.

Because if that was the case, there would have been minimum 10 updates on my blog in the past 2 weeks. But there are none. Why? I really don’t know, because for once all aforementioned  essential ingredients were right there, but they just couldn’t be combined to churn out anything remotely interesting. Sob. So we had to resort to desperate measures and come up with something totally irrelevant to update, which would in any case be called a blog post, due to it’s sheer existence on the blog.

Anyway, so where was I? Ah, at work. And I have been spending relatively long hours here for that matter. Which actually reminds me of this 10% amusing, 90% bugging incident that took place here yesterday.

So, I am at my desk, all stressed out, because there is so much to do, and ofcourse because it is a monday. And to ensure that I remember all my things to do, I keep jotting them down on these brilliant fluorescent post-it notes that I flicked from somewhere, and putting them up on the screen of my docking station, which I don’t use because I find it really duh to use two screens, when one is sufficient, or use the large magnify-all-that-sites-I-surf-and-all-my-chat-windows screen that the station comes with.

Yes. So I am sitting here, minding my own business, when this uncle type person who I have never seen at work walks up to me, and says ‘Excuse me’. Now I knew it had to be someone who didn’t know me very well, because trust me, if you do, you would know that I do not react well to being disturbed on a Work day 6. Anyway, he says excuse me, and I am like ‘What?’ and he says ‘Can you please remove those ‘stickers’ because they are not looking good’ and I am like ‘huh’ and he is like ‘they will spoil the screen’.  Ok, so I am thinking, dude you called my brilliant fluorescent  post-it notes ‘stickers’ and then you think they don’t look good, and then you think I would care.

But. Here’s the issue. I was so lost in the excel file I was working on that I just nodded and said ‘Ohkay’ albeit with a WTF expression on my face. And then I removed them! Which made me feel very bad later though. In one way it is good I did not say WTF to him ‘cos he could have been a big guy and then I would go down history as the girl who got fired because she defended her post-it notes.

 But I think my ego was totally hurt. Because I kept fretting about this thing till today morning, and only when I finally put a couple of post-it notes back on the screen (ok, this time I put it on the borders) did I feel better. So now I have two post-its on my screen, none of which help me with my work, but both of which do wonders for my ego. Now I am waiting for the uncle type person to comment again because this time I have retorts prepared, but ofcourse he is nowhere to be seen.

Other than that, nothing else is worth putting up here. Except that I mis-spelt florescent all the times I wrote it, including this time. And that I think using the drafts section in WordPress is totally slow and useless. Also Google docs is useless because they are ‘phasing out support to my browser’ soon, and so is YouTube, and Google reader, and Facebook, and Orkut, after which I should probably take a sabbatical from life and go to the Himalayas or something because I would have anyway become a social recluse of sorts.

And now that I have attained my purpose of updating the blog, I will stop. If you actually reached this far, you have my wholehearted gratitude. And sympathy. I assure you that I will be back with more such wholesome entertainment for you and your family. Till then, Ciao.


16 thoughts on “No title is good title (or Post-it love)

  1. Aww. You should also put blogging reminders on post-its now, Dee! But then you might have to explain what a blog is, etc…mmm, not a brilliant idea then? 😐

  2. I would definitely have to explain what a blog is. However, a good idea would be to put it up anyway, and when asked, say, ‘ Hello! Can’t you see this is a reminder for the blog? THE BLOG? You really think I should remove it ? REALLY?’
    I am sure that will scare the said person for a while 😀

  3. subbulakshmistoned

    So this is the uncle one saw being bitched about in FB 😀
    Next time, put BIG EMBARRASSING STICKERS about love making positions and provide him entertainment.

    1. Yes, yes. Same guy!
      And about the suggestion, I think I will let this one pass. I should not work at entertaining him at the expense of my job, after all it funds my life! 😉

  4. rechristened

    lol, fluorescent post-its. Gosh i love those. I always keep a stack in my bag. I am forever leaving notes for the boy (mainly to remind him of some errand that he needs to run before he leaves for work in the afternoon :p)
    My personal favorite are those tiny little stickies that one uses to mark important pages in books. Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em!!

    1. See! No one can deny how useful these things are! Stickers indeed! Anyway, the uncle kind did notice them yesterday and kept shut about it, so I am not fuming anymore 🙂

  5. Hahah..waiting to hear what the Uncle would say this time!

    I have the habit of writing down every task in my diary and then striking it out when it is somehow not that attracted to Post-its as everyone would read it!

    And if u have made up ur mind about going to the Himalayas,u might as well take ur MIL along!!(i remember ur blogpost where u mentioned ur MIL threatening to go there)

    1. Hehe! Uncle has ignored my attempt at rebellion!

      You won’t believe this, but I happened to see the same thing yesterday, the fact that I mentioned that my MIL wanted to go to the Himalayas. However, if I am a social recluse, I might end up using the time to grant her wish, and then she wouldn’t want to go :D!

      Sometimes, I don’t believe that I can come up with such awesome theories :))!

  6. I prefer to keep a small notepad as reminders..
    Graycells have better things to do like…reminding me of coffee time and lunch time..[main reason behind existance on this planet]

    nice post 🙂

  7. Hey Sorcy! Thanks, long time! 🙂

    Well quite frankly, I liked the concept of post its, and the fact that they are bright and cheery, more than anything else. He was just a kill-joy :S

  8. LOL! 😀 When I read stuff like this, I pick up my bat and look up at the heaven like Sachin! Why? Because, my seat is in the “extremest” corner, where NOONE can see my screen. my desk or my bright chirpy post its and my extremely bright desk calender! 🙂 Infact, people have started bidding for my seat. How awesome is that!
    “Phasing out support to my browser’” – I am planning to take a screenshot of that extremely depressing line I keep seeing on my Internet Explorer 6 and shove it under my IT guy’s nose, sit on a dharna till they don’t atleast give me IE 8! (Chrome is out of question!) Unbelievable species IT guys are! And have you noticed, no girl is ever there in IT Dept. Eligibility criteria must be “Stupid boys only”. 😉

  9. Sigh! There was a time when I had a seat like that 😦 Now I am like always displaying what I am upto !

    I know ya, these IT guys are SO finicky. About such dyh things that too. Everytime they come to my system and remove gtalk, knowing very well I am going to install it again as soon as they leave, just won’t take a hint! I have given up on the upgradation of the system anyway, we still have MS office 2000, seriously who uses it? PAINFUL! :S

  10. Okaayy. MS office 2000 – that’s archaic! They’re probably waiting for the day when Microsoft announces they are “phasing out Windows support” for Office too and double clicking on MS Word will lead to the crash of the whole system. Even then, they might consider installing Office 2003 😉
    This really really calls for a blog post!

    1. Tell me about it. And now they have announced upgradation to MS Office 07 🙂 Let’s hope that it gets done before I type out my retirement mail on Word 😉

  11. You don’t have to have 10 posts ready in your blog within 3 weeks or something. Don’t think there’s any rule as such. If there is, then boy oh boy I suck at it ! 😀 😀

    1. Hehe, I know there isn’t, but if you’re anything like me, there are more than enough chances of forgetting that the blog exists at all! 😀 Sometimes, I am way too lazy! 😐

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