We’ve come a long way together

Dearest Blog,  

Ok, ok, now don’t act all shocked. I know I updated you just 3 days ago, but dude, I’ve been pretty regular these days! Anyway, this is not to flaunt my regularity really, it is for a much bigger reason. I’m here to wish you a very Happy Birthday!  

Today you turn 6 years old. SIX years. That is a big big achievement, considering how easily I gets bored of things and give up on them. But thankfully for me, and for you, I did not give up on you. And boy, am I glad about that!   

You made me realise my interest in writing. You know, I never thought I would be able to maintain it, especially because all my earlier attempts at journal keeping had failed me big time. But I still remember that boring Monday morning, in hot and boiling Gurgaon, when I suddenly got inspired by the blogs of a couple of my batch-mates, and decided to start my own. It was a totally new concept, and a very exciting one I thought. It wasn’t all that popular back then, and that’s why I didn’t think twice before selecting a url which gave away my full identity. But then, I didn’t know that you were going to be my vent for years to come, and some anonymity would help. Anyway, with you in place, I was one happy girl.  

You also got me so many new things to read. So many new blogs, with so many new ideas, that I am afraid that IT is going to track my time spent on Google reader, and report it to HR, and get me fired. But most importantly, you introduced me to so many like minded people, aka  people who have access to Blogspot/Wordpress/Reader at work, that between reading posts, commenting, reading comments, replying, you don’t realise how the day goes by! I am pretty much addicted to you, I tell you.  

Of course there have been some ups and downs in your life, but what is life without those? I remember that in your first year, you were over-fed, and with all sorts of posts, with no grammar constraints, no punctuation, and even SMS lingo here and there (hello, I was in College then), almost everyday, and sometimes even two-three times a day. I fed you with anger, vent-outs, frustrations, rants, nostalgia, mush, sentimental overdoses, and what not. And then I forgot about you, ignored you for almost two years. But you survived through it all, valiantly, and I’m very proud of how you turned out to be.   

I have put you through a lot of torture in terms of how you look too. I know, those pink and purple templates, Power-puff girl for a user-pic, changing themes everyday, that upgrade to the plus account and those horrendous ads they would paste all over you. Then recently, the move to WordPress, changing your identity, changing my identity, and those rotational headers (which still happen I know, but I think those are cool!). I know, I put you through a lot, but at the end of it, all I want is for you to look good. 

And look good you do. You not only look good, but you’re awesome in general too, the way I can’t let go of you even after 6 years have passed. You’ve been my longest lasting hobby ever, I think. And I am so glad for it, because, anytime I am bored, or bugged, or depressed, all I need is the Internet, and there you are. Seriously, what would I do without you.   On your birthday, I thought that I would gift you your 250th post. But then the real me took over the over-ambitious me, and we are stuck at 248. Not a great number to remember, but nevertheless, a pretty decent one, considering 7% of this was posted in the past 4 months of this year alone. So I am hoping you’re okay with this. And don’t worry, I will try and make it better as we go.

This turned out to be longer than I thought, but what to do, I am full sentimental right now. It being a Monday morning and all. Ooh, and you were born on a Monday morning too. Life has come a full circle, uh, ok, you have. I will sign off now, and get back to enjoy the pleasures you introduced me to. My Google Reader awaits.  

Till next year then, Stay good, or more importantly, stay.  

Yours super-addicted  


36 thoughts on “We’ve come a long way together

  1. Am I the first to comment on this so very auspicious occasion?! 😀
    A very happy birthday to your blog! 🙂
    “So many new blogs, with so many new ideas, that I am afraid that IT is going to track my time spent on Google reader, and report it to HR, and get me fired.” So totally agree!! That’s the 1st thing I check every morning, not my mails! Addiction this is, but good addiction! 🙂
    Keep blogging, and do throw us a party, will you?

    1. Yes yes, you are! And man, you were fast 😀 i just pressed publish!
      Thanks, and the party is due! Hehe, the addiction is so huge, that whenever there aren’t enough unread items on my Reader in the morning, I’m sorta depressed!

        1. And if historical evidence is proof enough, that’s how you will be 5 years later too! 😀 Cheers to blogaddiction! And thanks (says the blog :D)

    1. Thank you Piyu (on behalf of the blog!) Glad it contributes to some fun!
      Just like all your blogs make my boring day so much better! 😀

    1. Hehe, I am sure we are all the same when it comes to this :D! I know, 6 years is lo-ong! 😮 Even I am yet to recover from the shock!

  2. Love ur post – it was brilliant…now i am waiting for my baby to turn…ummm…One!

    So many new blogs, with so many new ideas, that I am afraid that IT is going to track my time spent on Google reader, and report it to HR, and get me fired.”

    Ohh yeah…i so live in this fear too! i have my blog open all day…!!

    1. Thanks Nuttie! Awww, we are all such sentimental moms , full of adoration for our blog babies! Hehe!

      I keep refreshing my reader evey half hour, and this is more than I refershed my mail when in campus, and that was heights of addiction I thought!

  3. subbulakshmistoned

    Haaaapy budday! 🙂
    And I’ve noticed most people don’t give up on blogging easily. Most.
    Here’s to the 3 years and more! 🙂

  4. Considering every other person I know has given up on blogging even before they gave it an identity, I’m soooooo happy that you held on for 6 YRS !!! My GOD !!! 6yrs is really a loooooong time, babe! And you are my new hero – to keep up the hobby and keep it for long 🙂

    Loved this brilliant post 🙂 Totally beautiful 🙂

    Congratulations Bloggy and for Mommy who has given so much love to it:)

    1. Aww, thanks Snippets! 😀 I am thankful, I stuck to this for so long too, even if I was not always regular, which explains the 247 posts? But still, I hope I continue!

      To be honest, I think the idea of the post was totally inspired by various Mommy blogs I read, hehe! It fit so well here! Will pass on the wishes to Bloggy!

    1. :o! Oh yes, that is so true! No-no, not after so much effort for these 6 years! I’ve got to keep it going somehow – blog ideas anyone? 😐

  5. ajay

    Inspiring and motivating for a novice like me. Your blog survived through thick and thin. Kudos to you. I don’t know why but I’ve stopped writing my diary entry since I started blogging. Perhaps I don’t feel the need to. My WP page lay inactive for 3-4 months since it’s creation. Then all of a sudden it shed its dormancy and I took a liking to it like nothing before. Now its up and going. I seriously hope that it may survive through thick and thin like yours. A looong way to go.

    1. Thanks , and about your blog, it will for sure! 😀 I have noticed that the impetus to write goes down when we force ourselves to. So as long as it is an enjoyable thing, it happens by itself!
      I know, it’s been quite long, and I can’t claim to have done justice to the time the blog has existed, but better late than never!

  6. Oh God DI! Do you know what happened?!! My blog, my own sweet blog’s comment section has got blocked in my office. I swear I can kill the @#$#@ IT Guys today! I just HADDD to tell someone this. Someone who would inderstand my problem! My own blog? Harmless sweet thing it is! Chah..And Blogger is blocked! I can’t even post! Aaaaarrrgghh! 😦

    1. Uh oh! That’s going to be tough :o! All good ideas strike at work only nuh? Very mean these people are :S
      WP is working kya? I would ask you to consider shifting, but after all the revamping you did, not ok! Try some proxy site, best way! 😦

  7. Santosh

    Guilty of plagiarism

    I am one blog hopper who stumbled upon your blog and completely loved it, so much that I have been reading your posts for the last two days, yeah, at office that is. I have been trying for the last six years to write a love letter to my girlfriend, who by the way is my fiancé now. Your post about the blog turning six was exactly how I wanted to write my letter. So I promptly took “inspiration” from it and wrote a letter to her, and needless to say, she is super thrilled!
    Spare me and don’t accuse me of plagiarism, I just couldn’t help; your blog was just like the way things happened between us. Thanks for the inspiration!

    P.S. The letter is not going to be published anywhere, it’s only for the girl.

    Your new fan,

    1. Ok, first of all thanks for all the nice words!
      Secondly, I had go re-read the post to understand how in the world a post that I wrote to my blog could be the inspiration for a love letter! I still don’t get it 😀 But I guess you would know better!
      Do keep visiting :)!

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