Manoranjan ka Baap!

Hello Hello Hello.  

 So vacation’s over and we’re back. If you are one of those who read my blog on Reader and not at the site, you wouldn’t have noted my Twitter updates, which by the way would have told you where I was the past whole week. And since you refuse to give me hits on my blog, or leave comments, and instead run to the comfort of Reader (where I really think I should limit what you can read like some bloggers I know )you’ll have to wait to know more. Because this is not an entry I will link to my barren Travel-log page. This is a general update. About IPL. Oh, which would make it a specific update.

So I am not a big cricket fan. For that matter, any sport fan. I like my F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns, and Bones, and Two and a Half men, and almost everything they show on Star World and Zee Cafe to actually bother flipping to a sports channel. But I do take note when India is playing, but only for one-dayers. Because I lack patience. So, when Twenty-twenty was introduced, I was a happy person. And when IPL was introduced, I liked the concept but I was terribly confused as to who I should support. Luckily I have my favorite defined clearly now. So, till last season, I only watched when my team played and cheered for it to win. And win it did. Yay.  

But what has happened is, The Dude has changed his timings at work, and we now travel together. So this means he is back at home with me before 7. Which means he has time on hand but no stock markets. Which means that he needs the TV. Which means he will watch every match that will be on. So I am forced to watch cricket with him, and then, now that I am watching, I have to cheer for one of the two teams that are playing so that I can sulk or celebrate at the end. In order to know who I am supposed to cheer for in each match, I would have to rank the teams. But I couldn’t somehow do that. So instead, I sat and thought of the one word that came to my mind when I thought of each team. And then, I ranked these words. And guess what, that was much simpler! I know. I am weird like that.  

So here is my final list purely in the order in which the team names popped into my head.   

– Deccan Chargers is the best team because it is my team and it is from Hyderabad.

– Mumbai Indians is a cool team because it has Tendulkar in it. Oh come on, the man just hit a double century and all.

– Royal Challengers is Dravid’s team because duh, it is.

– Rajasthan Royals is the underdog team because of IPL Season 1, and first impressions do last in my case. Shilpa Shetty did not come into the picture while I was thinking of a word for them. Thankfully.

– Kolkata Knight Riders is a downright loser team because they blow their own trumpet and then lose like nobody’s business and SRK is getting on my nerves with all his advertising.

– Kings XI Punjab is an arrogant loser team because they have cool dudes like Brett Lee, and Yuvraj, and Pathan and still they manage to suck at the game.

– Chennai Superkings is a sweet team because it is such a down to earth team with such a down to earth Dhoni to lead them.

– Delhi Daredevils is a likeable team, because they can play, and I have a soft corner for Delhi for unknown reasons.

And in the DI’s amazing dictionary of words, following would be the ranking of the words  

Best > Sweet > Dravid’s > Likeable > Cool > Underdog > Arrogant loser > Downright loser

So that’s what, and now that my life’s been made simpler, I will go and pray that Rajasthan Royals win today.  

And while we are at it, who are you rooting for?

Disclaimer : The opinions above are completely personal and have not been stated with an intention to hurt anybody’s sentiments. If you don’t agree, you have every right to let me know, though a bit of politeness would be highly appreciated.


20 thoughts on “Manoranjan ka Baap!

  1. rechristened

    I don’t support any team because I don’t follow cricket anymore. Cricket makes me angry. Because the boy is a cricket journalist and the wretched sport keeps him away from me. I hope Lalit Modi turns into a schizophrenic and gets admitted into a hospital for lifetime.

    That’s all.

    1. Oh man, what angst! 😀

      I dislike Lalit Modi though, too full of himself that guy! Hmph!

      The boy is a cricket journalist? Whoa! That must be a dream job for 99% of the guys in the country! He must me getting to meet all those awesome cricketers all the time, sigh!

      But I do understand, anything that keep you away from THE one is to be hated, no explanations warranted!

  2. Swaram

    Oh wow! U were off to Singapore n Malaysia? I need the travel tales girl .. pretty pls 😛

    IPL .. I am all for RCB n DC 🙂 Hope they make it to the finals again 🙂

    1. Hey Swaram! 🙂 Yes yes, we finally managed a long vacation! Will put up some details soon 😀 Oh and btw, we were at Sentosa too, saw your post on that!

      Ah, the two appear on my top 3 list, so I think we are going to be happy people :D! Fingers crossed!

    1. Delhi is likeable 😀 Chennai is sweet! I am all for Deccan chargers though! It wouldn’t matter who wins otherwise, as long it ain’t KKR or Punjab!

  3. subbulakshmistoned

    My liking is totally screwed up although I don’t follow cricket.
    Roots-> Andhra-> Should I support Chargers?
    Native-> TN-> Superkings?
    My city-> B’lore-> RCB?
    My friend V is MAD about cricket. “Pray for Superkings”, she says. I do. “Pray for RCB” Okay, will do.

    1. Totally relate, I was like you 2 years ago 😀 CSK for roots, Delhi for being brought up in the NCR, Deccan for being my city, Mumbai for marrying a maharashtrian, and B’lore for Dravid! Awesome no? But I am all sorted out now! Oh now that you said it, pray for Chargers, will ya?

      1. Haha, in that case I should support:
        Deccan for roots…
        CSK for the nice maami whose house I grew up in + because I studied there for a while…
        Mumbai for marrying someone from the state (Of course, this point will cause more confusion next year, when the Pune team starts playing!)
        B’lore for hometown (and RD of course!)

        Btw: Kings XI Punjab is also an arrogant loser team because they have 😀

        1. Hence proved that almost everyone is in the same position these days! With multiple teams to root for! Good good, it just reduces the probability of disappointment by that much 😀

  4. Waiting to read about your vacation! Do post soon..:) You know, everytime, the teams I support usually end up in the Semis. This time, though, things are going haywire!
    1) Delhi (Brought up here! So, loyalties, etc)
    2) Deccan Chargers (The home state, if I don’t support, there’ll be a war in the house!)
    3) Bangalore (Its a sweet team)
    4) Chennai (Dhoni!!)
    But, for the past few days that I’ve been in Japan, the Brother-In-Law has been thumping on and and about Mumbai. And it’s looking increasingly obvious they’ll make it to the finals..So, yeah, I extend my support to them too! 😉 Me is pretty much supporting all teams!

    1. Everyone seems to be on a support all mode! 😀 Yes, MI is doing well, they even won yesterday, but I am not very keen on them winning 😐

  5. ajay

    What’s made this IPL even more interesting is the fight for the bottom spot between Kings XI Punjaab and KKR 🙂
    Both are doing pretty well and really slogging at it . 🙂 It’s gratifying to see Bengalis (frustrated with KKR) change their loyalties to other teams 🙂 (at least this way KKR is helping to the cause of national unity).

    Let’s see who emerges as the winner. KKR or Kings XI?
    And I’d be happy to see any team win this IPL except these two.

  6. Hi Ajay! And welcome here! So glad to see someone have my exact same, umm, un-favorites? 😀

    I am pretty curious too, though I have a feeling that Mumbai has a huge chance this time!

    1. ajay

      Hi DI. Hope you are doing well. Yes MI has a huge chance this time considering the great form the little master is
      in. 🙂 Anyway if you ever happen to drop by my blog, please do leave a comment. I would be more than happy. 🙂

    1. Hi! And welcome here! 😀
      Agreed agreed, and the sideshow is getting way too entertaining, I’m afraid people wouldn’t care as to wins IPL this time around!
      But as everyone knows, IPL now feels more like a soap, than a sport, not that I’m complaining!

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