Towards a Greener future

I know we don’t usually post anything useful out here, but Chinkurli passed on this lovely tag to me, and it just makes so much sense to do it. For once, the tag is not only about writing down stuff either, but actually expects you to do it too, and that’s gotten me thinking before posting. Another first out here, must say.  

You know that ad on tv, where this kid tells his dad that he has decided to open a cycle repair shop when he grows up? And when the dad asks him why, he replies in a very matter-of-fact way that there would anyway be no fuel left for anyone to drive cars? Well, I thought it was a good ad, but that’s about where I stopped thinking about it. The thing is, I am not all that wasteful in general, but neither do I make a conscious effort to conserve our resources. So basically, by doing this tag, I would hopefully be taking a small step in that direction.  

Rules of the tag :
1. If you’re tagged, you have to mention three resolutions you’ll take to save our depleting resources/energy.
2. Tag three more people and let them know.
3. Mention the rules in your post.

So my 3 resolutions for a better earth and longer lasting resources would be;  

1. Switch over to the bucket and mug bathing style, instead of my usual luxurious and much looked forward to 15 minute shower, for atleast 4 of the 7 days every week. Thing is, I have always known and felt guilty about how much water I use up each day, especially with our building already facing huge water issues; we get water only for 3 hours each morning and for an hour every evening. So I guess its time that I do something about it.  

2. Use the off timer on the air-conditioner judiciously. Hyderabad is roasting me alive, and I cannot swear off the ACs which are keepine me sane. Instead what I can do is ensure that I fix the timer to switch it off in say 2 hours, and again switch on for an hour or so a couple of hours later. I have done it in the past, and it’s been helpful. I just need to be more meticulous about it.  

3. This one I pick up from my tagger. Switching off the engine at the traffic signals. Knowing the traffic in the evenings here, I always know that I wouldn’t be moving ahead for a couple of minutes at each signal. I guess it doesn’t hurt to switch the engine off then.  

That’s good enough to begin with I guess. Other than that, I could continue with the smaller habits I have thankfully developed over time, like taking minimal prints, using both sides of paper, recycling old stuff etc. Now all I need to ensure is that I stick to what I said.  

And that being said, I will kinda break Rule no.2  out here, and instead of tagging anyone in specific, I would ask whoever reads this, and thinks it is worthwhile, to consider themselves tagged. Even if you don’t blog, no harm in thinking of what you could do, and making a note of it anyway. Afterall, by doing all this, we would be  doing a favor to our own selves in the long run!

17 thoughts on “Towards a Greener future

  1. Swaram

    Thatz a really useful tag! Nice points there too 🙂
    Will head over to the other blog and see her ideas too 🙂

    I hv already done entire posts on this one .. so, wil skip this tag 🙂

    1. 😀 I know, very nice tag I thought too!
      And I saw that quite a lot of the bloggers I read had already taken it up as a post already, that’s why refrained from tagging anyone specifically! 🙂

    1. Generous I don’t know, but these were the only doable ones 😀 Though I still am unsure about the showering bit! You should take up the tag too!

    1. I know, I know. When I first said that, I wrote 6/7, then changed it 😀 Don’t want to overdo it na! Wondering if it will be ok to go back on that one during the monsoons though!

  2. Oooh, the first one got me thinking. Thats one I can start too but with lesser time in the shower maybe 😛 Bucket and mug – no, I am not sure how effective it’ll be to take bath like that in the bath tub here.

    Oh, you know what? Yesterday on the Oprah show, they had 2 families – one is an extreme on Green and the other is the other extreme. The wives were switched and they spent a day or something like that with the families. The Green Family dad said that they took bath 3 times a week ONLY and that too in well-timed 5min showers!!! And he brought home unused paper towels from his workplace restrooms to be used and recycled 😀 😀 That is toooooo much!! 😀

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for adding the ewwww, that would be way too much! I am a lil worried about resolution 1 myself right now, I think, I will cut short the time instead. Waaah! what to do 😦

  3. Great initiative :). The first one is a toughie though.

    My resolutions are – carrying a handkerchief to office so that I avoid using paper tissues, and using a steel/glass cup for tea/coffee/juice instead of the plastic cups. So far I have been following them pretty well 😀

    1. I know :), like I said I might modify it to 5 mins instead of 15, because I tried it twice, and haven’t been too happy! I like the carry mug part, I think I should do it too, esp with my coffee consumption it will help!

  4. Very innovative tag! I didn’t know tags could have a message! 🙂 Point 1 seems to contentious to me! Let me know if you manage to keep up this one..Rest of them are doable and cool! 🙂

  5. Thanks for doing the tag. About point 1 – I’ve switched over to that some time ago. Don’t miss showers at all – though I do feel like a shower when it’s EXTREMELY hot around here, and go ahead then (I guess I am allowed to indulge once in a while, since I save the rest of the time!). It feels tough in the beginning. But you get used to it. Really 🙂

    1. It was a great tag, and I loved doing it too! 🙂
      You did? That is awesome, because it is really scaring everyone, and me too. I have managed a couple of days now, and I am hoping I continue!

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